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Targeted for Knee Assault Again Yesterday: Police/FBI/CIA Blackmail

I am going address two things.

Blackmail and my personal experience with being blackmailed by the government, the U.S. government, or their attempts actually, to blackmail me.

Secondly, I was going to go to a fruit stand today and walk there to get more of a kind of plum I liked and I couldn't go.  Why?  Because yesterday when I walked to the library I was assaulted in the knee that I had an x-ray for.

The assault occurred exactly as I was approaching the library in downtown Coquille.  In addition to this, later that day, after I was harassed by what appeared to be Mexican mafia, a cop came to my door and I was targeted and assaulted again.

My knee obviously has some problems with it, from the x-ray.  I looked at it at the recommended or default resolutions, which was generally best and then used a few other tactics to see if anything turned up that I was missing.  At first glance I thought my patella looked sort of knocked off to the side or displaced and I also saw fractures.  In addition to that, an odd hole.  I didn't notice the necrosis until later.  In that past I noticed necrosis as defined by the cresent shape with greater signal intensity.  I mean, in the past, looking at something else.  Or, a fully developed ring around a part of necrotic bone.  So I found out, when I was wondering what some of these darker spaces were that didn't appear to be shadows, is that bone goes through stages of necrosis and only later does it break off or a ring develop--that sort of thing.  I thought the angle of my patella as well, might be from position, but I observed there is another sign with its displacement and it is of the black line that one should see evenly between the femur and tibia/fibula and it's not even.  It's like the femur got smacked down from patella and pushed down on one side more, and then there is a greater signal intensity beneath that space, in a cresent.  There is what appears to be avascular necrosis on a part of bone near the patella, where the kneecap would hit as well, or on the top of the patella. There is also flattening of the femur condyles where it was hit and it could be further necrosis.   I'd have to look again, because right now going from memory. So there are clear problems and it is not hard to see how it was caused by impact from a fall on the knee, on hard ice, because of the way it's damaged.  Separately, there is some kind of hole that looks like a precise bullet hole went through my knee. 

I picked up the record and then it was the next day I was assaulted while approaching the library.  That was yesterday.  My knee does not always feel great, since it was broken, but I felt my knee being targeted, like from a laser from a distance, as I was walking basically to the visitor center.  It wasn't like my knee just didn't feel very good or was strained.  I could feel it like a direct target on my knee and the only things in front of me were the visitor center, the kid's swimming pool, and behind that pool there is a tall building with a balcony.  The pain from target quit, on that day (yesterday) after I was on the side of the visitor center building.

I don't think anyone would do this unless they knew there was potential for lawsuit over my fall on ice, and possibly trying to make me sound crazy or discredit the damage that was done.

So then the next day--I guess that was day before yesterday the target occurred--and then yesterday, I was walking home and almost got run into by someone who wanted me to know they were steering towards me and then just missing me, and I know this because I heard them behind me.  There was plenty of time for me to hear the noise of a car approaching in a normal path and then taking a lurch towards me, within an inch of my arm and then lurching back and pulling into a driveway and getting out.  It was obvious he wanted me to know.  I said something about not appreciating his trying to kill me and walked to my house after finding out he's been there one day.  So then all of a sudden I had a cop at my door.  The cop was telling ME some neighbor claimed they heard me threaten him and I said, "HE threatened me and nearly ran me over."  I said, "I wouldn't say he tried to run me over, literally, but he intended to create intimidation because he knew what he was doing when he did it and he wanted me to look behind my shoulder at him when he started steering to me and I didn't give him that satisfaction."  So I said, "I would not call it trying to run me over, but intimidation."

It's like all of a sudden the cops and FBI want to make assassination attempts by Mike Nichols and others like Tony Roos look like it wasn't really a big deal--not murder really, not a murder attempt, just some guy trying to harass me or intimidate me or being careless.

I know the difference.

So then after this, with this neighbor intending to create a problem, a cop came to my door, and it was Officer Wallace and I said I would be out in a minute.  I don't know who he is really, or where he's from or who he knows and how long he's worked there and I also don't know that he personally had anything to do with the assault, but it was done to me while I stood there next to him.

This other form of assault has been something most people don't even talk about.  Lasers are one thing and bad enough, but since I've been in Oregon, the U.S. has been torturing me targeting my genitals.  I am not kidding.

I just had a pap exam and tests and everything is normal.  There isn't anything wrong with me that would create this problem, and when I moved here, the first people to start talking about it and referring to "genital torture" and technology torture to genitals, were people at the library.  I went to the local Coquille library and while it was being done to me, they would get together near me and start up a conversation about it.  Never in my life did I mention anything like this to anyone, and not to them or my family, and I don't know people who just decide to start talking about military torture to genitals or using forms of distance or remote technology to degrade and assault someone in this way.  So what made being tortured worse than the torture itself, were the government employees sitting around, almost mocking me by talking about it in front of me.

I said nothing the entire time, knowing all they wanted to do was prompt a response or reaction from me.  So for 2 years, I have said nothing.  They would talk about genital torture and then brings up conversations about "vaginal mesh" all the time, as if to indicate women who have had D&C's like myself, might need metal "mesh" to hold everything together which the military would use to for facilitating torture to the genitals.

The U.S. started doing this to me, at the same time I began looking into being a gestational surrogate again and quit my job at Devil's Kitchen which I knew was owned by a U.S. federal employee--another government man and wife trying to use me for their own research and not just to work.  It was in 2011.

I witnessed torture the U.S. directed to my own son that caused his circulation to change and his body, mostly his private parts to turn blue and purple. 

The librarian that brought it up most was one who married a Mexican guy who sits there while she works. I  think he's her husband and I think they're both Hispanic.  But there were white librarians bringing it up too.

The U.S. has been doing this as a sick game of retaliation.  If I say I have no interest in being with a government employee, which I did say after another one of them tried to hit on me and then the U.S. was hoping another could get lucky, they torture me.  So they started torturing me not only to my genitals, which has been ongoing for 2 years now, they continued other forms of torture they were practicing.

This cop Wallace came to my door and I stood outside and the minute I stood next to him, this form of torture was used against me.  Since he was present the entire time it happened and was done to me, my guess is either that he reports back to a military person or he himself is military or works for another part of government besides police.  The only reason to call him out and have him there to watch me and observe me while they was done to me was to document or notice how I acted when I was tortured, or to make a sick point, as a police officer stood there, and then the U.S. government torturing me and targeting me specifically to my genitals.  Either Wallace had something to do with it, or someone else knew when he was there, and he called it in, calling me "Candy" and then the torture was started against me.  Maybe he called me Candy because someone thought it was funny to try to connect their preplanned genital torture of me with "candida" or thrush problems or something.

At the same time, other forms of torture have been done against me and my parents.

Prior to his showing up, after I had a neighbor trying to intimidate me, a bunch of what seemed to be Mexican mafia were in town, mocking me as I walked back to my house.  One of them had license plates  289 EWP (Oregon).

I told my Mom today if someone thinks I would believe Howard, my Dad's brother, was actually my Dad, I'd never fall for that.  I said, I know Edward Lee Victor Howard is my biological Dad.  Kyle Flick and others never would have targeted my family if it wasn't true, and too many mentions have been made about it.  If ELVH has other unknown or IVF or undocumented children, I'm sure that may be true.

I know some of the time I was being tortured by Canada and the U.S., my Mom or one of the Dicksies was there because she laid down on her side while I had to lie down.  She rested on one side and I used to instinctively touch my forehead.  I also know when I ran away from school, I expected to see a private plane waiting.  I had no natural reason to think a plane was going to be waiting for me aside from my subconscious memory and planes that most likely transported me around to be tortured.  Possibly as far as Sandoval in Switzerland where the CIA ran PET scan experiments. 

I didn't know how people got blackmailed by the U.S. government to allow horrendous things to occur but I have no problem explaining some things the United States government tried to use on me.  They commit crimes, all of them together, like one big mafia:  FBI, CIA, local and state police, and military, and they claim to do it for the CIA and military when most of the time it's an excuse for retaliation over something someone did they don't like, or getting caught for crimes they committed first.

So the U.S. will kidnap a child, torture that child to your face, and then tell you to either fuck their agent Alvaro Pardo or keep watching your child be tortured.  And then they'll try to frame you to make it look like you're commiting marriage fraud in the meantime.  The U.S. will take a bunch of government employees that are all corrupt, and corner someone who they want to degrade, exploit or abuse, or whose child they want to steal, and this is what they do.  Steven Spielberg's idea of the war horse where a horse is taken from a boy "for the war" as property confiscated by the government, is sort of putting forth an idea that kids get sold like horses and kidnapped from their parents.  However, that's not really how it is.  It's not about some war horse, national security matter--it's hate crime and a cover for hate crime and for retaliation against parents they don't like.  It's also using mafia government to oppress people from competition.

I have several personal instances of being threatened and blackmailed by U.S. government employees and I will describe more of them later, here on this post.  If the U.S. wasn't committing crimes, they'd have no reason for working so hard at blackmail and illegal entrapment schemes to protect them in the commission of their crimes against children.  It also shows me that if they pulled this with me, when I was older, and kept trying to increase the levels of blackmail, what they have done to my parents and what they plan to do with my son.  They have been targeting family members and blackmailing them while they're still kids.

Government "research" claims or apologies are no excuse for annihilation.

The U.S. government tried to blackmail me and entrap me to be destroyed or forced to work for them after they abused and assaulted me as a child and baby, and used me to traffick materials inside of my body between their employees:

1.  Setting the House on Fire.  I was being encouraged to set the house on fire in Moses Lake, Washington.  The purpose was not for money--it was to give the government an excuse to accuse me of arson and put me in juvie.  There was no way my parents wanted their sentimental belongings and records and few valuables destroyed.  All of our photos and everything...The only reason was to find out how suggestible I was, for CIA and U.S. Army military purposes, and then to put me in juvie on arson charges, where I would be solicited for more torture or my discrediting would begin.  My Mom never brought it up.  My Dad did and my Dad, one of the Bobs, was the one who was recruited by the U.S. Army as a teen after HE was set up by them and forced into juvie for "stealing a car".  The U.S. Army and the CIA are the groups responsible for MKUltra.  It was FBI and police that always backed them up, along with Baldwin mafia at cat-call or dog-whistle.  Generally speaking, mafia works with government.  The U.S. forces people into the mafia when they put others in jail and need a new supply.  Basically, the U.S. government trains mafia like they train kids to be prostitutes for them or soldiers through torture and coercion.  No one said, "Burn the house down"--it was suggested many times, and pretty much after I started writing a diary or sometime before.  I was between the age of 9 and 13 when it was a theme.

Unfortunately for the U.S. government, I wasn't a player.  I was not a "Tony Roos" or "Robin Bechtold" or someone who would take their hints or incentives and commit crimes when encouraged by someone they loved, who was told to do it by the government, worked for the government, or whatever.

If anything, they just wanted to see if I'd do it.  Possibly, since someone was always watching anyway, they'd just show up after it started and put it out before they was real damage and then make an assessment of what to do with me next.

I was watched and manipulated and oppressed my entire life.  The other reason to have me do this would be to ruin whatever "option 1" or "track 1" had been for me, and force me into a criminal track that was easier for getting rid of me.  Shoot me, no problem and no suspicion, because I'm a criminal so now they could bury me and make sure all the wires and plants inside of my body were a safe secret.  I'd never sue them that way.  Or, if Edward Howard was biologically my father, and had defected when I was 8, they'd make it worse for his kids to pressure him. 

It wasn't mafia because I lived in between 2 military families and with an FBI psychologist behind us.  They moved after waiting for me to set the house on fire.  I never did so they moved on.

It was suggested to me with our house bugged and everything so it's not like my parents and the government didn't all know about it.  I noticed they would comment on the news or newspaper stories to eachother, in my hearing if we were all in the livingroom, knowing I listened.  I said one day, "You're saying things to eachother that you want me to think of doing or not do".  So they never said "Don't have sex until you're married", it was "Bob, did you hear about Alicia and Robin?  What a shame.  I thought she was a Christian and I guess her mother said they talked to her about waiting until marriage but apparently, she was lying to her mother."  So through hearing them talk about various things I formed ideas of what they accepted or did not accept.  I said one day, "I know you're just saying that because you want me to listen." Or because I was listening or something.  So then they started talking about someone who started a fire in their house, and set it on fire.  How horrible it was and then how much money they got.  Boy could they use some money, those people.  On and on and on about it. 

I remember I thought even back then that it was really weird that the Mormon FBI psychologist's family decided to move after I didn't do it.  I figured they hoped I would and then it would give him a chance to have a different kind of access to me, as a psychologist or something, or to just discredit me.

They kept talking about it and then I sensed my Dad getting mad that I wasn't doing it.  I am positive he was being told to suggest it and maybe they were tortured over it even.  All I know, is I thought to myself, as a kid, shocked, "I can't believe it.  My parents want me to start a fire?!"  Maybe at that point, that's what Alan Springer was supposed to spring into action over.  Hurry and call me nuts.  The FBI has always needed a cover for their shit. 

This was around the same time I was being tested about my ability to keep secrets for the U.S. government.  I was given a test of "Don't tell anyone" but of course they said it out loud at our house which was bugged, and knowing I was wired myself.  I was told they had $50,000.  Well, I just saw a special about Aldrich Ames the other day, and apparently some big deal over a $50,000 amount.  Why go to Edmonton, Canada, with $50,000 comments, unless it was to tip the U.S. off, knowing I was wired for the fucking NSA and CIA.  They said to me they had $50,000 saved up and then I was supposed to keep it a secret.  Next, we were going to vacation in Edmonton, Canada.  Aldrich Ames had $50,000 in a transfer, and he was friends with Edward Howard, and Edward is close enough to Edmond.

These assholes who came to my house right before Katie Middleton decided to get pregnant, knowing she was going ahead with it, Fred and whatshername, stopped by smirking and gave me a carton of Almond milk and said, "We had an extra so you can have this one."  It was given to me right after his wife took me shopping and I could tell they were Middleton people and didn't like me.  She smirked at a bunch of Hispanics at the store while there and bought milk and 2 Lays potato chips bags.  The Hispanic looked at the bags of chips and smirked and she looked at him laughing and then looked maliciously, sort of haughtily at me.

He is retired military from California and they worked with the military pastor from 7th Day Adventist who is also a psychologist for the FBI. 

So why mention $50,000 to me and Edmonton, Canada?  Well, Aldrich's Russian friend had a lover in Canada and he was a diplomat.  Basically, the United States used me for trafficking, they tortured me, raped me, and they used me as a "messenger" between them for secrets between spies and intelligence.

I never benefited from any of it, ever.  In fact, I was degraded, belittled, oppressed, had my homework stolen from me, and dumbed down deliberately.  I really don't know about the $50,000 and the Canada vacation coincidence, but what I do know is that they had money and they were not poor and they were not stealing or trying to commit insurance fraud.  My parents said all of this with full knowledge of the U.S. government.  The entire objective was to see if I'd "do it" and to catch me up in their own spiral of criminal government activity with a blackmail security.

If I kept secrets and was able to be encouraged to do things I knew were wrong, out of devotion or love or thinking maybe I could bring people I love better fortune, they might just use me as an asset or they might just feel better about the crimes they committed against me.  They wanted something on me, to discredit me, early.  The only purpose was for blackmail of a child/teen.  If they had something on me, they'd use it.

So like I said, it was noticeable enough that one day I got really scared, fear in my heart, leaping up, and shock, to realize now they were getting mad I wasn't doing it and it was still being suggested.  They wanted me to do a bad thing?  But we were 'christians'.

CIA Christians and U.S. Army Christians are as "Christian" as Jew.  Go ahead, burn the house down!  I think part of it was to test how strongly or how effective the bond was between me and my parents and the programming done to control me through them.  I'm sure they got tortured when it wasn't good enough, because I've seen evidence of that.

So then this song was written later, which is like a major joke, called "Sonny Came Home" by Shawn Colvin.  She wrote it in 1996, after I was getting physical therapy from my 1995 car accident and had a chiropractor take full body x-rays of me.  She titled her CD "A Few Small Repairs" and writes this theme song about a girl burning a house down and "walking on a wire".  I wasn't walking on one.  I had wires INSIDE of me.  So I guess yes, my legs had wires and I walked on them.  How much of the royalties did I receive for that entertainment?  None of course.  It's not like anyone had to have the x-rays though if they knew when it was done to me as a kid.  She grew up in Canada.  Oh what a shock.  "London, Ontario".

Like I said, Maiers, with their Canada friends, also had a line to me and knew I was wired.  In fact, they may have had something to do with what was being trafficked.  I don't think the gift of the metal cylindrical lipstick case was for nothing.  All of the gifts were to make points to my parents, knowing I'd show it to them.

So that is the first example of U.S. government attempt to trap me and discredit me and use it for blackmail and to give them what looked like better access to me and to our house.  Of course the police would come over, or FBI, and they could investigate and ask questions about how it started and then find out it matched to what I made up as a kid or not.  If it didn't, they knew I was lying and even if it was close, they might have access to me.

All of it, United States government and their ways of trying to frame a kid so they get out of jail free.  Maybe a cop gets out free.  Maybe it just makes people feel good about Middletons because who knew about it?  Well, Shawn Colvin wrote the song in 1996 and she was raised in Canada.  The same place one of the assassins who tried to kill me in 1995, said he had parents.

2.  The next time the U.S. used government employees to attempt to entrap me or blackmail me was close to the same time and it was by a U.S. contractor for the federal government, the Maiers.  It was at the same time, approximately or after.  Stephanie's and her sisters said they wanted to skinnydip.  I thought it was weird, out of the blue when I knew them for so long.  I remember it felt like a set-up, even then, when they started encouraging me to go.  So I did, at night and they had all their porch lights on around the pool.  When I was encouraged to get out naked and go down the curly slide, I refused and then I did with further urging.  No one else would but Christina.  I thought why is she the only one going on it but the others were telling me to?  But I did and then I saw Stephanie look over at the window and smirk and it was her Dad standing there at the sink and I am pretty sure there was a flash of a camera by him or someone next to him.  While this wasn't blackmail to me, it was an attempt to entrap me into a position where I was photographed in a degrading position.  From there it was used as potential blackmail with others.  The pool sat at the end of an island as well, and across from it, across the lake further down was the Moses Lake police department.  I remember feeling humiliated when I saw Stephanie's Dad and then saw her smirk and then go under water to conceal how she was laughing.  I never said anything because I was too shocked that a Dad and daughter would laugh together over convincing me to be exposed.  I then refused to believe what I thought because I couldn't believe it, so I pushed it out of my mind.  Christina knew too, that her Dad was there.  She was so insistent she got out naked herself to convince me to follow her.  "See?  Look, I'll do it first."  After high school, before Robin raped me, he had private time with their Dad and Christina and was especially interested in getting close to Chris.  It wasn't really lust, it was always CIA drug business with him.  He spent all of his time there, talking to their Dad and Chris on private boat trips, and getting drunk with Stephanie and Chris while I sat in Stacey's room and talked to Stacey who sat in front of a giant doll case full of dolls and cut out coupons.  This was a visit that took place after 2 assassination attempts against me.  Stephanie met him and Monica in 1991 or 1992 and the first attempt was after her visit.

3. 1997.  I guess I could include one weird accusation of stealing a diamond.  It came from a Jewish manager for Helzberg Diamonds and I believe he knew it was a lie.  I am 100% positive he knew it was a lie and I believe he deliberately accused me of this to create a record to discredit me or out of hatred.  First he was telling me all the time, "Let's walk".  It was his only saying. "Let's walk".  If you look at Heltzberg Diamond ads now, they're celebrating Katie Middleton with royalty themed pieces.  He said, "Let's walk" to me almost every day.  He'd walk and smoke and I walked with him as he discussed having me train to be a manager.  There was no hint of a problem until the day I gave my notice.  I gave a 2 week customary notice and he said, after, "There has been a diamond theft" and of all the people he picked on, he picked on me.  He claimed that the only "special diamond" they had, which was in a safe, and which I had been allowed to view one day under a microscope, disappeared.  He said he knew it was me, and wrote it in my employee record.  He badgered me for over 2 weeks, the entire time I had to stay there and finally I said, "I already told you I didn't take it.  If you want to call the police and have them ask me, go ahead, because I'm tired of being accused."  I was shocked because he made it sound like he liked me and then acted hurt or something when I said I quit, and then he labeled my work history negatively with a theft accusation.  I believe the only reason for him to come up with such an idea was to ruin my work history and/or to give police an excuse to go to my house and pretend to search for it as they did other things.  Anyway, I guess he died of cancer a few years ago.  I worked for him after the Del Balzos and CTR.  One day Carl Del Balzo went in and I felt embarrassed and then another day Claire came in, the best friend of Stacy Darling.  I remember she seemed to be mocking me and was checking in on something.  I found out later, Kate Middleton has a cousin with the last name Darling and I don't know if it's a relation but I remembered feeling bad that Claire had gone in and looked smugly satisfied I was there.  She had this look, and I thought, "She must think now I'm really low-level or something to go from an offer to do corporate sales in computers as an executive to a mall job."  She narrowed her eyebrows and smirked and looked triumphant.  She went in looking for someone and it was me and when she saw me, she smirked and then was going to leave and I caught her and talked to her before she could go around the corner.  I wanted to see how she reacted to my being friendly with her and she looked guilty.  The diamond theft accusation was after this.

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