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Japanese and Mossad Work Together & My Dad Drugged

If the U.S. buys electronics and intelligence equipment and planes from Japan and Israel, their most trusted allies for "intelligence support" demands, Japan and Israel must have a working relationship with the U.S. involved.

So suddenly, Josh Gatov (Jew) and his Japanese language lessons and expressed interest in moving to Japan, combines with Christa Schneider and her boyfriend Ryan Barnes (Lake Oswego) who was fluent in Japanese and in business with Japan; and then there is Chris Dabney with his interest in Japan and his Jewish girlfriend.  All of them, of course, involved in computer science and electronics and the Department of Justice.

It's like Snow Falling On Seders.  I think the title is "Snow Falling On Cedars" and I haven't actually watched it yet, that movie! but I can imagine how snow falls on seders too and how the Japanese work with the Jewish crowd.

Also, people, some group has been drugging and medicating my Dad in addition to torturing him to lessen his abilities.  He doesn't get "tired" that easily and likes hard work, but he's been drugged for awhile and I think someone toxed him at different times and then gave him a little at a time and then they tell him to go home and take a nap if he needs to.  He doesn't get tired like that and I've seen what people have done to him while he's supposedly just "at work" and I haven't seen the half of it.

I think someone set them up to take the fall for assassination attempts against me too.  One set of the twins at least.  On one hand it could almost look like one of the twins really decided to do something bad at some point, against me and I don't doubt I've made someone mad in the past.  In the past, especially, it would have been through carelessness, and not really from any mean position at all, but it's possible.  However, what is more likely is that people who were controlling me my entire life and stealing from us, our family photo collections and everything, and telling us to take them down from the walls so we had no pictures up anymore, those people likely tried to kill me and had my parents blackmailed somehow to look like they did it or a twin was involved, if needed.

One of the government security factors.

We used to have photos on the walls of our house in Moses Lake.  We had a large family photo, taken by a church photographer, and school photos framed, and we had a large photo board frame where you can put several photos under the matt, inside the frame and then you have a collection of photos, each with a framed matt over it, inside a large rectangular frame.  We had one of those in our house on our wall and one day someone came in and stole it.

Who steals family photos like that?  It was the 80s.  I remember sadness all over the house when I noticed the photos were gone. I  could feel the sadness and it was probably from my parents.  My mother didn't put it away somewhere, it was gone.  I asked for it and it was gone.  They stole the frame and photos and everything.  Later I saw this kind of board at houses where I babysat and I always remembered what had been done to my family's photos.  In one of them my Dad was wearing a brown suit.  I always liked that photo because he was smiling so well and looked happy.  I remember some of the other photos too, but I would always go up to our wall and look at the one of my Dad in a brown suit and just look and look and there was one of my Mom in a pale lavender blousy dress and she looked really pretty.  Some photos of my brother, as a toddler.  Every day, I would go up to the wall and look at those pictures. 

They were stolen from our house in Moses Lake while we lived in between U.S. Army and a Mormon FBI psychologist, Alan Springer.

My mother never put framed photos back on the walls again.  It was the last time, in our lives, we had pictures and photos on our walls.

It was a prison.  Someone dictated to my mother that we were not allowed to have photos or family pictures on our walls anymore.  So much for family love, comfort, and sentimentality.  We were going to be the "unemotional family with no family photos and no warmth".

It was about the time Kate Middleton was born.

I never forgot, not when I was in Sherwood babysitting for people, or ever.  So when I see a movie like "Before the Rain" with some man taking a key off the top beam, which is where and how my Dad used to store a key, and a brown suit jacket tossed to the side, and walking past 3 windows broken into or boarded up to symbolize the rapes of 3 generations of women in my family (with 3 white towels on a laundry line earlier to match), and an empty wooden swing like the one at my grandparents house, and then this man breaking the door down into a sharp v shape, opening up to a blue water pitcher like the one we used to have, and next to a photo frame torn down from the wall, I think to myself, "Who got this information about my family and tried to make a movie out of trauma and rape and tragedy?" and I see then that it was made by a British company.  The other thing though, is that they referenced where I grew up several times, next to the Springers house and the Springers are Mormon.  I guess they have been Mormons who worked with Jews and Mossad and the British.

There were so many things in that movie, made in 1994, that were about specific things that happened to my family, it's not coincidence, and then the film-makers who took off from that were British Catholics and Jews.

Some of the women involved in obstructing me from getting evidence about the case involving my son were Jewish and I knew my mother was involved in it.  One of them at least, and my Dad maybe, in making statements against me to someone and they haven't wanted me to have a chance to find out.  Neither have Carmen and Levi.  Carmen felt pretty good about her share from the British and Mossad, when Kate and William were married because then she never contacted anyone in the family again.  Literally, from the time my records and personal property was seized by Shannon Borg and the Canadian man, and not returned after the wedding on the 29th, Carmen felt pretty secure about disappearing from my family after being a U.S. Army spy for all those years.

I think some of the twins must have reacted and later felt sorry about it and I forgive them. However, I know they were used against me by CPS and as a means for locating me and my son in Canada and I know the reason Jewish women don't want me to know, and didn't want me to ever get discovery, is because I would have discovered who was telling my Mom and Dad what to do, Catholic or Jewish or Japanese.  There are people behind my parents, who use my parents as their "front", because otherwise, our family photos wouldn't be stolen from the walls, and no one would have been stealing my homework either, when I was growing up.

I was told by a teacher, "No excuses about how the dog ate my homework".  And my Dad said this too, maybe once, but repeating what he knew was said to me all the time.  No, a dog was not eating my homework--my homework was being stolen when I was a defenseless kid, and then we DID have a Himalayan cat later that "swallowed 3 feet of fishing line".  A yardstick is about 3 feet isn't it?

I wasn't even giving excuses about homework.  I was saying, naively, and not realizing how it impacted my report card or not caring "I lost it".  I guess that's what I was coached to say or how it was suggested I say it, sort of the way the FBI makes suggestions when taking a testimony they don't want and try to persuade you to agree with them, the nice guy, that "but there was no sexual harassment RIGHT?"

My homework was stolen from me all the time and I didn't lose it.  I remembered doing it and there was no place for me to lose it.  I had people who wanted me to give up.  As a kid.  What I should have been saying was "Don't tell me it disappeared into thin air."  It could have been the Springers.

When I was a toddler, I believe I was taken by airplane to remote locations and kept in isolation and tortured.  I believe it's possible I was flown as far as Switzerland and used in a CIA experiment they had at a lab where they used kids and babies and scanned their brains with PET scans.

There is a section in the baby book for me that was stolen and my Mom is very habitual about noting dates or marking important events.  She did this on our calendars every month, every year, for decades.  However, my baby book had a few weeks filled out, and then nothing.  A gap of over 3 months and then a few more notes and nothing.  Months-long gaps in information about me and my development like I wasn't even there.  Some might think "Oh she got busy" but that's not like my Mom.  My brother's baby book was filled out, and the calendar was always noted.  The fact that there is some evidence I was taken out of the country for MKUltra research and torture would support why there are gaps in my baby book.

One of the reasons I think it's possible someone tried to set up a twin is because there was this problem created by Kelly Stalder's mother and then when I was asked about it, when my Mom and I weren't getting along all the time (I had thought all of the weird things were coming from her, not Springers or outside sources) I said I was sure she'd lie because she lied all the time.  After this, they possibly told my Dad or Mom or someone connected to my Mom who thought I'd betrayed her and then I had someone trying to kill me in the middle of the night, coming back from Robin's house.  When my Dad took my call he was shouting and saying, "How does the car look?" and going on about was the car ruined, and what was the damage and I said, "You're asking about the car and you don't even care about ME?" and maybe that was a way of getting back at me for not caring about my mother's feelings when I said something regarding condition of the carpet.  It is certaintly something someone who hated me might want my Dad to say to have me wonder why he'd say it.  Or one of the Bobs I mean.  I think the car incident was after the questions about the carpet.  Like I said though, I think some group has been using my parents for a "front" for them.

Then Mike Nichols was trying to kill me in another incident, after he was working in electronics.  I lived through the assassination attempt in Sherwood, Oregon so maybe I would talk about who was involved.
Then I was being "stalled" all the time on my way to court.
Then I had a hit-and-run against me, planned, by Schneider, involving a Hispanic man.
Then my travel was blocked to my parent's house and my car stolen by FBI and police.
Then I was being pressured by my Mom and Dad to make a false statement and agree to a plea bargain and say I assaulted my Granny when I didn't.  It was not only not true, it would have been a criminal record, and given the State and U.S. Army grounds to say if I assaulted my Granny, I was a risk to my child and the U.S. government got dibs on him.  I was already known to be pregnant when I was falsely accused.  It also would have smeared me further, past defamation by a Jewish-owned newspaper in Oregon, The Willamette Week.  Why would a Jewish owner refuse to print retractions and want to defame me unless he knew Jews had put hits on me?  Or that Jews and Catholics worked together for a claimed government reason, to  put hits on me?  In addition to assassination attempts, I'd been raped twice by men who knew eachother and worked together and were connected to assassins.

Next, I was being asked if I thought my mother would try to kill me, or how about my parents, didn't I think it was possible? and I said no, it's not possible and I meant what I said.  He had his Jewish girlfriend by then, who was a computer person getting a Masters in video games, and Dabney's friends that came in all the time were computer people who worked for the U.S. Department of Justice.  Which is great, because so did Christa Schneider's Dad, and his daughter dated the Japanese expert (Ryan Barnes).  Next thing I knew, someone tried to kill me again, while I was pregnant, in Washington D.C.

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