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Assassination Car Information (attempt 1991-1992): Government Employees

The assassination vehicle involved in running me off the road was a car owned by Shannon Adams family or Alicia Peters.

I've specified how it was a dark or black sporty sedan and in my last post I described how one day I saw the entire Adams family driving past me, and mocking me and smirking, all of them, altogether, including their disabled daughter which I thought was strange.

However, noting that occasion, it was a different day that I saw the car for the first time and realized that was it.  Shannon or Alicia was being picked up from something or showed up dropped off in the car and I saw a parent and later asked someone, "That's ___? parents?" because I saw them but I couldn't believe they drove the same car that ran me off the road.  Also, I had seen cars transporting them around and at houses and it was never that one.  It was driven by the Dad, I assumed, because I didn't see them in it.

If I had photos of the cars owned by the Adams and Peters family, at that time, I could make an instant 100% positive ID on which one it was.

After this, I noticed Shannon's sister, who was much younger than me and autistic and had leg problems, didn't hide the fact she was making fun of me and held disdain for me.  I thought this was very strange because she'd never met me or talked to me and wouldn't have a prior opinion unless she overheard her sister Shannon (who has a half-brother and half-sister somewhere) say something bad about me, or heard Shannon and Alicia discussing me negatively.  Then I saw her entire family driving past me, while I was in a car with my parents, and they mocked me and gave some smirking look.  Shannon's sister made a face at me and Shannon smirked and then her Dad exchanged looks with my Dad, which I was shocked by because I didn't think they had ever met each other.

I remember the car as being black, and if it was not black, it was very dark in color.  Monica Allen, friends of Shannon and Alicia, Geoff Rasmussen and Erica Wiltbank, years before she met me, bought a solid black sedan after the next assassination attempt of me by Mike Nichols which followed.

The Adams were not religious and did not go to church but I don't know about her step-siblings.  The Peters were Methodist.  Tony Roos was Catholic.

After this event, this entire group of friends I thought I had got very secretive, having get-togethers including only a very small group of them.

The Adams' mother was best friends or good friends with Joy Stalder, who was Kelly Stalder's mother, and Kelly wasn't a friend of mine.  She asked me to go with her to Navy recruiting offices and I did.  Later, when my car was being shut down, or powered down by remote means, to have the energy drained from my car batteries on 3 different cars so I almost wrecked again, in 2003, my car was being stalled, always near the offices of U.S. Army employee Tony Roos who worked next to that road, for Cardno, a transportation and military group with UK connections.

The sign that Alicia and Shannon made and posed on either side of, which was nailed to the tree I drove up in the assassination attempt was called "Cameo's Tree" and Geoff Rasmussen wrote a poem for it, and had had himself down on one knee for a pose for cross-country with me and Monica on either side.  He was very specific about wanting that photograph taken with him on one knee, when no one else did.  He and Robin called a guy named Jordan "Jordie" and in French, it's Jordanie (Jordan-knee).  It's not insignificant because the assassination attempts against me are significant and involve people connected to Middleton.  I don't believe Robert Jordan was the director for the Portland FBI offices at that time.

Mike Nichols' car that he left behind in Oregon when he and Monica were traveling with me, was a white Honda Accord. 

After the next assassination attempt of me, Monica put all of her money from personal injury into a black 4 door sedan that was a Honda Accord, sort of a hybrid between Mike the assassins car and Adams/Peters the assassins car. 

It is not unlikely that women who gave me a poisoned cigarette in Seattle are daughters of friends or employees of the Adams, Peters, Bechtolds, or someone else in the FBI, Department of Justice, or military.  It was next to an Irish pub and they were at that pub.  Later, on a different occasion there I was defamed to Virginia Mason ER when I almost passed out from bleeding so much and the woman told me she was Irish (don't know if it's true).

The night I was run off the road, the vehicle was going in the direction one would take to drive to the Adams, if someone were going home late one night after work or for another reason.  Tony Roos was right behind them.  Later, cops came and didn't take a report, just drove back and forth smirking.  It was a local cop, one that would have jurisdiction of the roads there.

The Adams friend had one joining the Navy (Stalder), Roos joining the Army, and let me guess...someone joined the Air Force for good measure.

Whichever person does not have an alibi and was not at home on the night of that assassination attempt against me, was the driver.  It would possibly be, then, Shannon's Dad, who was a neuropsychologist (I believe).  Or if it was a Peters, they went out of their way and were heading towards the Adams.  If it was planned, and the idea was that it was possible that in a wreck, if the driver was hurt, it would have to look natural and the driver would need to be the driver going on a normal course or have a reason for being where they were at that time of night.

If it was the neuropsychologist, after this incident, involving Roos, I was being targeted to my head with military and aerospace defense technology from that point forward.  He may have been an accountant, like a CPA in Portland.  I don't remember what Shannon's Dad did for work--I thought it was something like neuropsychology.  She has half-siblings who are also Irish, one named Patrick or Sean.

The weird part, is I never told anyone, but I also acted completely normal and natural around anyone who could have been connected and I didn't connect all of them either, not right away.  I know this group got very closed-in and more secretive and I didn't know what it was about.  Why would high school students and later, college students, act this way if they weren't involved or didn't know?  Erica Wiltbank giving me a card for the "Serenity Prayer" at that time was like giving me a card for a Sarin Prayer.  She gave this to me after they'd tried to kill me, and I was then being targeted with seizure symptoms at school.  This is a year after Robin wrote poems about my "cyan" eyes.  At the same time, there was a stockpiling of sarin in 1993 by the UN and it was outlawed on April 29, 1997.  Of course, Kate Middleton would choose April 29th for her wedding day later.  After my son and I were tortured to the point of having our hands and feet curl up and twitching.  Her family was involved with the people who tried to murder me.

Mike Nichols then tried to kill me and I had a broken neck and not ONE word from any of them--no "Get Well" cards or "I hope you feel better" or phone calls.

Next, they organized Robin's rape of me after Josh raped me.

I wonder if anyone has successfully found Witness Protection from Mormons and other religious who colluded with them to ruin my life.

Maybe the next time someone knocks on my door, I won't be here anymore.  I was looking at stripping chemicals for refinishing a project and then I realized, how possible it is for me to disappear, with my son with me.  I have people who have been trying to murder me and the torture has been even worse.

I have a right to Witness Protection with my son anyway, because I can name people who tried to kill me and put them in prison.

I'm positive about the car.

I knew when I saw it, because it scared me that it belonged to a close (I thought) friend.  I'm positive about the car but I was not positive about when I saw a local cop but I remembered and actually, he just drove by slowly, and didn't get out or anything.  I am not sure he stopped at all, but I know one was there and drove by and I thought about calling police but then thought, well, one had just been driving back and forth and did nothing.  I thought, if the car isn't going to be paid for by insurance, maybe no one cares.  However, that was an incident that marked an assassination attempt.

Not only did the driver not honk or make normal gestures for getting around my car if in a hurry, all of the activity was being kept out of the records with law enforcement.

All I need to see are photos from Alicia Peter's parents cars and Shannon Adams parents at that time. 

If it was Adams, who was connected to Kelly Stalder who joined the Navy, then later in Wenatchee when a man ran his car into me and said "Get out of the way!" I looked him up and he was also U.S. Navy.  What Adams  was trying to do, was not get me out of the way.  He tried to murder me.

It would be fascinating to find out Adam Carolla got an assignment and was featured speaking from a U.S. Navy site, over Adams' Car.  Did they know the Nichols?

Monica Allen knew Shannon Adams and was one of her best friends.  Monica met Mike Nichols before the trip.  Monica was invited to visit the Nichols and I was not.  Why did the Nichols want to see Monica and talk to her on the phone, after the hijacking, but not me? 

I wasn't the one to introduce myself to that high school "government group".  They pulled me in with an invitation to start having lunch with them.  Otherwise, I could have ended up being closer friends with anyone at that school, and it would have been better if I'd ended up at Wilsonville.  Monica didn't even like me.  It was more like someone encouraged her to go out of her way and become friends with me.  From the start, she never wanted to cry in front of me and went to Erica or Shannon for crying.  She punched major holes into the walls of her own house, in a rage one day.  Before they asked me to join their "group" at lunch, I was in the library by myself, working on a computer because I was shy and didn't want to invite myself to eat with anyone.  So I learned how to use computer programs with their tutorials.  I ate my lunch fast and had nothing to do and wanted to be occupied instead of embarrassed so I went to the library.  After several weeks of this, and learning computer programs, they wanted to target me in their government group.

It's been real fun.  Two decades of hoots.

I guess I couldn't come to terms with the idea Monica was involved until recently and finding some new things out.  Also, looking back and seeing when people "switched" or "flipped" and showed their true colors.  I still think she is probably being controlled but I also realize she's had more to do with everything than I thought.

After I wasn't killed, even her husband Tim, was trying to take advantage of a government position over me and wanting to smear my name.  Why else would he come onto me as a married man?  At the time I thought it was just lust and was shocked, but now I look at the premeditated rapes against me, and defamation of my character, and it wasn't lust, it was an attempt to see if he could get me to do something that would sully my name and character because that was the entire motive of this whole group.  For all I know, Monica even knew he was going to try.

As to this large boil he had on the top of his head for his wedding, I don't know what point he was trying to make.  It wasn't something out of his control and why go to your own wedding that way, unless you're trying to make a symbolic point with it?

I had talked to Bill Boyle, prior to Tim meeting Monica and had been fishing around for information after one assassination attempts.  Bill knew it and sniffed it out.  He was friends with Bechtold and I'm not sure if he was closer friends with Tony Roos or John Edy but I asked questions and he started asking me, suspiciously, why I was asking questions.  He had a kid with a woman named Megan.  Monica and Bill were very good friends--he always liked Monica and teased her.

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