Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Torture by Pentagon and Assassination Attempts Connected

The individuals who have sponsored my being tortured full-time, since 2005, are connected to and work with the people who organized assassination attempts against me.

I went to the library and was tortured to the right side of the top of my head repeatedly and to my sternum where someone told me I have a metal stent (which is possibly why a hospital wanted to take a CT of that entire area but didn't tell me) and I was tortured with the vibration technology that burst several pens I've had, and this was done so my pen leaked all over my pocket.

This was while taking a test for a Geography class that is being run out of the state of Virginia and with OSU.

How, exactly, is this "equality" if I am being tortured while trying to do anything at all, and no one else in this country is?  I have been tortured in the workplace starting at Carl and Mary DelBalzos in late 1996, then  CTR Business Systems, in 1997; tortured in other jobs and then even trying to take classes in college, I am being tortured.

I wasn't being tortured when I was taking classes prior to filing lawsuits against police and the Archdiocese or making reports to Portland police about FBI employees Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold, who raped me.  I was tortured while trying to go to college after the Jew Josh Gatov raped me of my virginity.

I wasn't tortured immediately after--I was tortured as soon as I admitted I was sexually assaulted on a medical record.  From that point forward, I was tortured to interfere with college and work.

I don't know of any other students or employees who are being selectively targeted for hate crimes by federal employees.

Aside from a couple of incidences of assault at Sherwood High School my senior year (which was after the assassination attempt), I didn't have a noticeable incidence of assault against me again until 1996 and it was almost a year after being hijacked by Mike Nichols.

Mike Nichols, Robin Bechtold, Josh Gatov, Tony Roos, Erica Ballinger, Shannon Adams--all know eachother and these are people who were initially involved in carrying out government hits against me.

Unless it was Alicia Peters driving her parent's black car and have it look like it was on the way to Shannon's, it was the Adam's car and I only need to see which cars they had again to know for sure.  I know it made me think about both Shannon and Alicia when I realized their parents owned the car that hit me and ran me off the road.  I saw it again in daytime at an event much later and that was the car.

I never thought it was possible my "friends" could be working for the government.  I knew something was wrong, and that was all.  Then later, finding out about intelligence and spies and talking about it, I still wouldn't have assumed this.  Most people think people are only recruited into the FBI or CIA or even military, when they go to the offices themselves and sign up after the age of 18.

This is not true.  They recruit teenagers.

Here is an example of a Mossad spy who was recruited at age 12.  How he was able to quit Mossad and mention any of this, I don't know, because I think all intelligence is sort of like the mafia where they don't let you leave or they kill you or try to say you're crazy.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Malkin

More than one "friend" I had in high school was already working for the government as a teenager.

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