Saturday, June 29, 2013

Magazines Hint At Katie Middletons Interference With My Family

I got a bunch of nature magazines and was actually shocked to find they were not just nice magazines with interesting articles, but many made specific jabs about me and my family and it wasn't hard to miss.

For example, one from the Humane Society in April 2013, features a woman named Katie who named her new parrot "Squirelly", a parrot she got after another one died in 2006.  Squirelly was one of the main nicknames I had as a kid.  So her entire article goes on to say she loves birds and rescues captive ones and she's not crazy, she just ends up with feathers in her hair from her bird Squirelly.  Next to this, on the opposite page, is a parrot flying out and the title is "grounded for life".

I mean, were the Middletons seriously involved in reasons for my being grounded for months at a time as a kid, forced out of the house, and with my homework stolen ever since she was born?

There is way more than that in these magazines.  It touches on malice and hatred, one after another, and there are some great things in the magazines and photos and I like them, but it's really odd to find people "tee hee" laughing at what they imagine their inside joke will do to the people they know have an insider file on my family.

This "Katie" is the editor of the Human Society magazine.  Checking into "bird lady's" bio might shed light on where she got her ideas for her article entitled:  "My bird-shaped heart".  It has a nice little Y design next to it.

This is one of many very bad articles and reveals that I found.

Not only that, my x-ray of my right knee sort of matches Katie's runway sweater and hair design.  So I thought, why would that be possible because it's the first time I had an x-ray of that knee, to my knowledge--however a physical therapy place in Portland, Oregon saw me after a car accident and took full body x-rays, of my entire body.  It was the chiropractor's offices next to PCC and then they had professional Swedish masseuse guys, who said they were Swedish but I had thought Eastern Europe.

At any rate, someone would have had to give her access to my medical records through them, if she was at all referencing my knee injury and an odd mark on the x-ray, with a Y and conspicuous marks.

Not only that, someone must have known something was unusual about that knee in 1993 even, because after one of my knees was blown out and I had to go to OHSU, the doctor asked my mom if I was going to have the surgery or not and she said no and while in person, he had suggested, staring hard at her and smirking, "We could always take an x-ray of the other knee too because it is likely the other one is the same way."  She looked uncomfortable and I never forgot his expression or what he said and how he was leaning over when he said it, because he made it sound like he could reveal a big secret.   He possibly used exposing what was there in my other knee as a form of intimidation to discourage my having my knee fixed in a surgery when I was a professional runner.  I was running 10 miles every day and only sometimes taking a 1 day rest.  I ran twice--in cross country practice and then on my own at home.  So they ruined my future in that.  I had always wondered why his suggestion about this made my Mom uncomfortable and why he seemed so eager and delighted, sort of gleeful to hint about looking it up.  No x-ray was taken then until the chiropractor's offices with their "Russian" (?) massage men who were possibly Swedish (they said they were) and the people there.  The doctors there started acted bizarre around me too.  They went from treating me to telling me I couldn't have my medical records and looking at me oddly when I went in.  It was like I was walking into a CIA office every day and one of them started to get completely frightened and was shaking every time she saw me.

Why?  because they found microchips in my body and then passed the info along to Katie?

I'd like to know if a doll that is mine ended up in her house as well. 

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