Friday, June 14, 2013

Still Being Medicated Without Consent

I'm still being drugged without my consent.

The last time I was not drugged, or medicated, was right before I again announced on my blog that I wanted to be a gestational surrogate and started placing ads and walking more.

Right after that, I got hit with something, a drugged food, drink, or airborne substance, and I slept most of the day and then I never got my energy level back.  I've also had the "Haldol" rash show up on my backside in the last 2 months.

I was starting to feel normal again and had pain sensitivity and now I'm on some kind of antihistamine, pain blocker and possibly Haldol.

I say Haldol, because that's the only time I get that rash.  I say antihistamine because I've come across an airborne substance a couple of time recently where all of a sudden, my sinuses were clear and it had antihistamine effect.  I say pain blocker, because it's like one of those horrific drugs I told Dr. Stuart Freed I didn't want to be on, for "nerve and muscle" dulling.

I can't feel my tooth pain because of the drugs I'm being subjected to.  It was starting to wear off and I could feel it again and then I got doped up all over again.

They used the same thing in Wenatchee, WA, because I was getting doped up and then immediately feeling like I needed to sleep for the day, and then the rash showed up and my energy level dived and I didn't have pain sensitivity.

When I am not being drugged and medicated heavily I can feel the natural pain from where the Nigerian woman whacked me with a Mossad-CIA karate chop.  Pain from that specific site where she assaulted me, continues to be a problem but I can't even feel it through all the drugs, even though I'm tortured at high levels, high enough for me to feel it.  Which really means the U.S. is trying to kill me still.

When I am not being drugged and medicated heavily I feel the natural pain from a tooth near a gum line where I should feel pain and do, until I get drugged so that all of a sudden, I have no energy, no creativity, don't sing anymore, can't write decent poetry, and I can't feel pain that is normal pain I should feel.

I hope someone fucks this country over so hard they can't get up. 

They are drugging me, on my own money.  I'm paying for college, and trying to get good grades for grad school, and this country is fucking me over with medications and literally, torture.

They did this in Wenatchee, WA, in Middleton, TN, and in Coquille, OR.  I've been drugged without consent in 3 different states.  Oh, and Washington D.C. and Maryland.  Five states.

I have been illegally drugged and medicated, without my consent, in 5 different states in the U.S.  I can't include Virginia because I don't remember feeling drugged or medicated there or losing sense of pain or touch or smell or normal things.  Instead, I was tortured in Virginia, with the Pentagon as a next-door neighbor.

They are also incorporating one of the medications Alvaro Pardo used on me in Maryland and Washington.

I'm not taking any medications or vitamins or multi-vitamins so that is ruled out.  I ordered prenatals online and then never used them, because I figured someone would want to blame the prenatals if it was something else. 

There is nothing I've been taking in pill form that would be the cause of this.  I had a weird reaction to ginko I usually buy, which normally boosts energy and had me sleeping instead, and I figured it was a bad batch.  Aside from that, I eat well and don't use drugs, and I don't take medications and I haven't been taking a regular pill or vitamin every day.

I'm being medicated by food and drink contamination and I've had people going into my house and then leaving after tying it up with military-style knots.  I've also been exposed to some airborne things and I am living right next to a big U.S. military chemical farm where they're practicing this kind of thing.

I'm positive I'm being doped up with Lithium to start.  The other one that I've been drugged with since Wenatchee, is a neuropathic blocker.  The exact same kind of drug I specified I DID NOT want to take, that would slow down my brain, is one I'm being doped with.  It's some kind of Lyrica (neuropathic pain drug) or the one I mentioned in the past that research proves slows down your brain.  Basically, I can't feel anything, until it's torture that is so extreme, I notice.  Otherwise, acute pain I normally have from problems that never went away, is blocked.

They are blocking my pain receptors with medications, using lithium which has been affecting my energy and creativity (I don't even sing or dance, ever, anymore and that's not me), and either a birth control or something antihistamine.

By the way, if the U.S. had not just planned to try to figure out a way to put me in prison, or kill me by Alvaro, and blame it on "Colombians", or if they'd not planned to kidnap my son after he was around him, they were going to use a couple of years of my living next to him to test-drug me until I died.  Alvaro Pardo was working for the U.S. Army in addition to State Department and FBI.  He didn't want to be in the military, but he was drugging me for them.  His cousin worked for the U.S. Army, in their building and it was his cousin who brought him to the U.S. (supposedly).

The entire time I worked at Post Pub in D.C., I was drugged and medicated without my consent.  The entire time I lived with Alvaro, I was drugged and medicated without my consent, with the same medications.  I never took a pill, didn't do drugs or share them, and it was only through food and drink by him that I could have been medicated, just as it was only through The Post Pub, which appears to be a cover for a CIA or FBI operation, that I could have been medicated.  Chris knew Army and I suspect he did some U.S. Army work along with the FBI.  Alvaro knew him from work and they both drugged me.

I was held hostage by Alvaro too, when he knew I had to appeal a court matter with the black woman who assaulted me and whacked me on the back, who was a police officer for Nigeria, and whose country was then being trained by Mossad, and who had a son whose best friend worked for the CIA.  Alvaro wouldn't hold me hostage so I couldn't appeal that, unless it was a favor to the black woman, or to CIA, or to joint U.S. Army-CIA and UK-US projects over MKUltra that never ended.  I don't mean he discouraged me from going--I mean, I was held hostage. 

Later, I found out he was working with WENATCHEE and WA state people who were still trying to smear me over my son.  So how was Alvaro going to help me get my son back when he knew he was screwing over my odds at the same time?

He fucking DRUGGED me.

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