Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hemophilia Minor Injury Emergency Ops & Threat To Bleed To Death

I thought I'd share something I discovered with black walnut tincture, which has been discovered before me by Samoans and other natives.

Well first of all, I had thought my kind of hemophilia was probably in the mild category and I believe I'm wrong.  I thought it was mild because no over-bleeding was seen until a cut occurred or major injury from car collision.  Of course this is why I might have thought or sensed something wrong when Christa Schneider read a story back to me about a woman who bled all over the road and couldn't get her babies.  She just bled to death, is what Christa wrote, and she kept looking at me and I got a bad vibe because she was saying it in a personal way, as if she was writing it about me and reading a threat to me.

She read 3 different stories to me, with one about how Jewish women liked being raped; another was about how a woman gagged herself in the shower with a spoon down her throat to gag up oatmeal, and she read this to me at a time she knew I ate oatmeal in the shower everyday and had a housemate who saw my spoon in there (when I ate in the shower to save time); and then the 3rd story she read to me, after reading 2 story ideas that marked events in my life (rape, but I wasn't Jewish and didn't like it and hadn't told her I was going to report it), (eating oatmeal in the shower with a spoon but I didn't gag myself), she came up with a third.  Her third story was about a woman who dies in a car accident, bleeding on the road and bleeds to death from hemorrhage. 

This is what she came up with when I'd had bloodwork already done at labs and seen an OBGYN where I bled all over the floor. Not only that, if the U.S. and Canada tortured me as a kid,and they did, they knew about my blood type and blood disorder and that I bled.  Not only was the woman bleeding to death, as Christa looked up from what she read to sadisticly gauge my reaction, she was dying in a ditch or near one, when all of my assassination attempts to that point, involved ditches.

This is the woman who had me wear a black stole she had, around my neck, and called me "stunning" repeatedly, which I heard repeated again on Fox News last night in the same manner, by Bill O'Reilly, as someone who was apparently James Middleton was going there to have a look at me.

I sensed it as a threat when she read it, and it was clear she meant for me to think it was about me, and she read it to me after reading the other 2 that resembled my life.  So I did feel threatened but I kept it in check, just in case I was wrong.  I wasn't wrong.  I was stupid because that's how the U.S. conditioned me to be to abusers. 

I realized I had a bleeding disorder after I almost bled to death when the Department of Justice put a hit on my unborn babies.  I was then given something that caused me to bleed and not stop bleeding in Maryland, in 2009.

I am not sure why, but I just watched Whitney Houston's "I Look To You" and all of this came back to me, along with thinking about how she "looked to" Kate Middleton for crack fixes before she died.  I always liked her singing, and thought some of her gospel songs when she was younger were powerful but I think she possibly got corrupted.  I still think it's odd that she died.  But anyway, I wanted to share about something about black walnut, which I thought of after thinking about Houston's crack and weed fixes from Middleton in California.

What I wanted to share is that it not only seems to stop bleeding, dropping tincture on a wound, it somehow sutures or brings the tissues together.  The problem is, it stains.  When I tried it on a cut, it stopped the bleeding but then I noticed, it had caused skin that was under the top layer, to sort of come up a little so it wasn't as much of a depression and it caused the border of the cut to cinch in a little.  It stopped the redness even.  The next day there was light pus and I put hydrogen peroxide over it and that was it and it's fine now.  But the immediate action of the black walnut tincture was really interesting in how it worked on skin tissue.  My idea, was that, after seeing this, if it causes skin tissue to hold in together, maybe this is a compound that also causes the walnut hull to hold together to protect the walnut.


So then I looked up "black walnut, suture" online and found medical journals or old books that describe how native americans and others have discovered ways to treat bleeding wounds, and it is the Samoans explained who used black walnut wood smoke to fumigate their wound.  However, black tincture from the hull, which protects the nut, I observed to act as a chemical plastic surgery.  I mean, of course, small results, and not a new layer of skin magically appearing over the wound, but it was definitely a result not known to witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide, alchohol, ointments, or any other remedies for cleaning or treating wounds.

The other thing I noticed is that I think I'm actually a moderate hemophilia sufferer maybe.  I say this because spontaneous internal bleeding isn't a symptom of mild sufferers but moderate or severe and I have had this all my life.  With the wrong food or whatever, for example, aside from injury.  I got some vitamin K to try and it can help a little I've heard and I had horrible pain in my elbows and knees and was sleeping all day because of it while it happened.  I think I had a spontaneous bleeding episode because I had added 4 500 mg garlic capsules to something I cooked, and raw onions.  I had cooked ones but after I ate some pieces raw is when I had a lot of pain.  I was so tired and thought what is wrong with me and then remembered fatigue occurs with hemophilia bleeding. 

So both of my elbows were killing me, and my knees were killing me, having done no exercise and just lying down there and I finally got up and thought, "I'm going to take the vitamin K" and I did, and I guess it sounds weird but it seemed to help the pain.  So I thought, "I can't believe it's actually working a little," so I instead of taking 100 mg I took 1,000 mg.  I have read you can take that much and with the level of pain I'd been in for a few days, and fatigue, I wanted to knock it out and took more.  I had almost instant huge reductions in the aching in my body and alleviation of fatigue.  I forgot about it and got up from my bed actually, which I had been lying on in the middle of the day feeling like an invalid.

What seems suspicious, is I haven't heard of vitamin k working THAT well for hemophiliacs but maybe it does for some. 

Aspirin is supposed to be a blood thinner and I guess I had that in addition to garlic and onions but in general, it helps me feel better sometimes, not worse.  So I don't think aspirin is terrible.  However, what I noticed working on the aching in my elbows and knees (I noticed my elbows hurt just as much as my knees) was vitamin k.  I am positive the U.S. government already knows everything and have used the information for themselves and kept it from me.

After taking 1,000 mg I didn't have a recurrence.  Also, I then cut myself a little accidentally and I noticed the blood coagulation was drastically different.  From thin blood that just bled and bled that I usually have to thicker blood that set over the wound right away and started to form a scab.  Huge difference.

The kind I'm taking is the vitamin K 1 kind.

So I wanted to let people know about black walnut tincture in outdoor emergencies or whatever. I don't know how well it works for large wounds, and the cosmetic aspect is unknown because it will stain right away and I don't know if the skin sloughs off the stain or it would change your skin permanently. 

So anyway, there are a lot of things I could be doing with my time and that I think I'm good at figuring out but my college and life are being ruined deliberately because of U.S. torture against me.  I think the only motive is to keep me from making money, having money, or going to grad school because after they saw what I could do in 2002 with my lawsuits, they have used torture to keep me out of court.

Which is why it's impossible for the U.S. to claim this is a "democracy".  It's impossible, and this does not exist. 

A state (country) like the U.S., as much as it prides itself on being unique and free and a democracy, is impossible and incongruous with torture of citizens for their legal defense. 
Torture as part of a legal defense, indicates the country is another kind of "state".


Which form of government uses torture on their own citizens, sponsored by the government at the highest levels? for something like keeping them out of court or to protect themselves from being sued?  It's not just anti-competition and it's not an acceptable practice of "legal defense".  It is government crime that points to the fact the United States is a military-run government.  If you want to combine military government with plutocracy or oligarchy, there you go.

That's the real U.S.

Don't give us B.S. D.C. 

How about we teach our kids to count wrong too, and learn the alphabet all mixed up, and then lets scramble their thinking with MRI and microwave technology while the U.S. encourages us to believe their double standard, mixed message, and lie.

The state has devolved and no longer exists as it was.

The U.S. tortures over free speech and tortures to keep people from suing them.  What kind of fucked up justice system is THAT?  NO ONE has a CHANCE in the U.S. court system because of it.

Um yeah.  And I am not the only non-Ivy that has an Ivy believer.  Like we're all stupid or something.  Believing CIA shit. 

By the way, how does this journalist Sharyl who was on Fox News, talking about Prism and hackers on her computers that set them all off at once, electronically, get to be taken seriously and not me when the exact same thing was being done to my computer and all of my son's electronoic toys in our house, and then in Canada.

Is Prism in Canada too?

How about that.  Prism, a supposedly NSA-exclusive program, manifesting itself  in Canada when my son and I were there.  Why is that?  because Canada is also part of Prism?  So how connected are Canada and the U.S.?

I'm blasting that up a little bit larger for you in another post because this one is going into a tangent.  But take some black walnut in your ER kit peeps.

Oh!  what I did about the stain...well, I had it over the wound and then I wiped to look and it had this suture effect but it was staining so without a few seconds I rinsed it off and then I had to rub it under water.  I could see how fast it worked though.  What I didn't want to happen was have the stain get under my skin and then be visible after healing and that's where I say there is a cosmetic ? about it.

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