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U.S. Comparison in Parenting Styles & Sign Language For Babies

This is copied (with name excerpted) from an exchange I had with someone, after I mentioned I had thought to teach my son sign language and then after he was born many cops and military were trying to tell me to do it.  I considered what I worked for him and decided against it, but don't have a problem learning.  After I wrote that I felt sign language for babies can sometimes hinder their development, and slow the speaking process, I got this reply and then my own response allowed me to see why NOT teaching sign language worked for me and my son, and why he did not need it as a tool to get through temper tantrums after all.  So basically, it reaffirmed my beliefs in how to raise my own child, though I think every kid is different.  What this country does, is try to deliberately stunt and retard the growth of anyone that is not working for the government or their own church.  They didn't like how successful I was with raising my own son, and they kidnapped him and then the U.S. government bribed me with an offer of returning my son if I married Alvaro Pardo for them.

On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 4:27 PM,  wrote:

Hi Cameo,


Since I'm a mum with a 7-year-old hearing child, I understand your concerns about your son's learning the sign language. Actually, you have no reason to fear of the limitations to the language for your child. That's the most common misconception people have regarding sign language 'cuz it's a visual language. In fact, hearing children of deaf parents are far advanced in reading and writing as well as cognition development than their peers because of the enhanced visual abilities. They also are more articulate, much earlier than their peers. Also, infants, learning the signs, would be able to communicate almost immediately since their vocal abilities hasn't been developed yet which reduces the temper tantums. They discovered that the babies' minds are already working and developing the language foundation from the moment they were born, not later as they once thought. That's why it's been taught to the babies for the last 15-20 years as research studies has made discoveries since 1980s (and even further back to 1960s) regarding the cognition development for the children.


My daughter is fluent in four languages with ASL as the first language. English, Italian and now Chinese. She will learn French soon this summer with her grandmother, who's a retired foreign language teacher and is fluent in four languages. She's in 1st grade and is already in 3rd grade reading and writing with larger vocabulary than her peers. People often are surprised when they find out her age 'cuz she seems much older than her age like 9 or 10 years old, not 7 (ever since she was 2).


ASL is actually a fluid language, full of abstracts and spatials, not liner like English or other written/spoken languages. If you're teaching your son in ASL (the right way as it should be, not in English grammarial order), he'll have a lot of fun, playing with the signs to come up with stuff (almost as if he's painting a picture in the air and changing it to something else in the same space).


Anyway, that's just a concise summary and I didn't want to bore you to sleep with scientific/technical stuff. :^)


I hope there's a space for you to take up on Thursday when you check back. If you make it, it'd be nice to have you. Otherwise, if not, then I hope you'd enjoy Farsi or something else.


Good luck and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather this week. :^)

My response: 
Hi **********,
Thanks for the insights.  I did read the same research you speak of which is partly why I had an interest in it before he was born.  I read a couple of books and many articles online.  Then when he was born I didn't think it was the right thing for him, and his personality type.  I decided then that I was not going to engage in teaching sign language when we did a lot of other things instead.  For example, he was always held or playing in my sight, with me or other children, and I gave him books to look at and other visuals besides sign language.  He said his first word around 7 months of age, after a few minutes of just saying the alphabet and number line out loud and looking at the figures together in the mornings each day while I held him on my hip and made my breakfast.  I am not sure why he was able to speak so early but he pointed to the correct number and said the word and then other words followed from this.  I think his pointing was like sign language, in his ability to identify or show me what he was referring to, as I did.  So he copied me, how I would point out each individual number first, and say the name of it, as we went along.  He was laughing, and excited to do it was a game and fun for him.
I never had a problem with temper tantrums from him but I think that was because of attachment parenting.  He didn't have anything to be upset over.  His diaper was always changed before he had to sit in it, he was fed, and he was played with and had full attention all the time.  We went out every day socially as well.  I think the reason he didn't have temper tantrums was because of the attention.  He didn't have a need to communicate to me out of frustration, so his time was freed up to think about learning other things, not just how to get what he wanted because I met all of his needs already.
I think if a child has their needs met in extraordinary ways, they develop exponentially.
I am glad to hear you have had such an opportunity with your child because it sounds like you put as much attention into her education and development and consideration for her own personality as I have with my son.
My son was removed from me for reasons of "neglect" but I'm not sure how it was done exactly because there was no neglect or evidence of it.  I think then they changed it to "the mother is a risk" so then they claimed my son was not neglected, he was just "at risk" of being "harmed" by me because they claimed I had an intidy house (which wasn't true and they refused to produce photos they said they took) and accusations that I was "mentally ill" which was also unfounded and came after I made a report to the FBI about FBI agents who met me, offered me a job with the FBI and then assaulted me.  So after this, I was found "mentally ill" by every government employee I came into contact with, which is nothing more than retaliation and hate crimes, but it's governmental hate crime so they have broken the law and tell the world no one can challenge them.
I had plans for my son to learn several languages as well.  I had hoped he would be trilingual and have opportunitities to do different things.  After the U.S. made the mistake of kidnapping me and my son out from another country I went to for political asylum, and using some Canadian personnel for the kidnapping, they offered me one choice and one choice alone.  They told me either I married a man the U.S. government wanted to work for them in this country, with a fast-track Visa, or nothing.  Basically, I was told either I marry him and get my son back, or suffer the consequences.  I was sure they must be joking.  They were not joking.
The next "offer" the FBI and military proposed, in some kind of sick hostage negotiation over me and my own son, was for me to teach other kids.  If I became a teacher, I was told the U.S. might return my son.  Part of this was because they were still trying to force me to consider marrying this government man, and thought if I was a licensed teacher here, they could "trade me out" better, or keep me here to teach military kids.
What makes you different from me Amy?
What do you think, sets you apart so that you are able to keep your daughter and have her learn so many languages and excel, and for you to go on professionally yourself, and me, for the U.S. to target my son and want us both back in the U.S. so badly, they were willing to kidnap us to get us back?  but then they removed him, knowing it was a lie, and tried to use my life and who I am as a bribe for returning my son to me?  So my son was very smart and gifted early and I am an extraordinary mother, as you sound like you are as well...however, do you have any insight into why a non-mentally ill mother who is talented with kids, and worked with kids all her life, is forced apart from her son but told to manage others' kids instead?  and why would the U.S. assume you are not so important, to the extent they allowed you to live a more normal life and coach your child the way you planned?
Is it possible that the only difference is that you are married, and I am not? or that you work for the government and I do not? or is it that I have been an activist and you are not?
All said, I am an object to be trafficked for the Department of State and FBI with my son Oliver as their trinket-bribe.
I demand restitution and what do I get?
This was the end of my email to her.

I could take the U.S. to court over trafficking me and my son.  That is on top of gang-rape and torture, and using "psych eval" as an excuse to hold me hostage at a location and drug me with no evaluation and ask me a bunch of questions about the FBI and who did I know and why did I think the FBI cared about me?
Basically, the way I provided for my son, in parenting, was to anticipate and meet all of his needs so he didn't have to worry about it.  As a result, his time was freed up for scholastic endeavors of a baby, just like adults.  Adults cannot work on a project of importance if their primary needs are not met first.  If this is met, they then can work on other things, and tier up from there.  It is no different with babies but the U.S. is so fucked up with their ideas about raping me and my son and their proposal for me to take "The Fucking Cure" and sign up to government work with a marriage incentive, they focus on how to make bribes in the U.S. and traffick citizens they are holding hostage, more than they know how to wipe the snot from their own kid's nose.

I am "better" than the FBI.  I am a better parent than all of them.  They have been so fucking jealous of me, they lied to have my son kidnapped from me.

I don't know of any other equation between trying to explain to idiots how to treat a child and raise them. 

Just like countries have "tiers of development" in third world stages, or moving up, so do kids, dependent upon the time invested in them and whether their basic needs are met or not.  Some of it is genetics, but without the attention of a good mother, father, or parent, that child isn't allowed to show their potential.

The other equation is of the FBI treating me like a battered and abused wife they tried to kill because "she thinks she's better than me/us".  First they oppress me so "no one else will want her and I'll have her all to myself" and then they didn't like how I wasn't putting out for them so they tried to kill me.  When they didn't kill me, they decided to slander me to make sure no one believed they had really tried to kill me.  Then they took my son, in case I might raise him to believe him so they got paranoid and suspicious and had to send him to other people to be brainwashed against me.  Then they saw if they didn't kill me they could make money off of me and tried to pimp me out to the parents of all the other federal government and local/state gov. employees.  Be a teacher if you're not going to pimp out for the government over Alvaro.  If my "husband", the abuser, which is the FBI, is pimping me out to benefit other parents but not myself or my son (who they think they have rights to), how much money are they getting for it?

This makes the U.S. communist.  The U.S. decides how to run my life for me and chose to pick me out, and ruin my life, and then if things didn't go their way or I was in their way, they tried to kill me.  When that didn't happen, then they tried to kill me again.  Then they defamed me while deciding to use me to make money off of me.  The U.S. Army and Pentagon, along with CIA and FBI, have told my parents what to do with my life since I was born.

We had a cassette tape that proved it, which was stolen by the U.S.  It was of me at age 2, which is when no photos of my arms were taken anymore because the U.S. was too busy cutting into my skin and torturing me.  It was a tape of some of the programming they did with me and forced my parents to do.

Stealing my son from me and trying to force me to work for federal employees, or marry them, or be a teacher for military brats, is communism.  The U.S. isn't giving me freedom of choice--they have micromanaged my life worse than any so-called "communist" country in the world.  The titles don't even fit anymore.

What the U.S. calls "democracy" and told me to pledge allegiance to, is COMMUNISM and it's not a nice communism of equality.  It is communism enforced by military and only the rich plutocracy.

The U.S. political ideology is to support selective communism.

Basically, they have treated me with hate crime, like a country bent on getting revenge over someone they thought was a communist and ruined their lives or harmed people they knew.  This country stole homework from me and oppressed me and tortured me, and then they tried to kill me.  After this, they did to me what communists do to prisoners in communist camps, or what the U.S. lied about, to everyone, and said, "Russia picks your job out for you and you don't get to choose".  The U.S. does this, not Russia and the U.S. is guilty of hate crimes against me and my son and family.

The only other reason they would do this is to try to create material out of me that they hope will agitate other countries.  For example, let's treat her so bad and torture her so when she talks about our communism and torture the other countries feel guilty and the people in other countries relate and revolt.  As if the U.S. could turn me into one of their "assets" against my will.



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