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U.S. Fear Of The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (correction)

This poem, "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is The Hand That Rules The World" by William Ross Wallace, is a main reason the U.S. tortured my family.

Blessings on the hand of women!
Angels guard its strength and grace,
In the palace, cottage, hovel,
Oh, no matter where the place;
Would that never storms assailed it,
Rainbows ever gently curled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.

Infancy's the tender fountain,
Power may with beauty flow,
Mother's first to guide the streamlets,
From them souls unresting grow—
Grow on for the good or evil,
Sunshine streamed or evil hurled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.

Woman, how divine your mission
Here upon our natal sod!
Keep, oh, keep the young heart open
Always to the breath of God!
All true trophies of the ages
Are from mother-love impearled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.

Blessings on the hand of women!
Fathers, sons, and daughters cry,
And the sacred song is mingled
With the worship in the sky—
Mingles where no tempest darkens,
Rainbows evermore are hurled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.

I wrote about this poem when I first started this blog, but I wrote a paper about it, in my early years of college, and I also read it often in high school.

The police officer who broke my hand not only did so, in Tennessee, to humiliate and harm me, but to emphasize symbolically for someone that she was breaking the hand that rocked the cradle, out of revenge. 

Christa Schneider is the person I talked to, over the phone, about how I was going to raise my child.  She didn't like it.  I told her my child would be so carefully raised by me, with all of my experience working with the children of others, and all of my reading and self-education, and prayer, that they would use their talents and I knew they would avenge my family for the things done wrong to us.  In fact, I told her specifically, "My son will want to avenge me over what has been done because he will love me so much."  By this I told her, he would either be a lawyer and sue people until they were bleeding money, or in some other way, he would expose and reveal what was done, even if it was later.

She freaked out.  Imagine her hearing this.  After all, I hadn't completely concluded she was my enemy but she was one of them, and here I was telling her my son was going after her family.

This is when we were being tortured.  I had already told her about my son's development, which was so far, extraordinary.  It was already looking "frightening" for my enemies.  He was highly advanced in every regard, and part of it was genetics but I spent all my time caring for him too.  I will share something from an email I sent someone about it today too.

What my mother said to me, months ago, as she was sick, vomiting all the time, and alone refinishing the bathroom, by stripping off paint and then painting over it, was, as she took two metal pots out of there, which carried this odd feeling of my parents having been forced to drink out of dog dishes or being caged in that bathroom for some reason, I said, "I didn't think you liked blue that much".  It was the color of blue as the April Showers perfume lid, or Heaven Sent (whichever one is blue).  She said it went with the tub and she thought she'd match it.  I said, "I thought you wanted a clawfoot tub" and she said, "I did, but I don't think we're going to be staying here forever so I did something else."  She said, "I originally intended to have a clawfoot tub but it turned out to be more of a cottage-y look."  She told me it had been planned to have a clawfoot tub, but it was turned into something else.  So then I felt depressed even standing there.

There was horror and depression in that bathroom that was new.  I had been having this odd feeling some really horrific was happening in there and I know I am right.  Both my Mom and Dad had been throwing up and looking sick and I'd heard them throwing up from outside of the house.  I also saw their faces.  Other times, at night, I sensed someone outside of our family was in their house or had been going into their house to torture them with the conceal of night.  When she later walked out, with two metal pots, I had the feeling it wasn't from paint, but being forced to eat out of them, like dogs themselves, in front of someone, and/or throwing up into them.  Of kneeling and bowing repeatedly in front of someone.  I sensed torture and poisoning.  So as I stood there, feeling the sadness from that room and tears, and sickness and humiliation, and poisoning, I felt sad when my mother, with her drawn and dehydrated looking face said, "Well, that was the plan but it turned out to be a more cottage idea.  So I thought I would try to work with what I had."

It was done in the eggshell color of the 3 bird eggs on Katie Middleton's hat as she left the French court having won a victory in a lawsuit to have and see photos that didn't belong to her.  This lawsuit decision arrived the same time as she decided to conceive and be pregnant.  I had thought her 3 bird eggs were for 3 egg implants but it is the dress from "Camille" that was wearing on her head instead.

I have a weird feeling Katie aborted some of her own kids or kids that were taken by her, and developed fetuses, and she killed one or more.  I don't know.  Regardless, I thought it was shocking that the French courts gave her a victory when she sued for petty reasons after deliberately flaunting her body knowing photographers have a right to take pictures of anything in public, if one is a public figure.  She's not private.  She's public property.  It was very bad on the part of courts, French especially, known for topless beaches, to claim anyone who has a picture taken of their self-exposed breasts should be protected.  How much did this criminal, Katie Middleton, who has poisoned my entire family ask for?  $10,000 "louie".  Watch the movie "Camille" because she specifically wanted the reference acknowledged.

So then my mother, and father, who have vomited because of poisoning by Middleton's friends, and worse, painted their upstairs bathroom the color of the eggs on her hat.

It reeked of the Hendersons as well.  I don't know if Tim Henderson sodomized my son, my Dad, or what, but something like sodomy occurred in addition to other forms of torture against my son.  It has something to do with non-consensual, drugged or not-drugged sodomy.  I think it has something to do with Hendersons and Irish.  I think this, based on a comment by Bill O'Reilly a really long time ago which coincided with my figuring out Tim Henderson was included in something very bad. 

Also, people connected to Katie who are local include this one man who is Russian or Ukraine background and connected to Wenatchee and to William of Wales and Middleton.  William has been contacting with U.S. military personnel and so has Katie, since at least 2010, when I lived in Wenatchee.

The Hungarian woman who is local here, "Kathy", works for Katie Middleton.  She also goes to the same church Patti Otterbach goes to , which is a block or so from our house, and there was a Jewish woman who looked just like Larry Galizio's wife there the day I visited. Larry Galizio is the Italian Jew who lived in Spain for awhile.  I met him at PCC which is where I ended up working with Josh Gatov, a Russian Jew who raped me and then whose friend from Spain went to a Bible study at my house and brought a bottle of Spanish wine.

This Hungarian woman was friends with Toni, who ran The Black Horse, the computer place that uploaded all of my personal photos from my Acer and gave them to Kate Middleton.  A black man started working there who was connected to Obama but I wasn't sure how.  I just knew Kate got my photos, and though Toni was supposed to be Nazarene or something I thought she was Jewish.

Kathy, the Hungarian woman, is a sort of overweight woman who is psychic.  I guess she wanted me to know this one day because she made it obvious.  I never thought she had a twin until the other day I wondered because I saw her twice in the same few minutes, driving past and once she looked and acted one way and the next time a different way.  The day I showed up at her church, she was celebrating because her darling Katie was going to get pregnant and I guess the Larry Galizio wife-look-alike (dark haired Jewess) was glad too but she glared at me the entire time, not even facing the same direction as everyone else, but turned to watch me.  Instantly when I saw her I thought of Larry Galizio's wife and then secondly it was "MOSSAD".  She was sitting behind Patti Otterbach and Patti's friend.

The group I was invited to go to, was out in the toolies, over a year ago.  Kathy was there, and this man who was a "shit kicker" as Christa Schneider referred to wearing those kinds of boots, and I knew the man and his wife knew Schneiders.  When Christa bought her "shit kickers" it was in 2004, at the end of 2004 and they were red steel-toed cowboy boots.  I didn't know what was going on with my parents at that time, but this man was involved.  He claimed to be 'Amish' but when I met him I said "Haven't I seen you in Mt. Angel?"  So then he said he and his wife visited the Catholic church sometimes and I kept asking and then he said they used to live there.  His entire "presence" and his boots, immediately brought Schneider to mind and they admitted knowing them.  His presence was evil, not "Amish" and I saw his boots had been kicking people, not shit.  So there I was, finding out that for some reason, someone connected to the Schneider family, and Mt. Angel, was still trying to control my mother.

The other man there was named Jerod--(UPDATE:  Correction is his name was Jeremiah, which is the name of the baby from Wenatchee with the Ukraine babysitter).  He is working for Kate Middleton and William of Wales and U.S. Military along with Russians--I say "Russians" meaning only Ukrainian background or Russian but American-Ukraine not Ukraine-Ukraine.

I didn't say anything about him because I was waiting.  Then the next time I went, he wasn't there and I had a bad feeling like if he wasn't there, he was torturing my Dad or son.  My mother had this worried, quiet look on her face like she was trying not to panic.  Jerod did a couple of things around me...for one thing, I saw his knife before I saw he had a knife.  I am not psychic at all, so for me to see it and then open my eyes and be directly across from a knife, I didn't forget that.  Then the other thing he did was sort of sneer at me and ask if I liked "jade", the stone jade.  The way he said it was a put-down.  He meant does jade suit your envy or jade suits you better than emeralds.  I picked up on it right away.  The only possibility of anyone thinking "envy" would be from someone who might have thought I was jealous of Kate Middleton because I'd just written about her.  The problem with her, is not envy.  She is a criminal.  Her Uncle Gary supposedly married a theif, a convicted criminal and Katie is much worse than that.  She is guilty of crimes that would put any normal person away for the rest of their lives.  The only difference is that Katie hasn't been caught or convicted and instead she's won rights over property that isn't hers.  But when this man said this thing about Jade, I knew it wasn't a natural question.  I postponed my ideas in case, I reasoned, he was testing me, but for what?  He didn't like me.  He also wanted me to buy jasmine rice.  I've never bought jasmine rice.  I like basmati if I'm going with an aromatic rice, and jasmine is a good flavor for tea.  I have bought jasmine tea, and I like jasmine plants,  but I don't lean towards jasmine "rice", not even the idea, which is why I've never purchased it in my life.

I had a feeling, for whatever reason, he was connected to Kate Middleton.  I looked up the royal website photo gallery and I was totally shocked because since she arrived, everything turned nasty and cynical, or it was just a relief for those people to come out of the closet at last.  I had gone to look there a couple times before, not more than a handful of times, and suddenly, it was different.  Among the cynical and nasty photos, was one of a kid, a blond boy who looked just like Jerod, who looked like the baby that a military woman who works at the Wenatchee Safeway has.

I was forced to stay with her for one week while forced out of housing by Washington D.C. when they told Seattle to tell Wenatchee to revoke my housing and throw me on the streets, literally, after Alvaro called me at Steve Mays house to say "It's too late" and lie.  I had just bought a brand new large spiral bound, solid white planner, in October, at Office Depot in Wenatchee, and was about to put my life together when this happened, and my planner was stolen with everything else from that house. 

So this woman from Safeway who approached me when I was first pregnant in Wenatchee, when I was working for Russ (U.S. Army) and Olga Strong, approached me again and said I could stay with her.  Her babies Dads are all anonymous Fort Lewis and other U.S. military men.  One of them, the youngest baby, I thought was maybe part Ukraine or Russian, but it didn't matter to me.  His babysitter was Ukrainian or Russian with an accent.  This woman who first approached me while I was pregnant, took me to the circus in Wenatchee and then took photos of me pregnant in my orange trench coat.  She disappeared to have me surrounded by people trying to steal my baby from me.  She told me later CPS tried to do the same with her but I don't think so.  I think she was doing exactly what the U.S. military wanted her to do.  She had two housemates, one Mexican, one blond American and both psychic.  They were all government psychics and she practiced some wiccan stuff (not a big deal).  I figured the Ukrainian woman was working with the U.S. government on how to program the kids U.S. military style.  There was a Jewish woman across the street from that house, who hated my guts and I knew she hated me because she adored Katie Middleton.  How would a Jewish woman in Wenatchee adore UK Middleton?  Believe me, she's a parasite.  There was also a Jewish man in another part, across from the house a different direction and he didn't like me either.  I knew the other couple were psychic because they left the door open and when I looked at their feet, they both flinched their feet in and then got out of bed, glared at me, and slammed the door.  They knew when I was looking at them and there was no mirror, and it happened more than once so I knew they were psychics.

So this baby had a unique look.  I couldn't believe he could go all over the place, without much attention, and papers just fell from my table...just now at 12:27 a.m. I looked and the one I picked up says "Carolyn, James, Linda" across the top, and then Behavioral Health 2008-2010, and then USC-MSW (2013), and Captain Doug Clark--Wenatchee fire station.  Anyway, as I was saying,
this baby had a unique look and then I was tortured at the Ukrainian church, while sitting there.

This U.S. military woman who approached me when I knew U.S. Army Russ Strong showed up again after my son was taken from me and I was served with termination of my parental rights papers.  I had thought it's crazy that people keep their kids, who don't even want them or care that much or are busy and yet I devoted everything and was an excellent mother and had more training than anyone I knew AND I was known to be good with kids. 

My son wasn't taken from me because I was mentally ill or a "risk" to him.  MY son was a "risk" to the enemies who tortured us.  They already knew how good I was with kids, and they didn't want my talent going into my own son to turn back against them for their collusion to commit crimes. 

Clearly, the Middletons, in different ways, even if it had nothing to with William specifically, were involved in ruining my life since I was born.  Since Katie was born, I should say.  My Dad must have seen something and mistakenly, naively said something or been friends with someone who saw the same thing and we have been tortured and hunted over it.  James Middleton, on the other hand, is free to proclaim like the village idiot, "My Sister Is Going To Be Queen!" and no one touches a hair.  Sure, you'll get by with a little help from your friends, as the song says, but let's hope it's in smoke before she is ever in a position to do further harm.

Isn't it odd that this U.S. Fort Lewis "hooker" who breeds babies for the U.S., and government psychics, latched onto me while I was pregnant, to take pictures and give them to Middletons, and then left me alone to wolves until my rights were terminated, to invite me to her house and pretend nothing went wrong?  She worked as a stripper, not a hooker.  I forgot.  This is a different stripper.  This is not the stripper Rani knew who uses crack cocaine and danced in Seattle and who ditched me so I could be raped in Wenatchee, with cops around.  This is a different stripper from Seattle.  Maybe they know eachother, but it's a different stripper.  She is friends with a man I don't want near my son, named Tyler.

She's also friends with the Jewish woman across the street from her house.  I don't know how she knows Middletons--if it's through Russ Strong (Army) the defender of our reincarnation Diana of the Dam, or if it's through the Ukrainians at the Ukraine Baptist, or if it's through another military person.

What I know is that in the photo gallery with William and Kate, William was shown playing with a boy who looked exactly like "Jerod" this man who was part of the Torture Dicksie group I went to, who had the knife and asked if I liked "jade".  Jade AND Jasmine rice.  I already knew by then that Katie was a criminal and had tortured my son and been involved in his poisoning.  I kept William out of it until I saw his expression in that photo, next to the kid who was deliberately chosen for his look-alike to Jerod.  When I saw what looked like sarcastic, smirking, "gaming" eyes, and an expression that said, "I think this is hilarious and Cameo has no idea who Katie and I know" I felt sick.  It didn't look like Katie working on her own in it anymore, William was obviously with her.

He wouldn't have been jubilant or mocking, and laughing about it if he didn't know Jerod and his visit around me and my Mom out at that "grange hall" kind of place.  This was when I knew Katie and William had literally had spies living around my parents for years.  It must have been parents who then poisoned their kids to hate and then Katie just started independently hiring spies for herself, along with William.

I also recognized that this man Jerod, who said he was from the Seattle area or Wenatchee, or around there, he said his ex was wiccan and he wanted custody of the baby over it.  Not wiccan, witchcraft I guess.  Or satanist. The way he described her sounded like this U.S. military woman with the baby and the Ukraine babysitter.  She was wiccan at least and he said she'd been a stripper and she was.

So here was the realization Katie and William were watching me too, not just my parents, but had spies on me.  Of course, what was Tennessee over?  But they continued to track me in Coquille, around my parents.  My mother went outside and around the corner and when she came back, I saw cuts and blood on her hands.  She had just been outside to talk on the cell phone and no one was out there except for Jerod.  Then I went to the bathroom and left sooner than some thought and I saw my mother, bowing in front of the "shit kicker".

This is Christa Schneider's "shit kicker" who went to the Catholic church in Mt. Angel when I protested there in the town, and my mother was being forced to bow to them, and they are working for this bitch Middleton who is somehow not in prison.

So I said I had to use the restroom and I did, but I went in and then walked out again and I opened the door and saw my Mom bowing to the "Amish" man who wasn't Amish and who I recognized from Mt. Angel, who is part of the Middleton Shit Kickers Team.  Then, everyone was shocked to see I was coming back out so soon and I got up and saw this man had dropped a bunch of dust of some kind, all around my Mom's head.  She was coughing and choking from the dust.  It wasn't a little, it was all over and it wasn't drugs, like stimulants.  It was some kind of toxin.  So then my mother looked worried she would be punished if she didn't try to hide it from me so she quit bowing to him and sat upright and pretended to ignore it.

I sat there, stunned.

Not only did this happen, which continued to affect my Mom, and she was bleeding badly later when she was cut, then he kept making threatening gestures like of a gun.  This was all in the context of "praying" with eyes closed, to "God" and "Jesus".  Kathy wasn't there the first time I went, she was there the second time.

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