Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bill Gates & John Kerry (obstruction of justice, tampering of evidence)

I am thinking Gates and Kerry might be friends.

It is possibly through their wives that the friendship more closely exists, I am not sure.  Melinda Gates and Theresa Heintz are both Catholic women and my email account block from Microsoft, occurred right after it was announced President Obama was electing John Kerry to be the head of Department of State.

My primary email account, that I've had since at least 2005 and probably earlier than that, is being blocked by Microsoft and it contains evidence and my legal files.

This blocking of my account, despite my giving them letters to prove my ID, occurs after the Sterling and Kerry families somehow involved themselves in having my Wells Fargo Bank account closed without notice to me, and had the records purged.  I was told I could still order them, but I would have to pay for it.

My bank records contain evidence against FBI employees.

The FBI knows this.

I have financial records that would prove my story against FBI agents Bujanda and Garza and Tancer.  Mike Tancer and John Kerry's son-in-law, Theresa Heinz's son, are good friends.  Mike asked me about my bank records and what was on them after he knew I was incapacitated.  He wanted to know how many of my drinks I had on record as paying for myself. 

This, combined with witness statements, is enough to determine how much alcohol was used and whether I was raped or not.

So within a day or two of Kerry's nomination, Microsoft got the word to be bold enough to block me from my own email account.

I am blocked, right now, from my business account with Wells Fargo Bank (held 10 years) and my primary email account that has my legal records against the FBI employees, Department of Justice employees (Christa Schneider), and all of my CPS and AG and lawyer records for my son's case, as well as business information (book selling) and my records of contacts requesting assistance for my son.

Microsoft wouldn't have waited until Kerry's nomination if they didn't think Kerry or his associates were involved and that now they had a cover through the new leader of the Department of State.

In addition to Microsoft's Melinda Gates (who works with Catholic Charities) and Theresa Heinz, there are the Catholic mothers of Robin Bechtold, Chris Dabney, Mark, Armando Garza, Raul Bujanda, Christa Schneider, Dylan, and the mothers of Josh Gatov, Mike Tancer, and Jonathan and Helen.

John Kerry's nomination must have given them confidence that they could block me from my email account without any notice or ability to retrieve my information.

John Kerry wouldn't matter unless he or his colleagues had something to do with what happened to me and my son, and also had something to do with people connected to assassination attempts against me, as well as having something to do with Alvaro Pardo and other Department of State/FBI persons involved.

As far as I know, Shannon Borg was working for the Department of State as well.  She knew Mike Tancer and she and her Canadian husband either worked for the Department of State or the FBI.  I had thought FBI but I'm not sure then why she would want the big CIA-style compass styled on her bathroom floor.  The compass design was like the CIA design on the floor of their "igloo" compound.

For some reason, every time I think about Alvaro, I just want a big bunch of onion rings.  Maybe it's the old throwback to the ones I got at our A&W as a kid.

I want really clear things in life.  My son.  That is my right.  And to not be tortured.  This is my right as well.  I didn't ask for CIA privileges and favors--I asked that my rights be honored.

If this is such a great country, where is the lawyer beating a path to my door to defend my rights.

How many law firms and lawyers have been "available", in this country, for defense of my rights and my son's rights, over horrific and aggregious crimes by the U.S.?  Not even a retired FBI employee who became a lawyer later?  Not the ACLU?

Where is your "system".  You HAVE NO justice "system". 

The fact that there is no justice system does not absolve the U.S. from their duty to correct crime.  Crime continues, and the clock is ticking.  This criminal activity accrues damages against me and my son, and the U.S. has not quit their criminal activity.  It is not my responsibility to find a lawyer when I am dealing with crime, not "civil liberties", but CRIMES that have obstructed these liberties.

I want my bank account opened.
My email account opened.
My son returned.
Criminals in jail.

You either DO what you are required to do if you TAKE taxpayer monies, or you QUIT.

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