Saturday, June 8, 2013

Torture of My Mom & Alvaro Pardo and Chris Dabney FBI gangsters

My Mom showed up and had a bright red blister on her lip and she doesn't get them.  Ever.  She wasn't just forced to have some toxic substance placed there or hurt, the bottom part of her lip was crushed and flattened and a "fever blister" would have no effect on that.

This was done to my mother after I had viewed a movie called "The Help" where the woman who fires a servant has a blister next to her mouth and says its from her.

First of all, my mother's lips are not flat like that and I had made a comment about the UK-Irish choice of actor for a role of "Moses" and I said out loud I didn't like his lips and something bothered me about him and he'd been in Wenatchee (maybe viewing things prior to movie-making).

So someone not only flattened my mother's lower lip to make it like his, they did something to create a burn there or something to cause a red dot and my mother doesn't have any viral problems.

The blister on the side of the mouth of the woman in The Help was basically like what Alvaro Pardo wanted to so eagerly take a photo of, to send to Kate Middleton.  He didn't want the photo of me when I was 2 years old and tears in my eyes, he wanted to send over a photo of me as a kid with what looks like a "fever blister" next to my mouth, in a violet frame.  That is what he thought was hilarious.  Both he and Chris Dabney also used some kind of chemical on the last time they were with me sexually, and it wasn't like I told them about it, and I was already tested and have and have never had any STD.  What they did was leave a "mark", an FBI courtesy, of a blister on a specific part of my body.  Chris Dabney and Alvaro Pardo are both FBI employees and federal employees and I believe they were both working for the Department of State as well.  No one else ever did this to me, just them.  I sometimes used blistex as a chapstick in college, even though I never had blisters, just as a chapstick, and it's like they thought it was funny to leave a blister by a chemical when they decided they were going to be an "ex".

So now this has been done to my Mom and she never gets "fever blisters".  She has never had one, my entire life.  I have never, ever, in my life seen her with one.

I've never had them either.  Not ever in my life, so the mark next to my lip that looks like a blister or something, is something else.  I don't know what, but that was something Alvaro thought was great, to send to Middleton.  He looked down on my grandparents too.  He pretended to be interested in courtesy of the elders, but he is obsessed with money.  Not once did Alvaro say something like that, that he was obsessed or influenced by money, but I saw it at my grandparents house, the way he was acting.  He looked down on them.  He liked standing out in the orchards with hundreds of acres and having photos taken, but he basically looked around the house at Granny and Grandpa's and decided they really didn't matter and were pretty insignificant, as was I.  He wanted to see something more like Kate Middleton and William of Wales new house, or something like Pilar's style of housing--modern and up-to-date, not run down because of thieves stealing from them, even photos, and the IRS on their backs with the Army for decades.  In that visit I saw he was someone who cared about prestige and getting ahead.  He was sleeping with Pilar in my own house as well, while I was there.  She wouldn't have gone down to the basement when she thought I wasn't home and he was if she hadn't been, and calling out for him in a high sweet voice no woman uses unless she's sexually intimate with someone and making a cat call.

Is that how the FBI and Department of State coach their employees to leave relationships? by applying chemicals after they passed someone around and premeditated what to do with them?  That is assault.  Chris did this to me and I had no problem at all, and was gone the next morning before I woke and was never around me again.  Alvaro did the same thing, and was gone before I woke up, basically, both of them leaving me to wake up and find this was done to me overnight.   Neither one of them was around to see it and it wasn't there before at all--they did something in the middle of the night when I slept and took off, leaving it as a kind of mafia "mark".  The thing is, they work for the U.S. federal government and England (my opinion).  It was not the only form of assault I experienced from these people.  It isn't like they didn't have access to chemicals either.  They both knew people who did.  Also, they both exposed me to a yeast infection from some woman, in the same timeframe and same manner as the other one.  Alvaro wanted it to be clear he was connected to Dabney.  Dabneys friends are all Department of Justice employees and his girlfriend was a Jew.

The first time I saw how Alvaro was obsessed with money and getting ahead or social prestige, was at my grandparents house.  And then he was going around taking photos of things without asking permission first.  I am sure he sent the one of me as a kid to Chris Dabney as well.

He took that photo and shared it with people who made the movie The Help.  About "Jackson".  The movie came out in 2011 and he took the photo and shared it with people in 2009. 

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