Monday, June 3, 2013

NOW Laptop Shut Down and Disconnected

I have finals tonight and a final paper due and my internet is being turned off.

This has been for the last 30 minutes, for over 30 minutes I had no ability to access internet at all even though it was saying the connections were there.

Also, earlier today it's been happening all day off and on.

I have a major final paper due by midnight for a class tonight and this has been interfering and obstructing that, and homework on other classes that is due today and in one class was due last night as well.

Prior to OSU computer sources uploading and connecting their server to my computer, Eastern Oregon University did this with this laptop.  Most recently, Microsoft did this and they spent some time on it and I watched as all of my files were being sent to them, even files that had nothing to do with my email account with them.

OSU knew they were going to do this to my computer today because I could tell by the way this one tech, "Sean" was talking.  It's also some kind of joke because I have a deadline tonight and this is being done to prevent me from getting the references I need online for a paper and writing the paper in time, and I just wrote a note to this class in Hebrew Culture about how I couldn't write about something if I'm blocked from it.

So then that email was sent to OSU's blackboard where anyone could read it and this has been happening all day.

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