Saturday, June 8, 2013

Before The Rain (British Mockery of Torture and Oppression)

This is a post I need to make about the people who made "Before the Rain", which was produced by The British, in 1994, and how later, Jewish and British used it as a reference point to other movies.

It reveals how the British have always been involved in stealing from me.  Not all of them, obviously, but a section of British and they used U.S. government workers to get it.  I didn't know who was Jewish or not when I lived in Moses Lake, WA, but they must have been there too or they wouldn't have been making movies about my family.

I asked my Mom today about lawyers and there is only one in town with a sign and it says Carol and my Mom said she didn't know anything.  I said haven't you heard anyone talk about her or anything and she said why and I said, "Because Carol is the only one who has a shingle out."  She said what? and I said, "Carol is the only one who has a shingle out."  She said what do you mean? and I said, "Advertising.  It's a sign.  You know, when you put a sign up?  She is the only one who is advertising."

She said "I don't believe in suing" after saying she wouldn't know and I said "That's because you're a hostage.  Hostages don't file lawsuits."

Hostages in the U.S. say "I don't believe in filing lawsuits" or they are tortured as they try to find a lawyer to file one against the wishes of those who want them to say "I don't believe in filing lawsuits."

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