Saturday, June 1, 2013

Katies "Lupo"

I know for a fact that Katie Middleton and her family were supported by employers I had, from Lake Oswego, Oregon, whom I've mentioned before.  I think not only was she supported by them but by a woman, a coworker, I had thought was a friend, named Chris Schmidt (a woman).  She had me out to her house for dinner with her husband.

Katie got her dog and decided to name it "Lupo" when I was working there, or right after.  The last thing I was being told, when they wanted to analyze my blood there, was that "something is REALLY WRONG" and he told me "Your adrenal glands are not healthy at all."  The adrenal glands are, or lack of adrenals, is a cause of "Lupus".

When he made a huge deal out of it, I asked for the record of the lab and they refused to give it to me.  Neither he nor his wife would give me the record for my blood and enzyme analysis (it checked things like protease, kinease, and proteins and things too), though he did show me a visual for a minute while I was there, of a magnified photo of the results under microscope.

I had already given them my notice that I was quitting, and then he wanted to do this blood test at the end, without charging me.

Next, Chris Schmidt invited me to her house to eat food she prepared with her husband.

I wonder if there was a reason they wanted to do a blood draw first, before they fed me.  That was in 1998.

They knew the Middletons and went to England to meet people they knew as well.

I am positive I've been doped and drugged by Middleton associates ever since I was a little kid.

If I remember correctly, her husband, Chris Schmidts husband, had some kind of a government job too.  He worked in lumber or something to do with construction I think, but also there was some kind of government thing connected to it.  I thought he said FBI.

I maybe worked there in 1999, not 1998.  I met Chris Schmidt before I ever met Chris (Christa) Schneider.

The blood test was done before I was raped by Josh Gatov.

The doctor from St. Johns who broke my hymen with the speculum at a first-check up woman's exam did not do a blood draw there.  She just broke my hymen so I'd bleed out there instead of later.

First my hymen was broken.  Next, my blood was checked.  I was invited to dinner once by Schmidts.  Then, I was raped.

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