Friday, June 21, 2013

Francis Makes a Helix Out Of A Carrot

What is this?  I have a psychic guinea pig.  My Francis, whatever do you mean?  I was looking up sperm donors and Francis cut out a nice DNA commemorative for the occasion.  I think Francis is psychic. 

Um, they've done some things I've noticed are not really "normal".  Francis and Kipper I mean.  I am telling you, you wouldn't believe it.

I bought a lice shampoo for the bugs in case they need it but they like being oiled and it's better for them so I gave them another oil slick.  Olive oil with a touch of corn oil...seems to be working. 

I am planning to keep them and have them move with me if I move to another country.  All of them.  I'll pack up the whole family and take them.  They are expensive oinkers.  I called them my oily onry oinkers last night.

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