Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Geoff Rasmussen (the concerns in hindsight)

I am making a place here for what things stood out to me in the past about Geoff, who he possibly worked with, and why he was potentially never my friend.

I will be working on updating a post about Monica Allen and things I noticed later but I remember specific things about Geoff that I am able to reflect on in retrospect.

For one thing, he and his wife are apparently connected to the people who stole my property from me in Seattle, WA.  That meant all of my belongings, photos, diaries, and things and his Uncle works for the FBI and they are all Mormon.  He and his wife had been frequenting England prior to the Middleton wedding and then I was told by Borg and her Canadian partner they no longer could give me my property after she was married.

I want to explain the things that stood out to me back in high school about him, which raised questions in my mind that I didn't address. 

I was at a disadvantage as the only kid who was NOT a U.S. government brat.  Even if I was related to people who worked for the U.S., I never did and I wasn't working for people, or business, or parents, to support any kind of a government scheme.

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