Monday, June 3, 2013

CORRECTION: Lawsuit/Disconnection only for Finals Paper (Military)

CORRECTION:  I WAS trying to work on finals and I DID have a mid-term I was supposed to take this morning but the other thing I had mentioned in an email was that I want to sue the United States of America over damages to me and my son.  I had one human rights law firm in D.C. interested and then more federal employees sought to distract me.  I don't even know they'd be interested anymore.

What I do know, is that while some of what I talk about sounds odd, it's true and not implausible and those who claim it's implausible are related to people in the business of torture. 

I also felt very disappointed to realize tonight that every single man who was getting close to me, for work or to use me, was connected to all of the others.  At first I thought some of it was just friend-of-friend maybe, or not directly connected, but they are directly federal government employee connections and they were all using me, ALL of them.  They were making fun of me and trying to make predictions about things about me, years ahead of schedule and then they used NASA and military to torture me and force me out of housing and work and unemployment to make sure they had created the conditions necessary to force the worst possible things to happen to me.

I asked God to avenge in his own way.  I really don't care that any of them live, actually--not that I mean I'd kill them or want someone else to, or to harm, but that I really ask God to deal with them all, and to see and notice what horrific things they have done to me and my son this long.

I'm having internet disconnected only for my research for a finals paper due tonight.

And it is 11:45 p.m. and I'm being tortured as well.

My internet is being disconnected for everything except Blogger.

I have a final paper due tonight, which my college and any student in my class or anyone who surveills my online activities knows about and I'm not going to be able to turn it in on time because of this.

My Mom knew this was going to happen this afternoon the minute I told her I signed up for "Sign Language" with a professor named Amy Lazzeretti.

I told her I'd signed up for some Horticulture classes for Fall and then mentioned the sign language class and how it was waitlisted and she intuited psychically that OSU or someone through them was going to obstruct my internet access to block me from getting my paper turned in.

She said, "This conversation is degenerating" which is the opposite of what Robin Bechtold would promote with "evolution" as he was constantly talking about "evolving". 

I mentioned a class in Horticulture for ecology, with Lambini or something but then when I said a woman named Amy taught sign language she told me, in a discreet way, that my attempt to get anything done today was not going to happen.

I also know the OSU computer tech, Sean, knew something about it because he made a point to say could he access my computer online and see what was going on when I told him their site kept sending me a bunch of different messages, all different and tons of pop ups.

Basically, what my mother shared with me is something to do with Chris Dabney and Robin Bechtold and the fact that my mention of their connection to others, who are also in CIA in Virginia, was going to cause problems for me tonight.

Since I emailed Amy and exchanged emails with her, I have been tortured with use of military laser, which is, I guess, a joke about "lazzeretti" and I have had worsened disconnections so I can't look up my research or complete my paper.

I am writing on this blog because it is the only thing that is now not being blocked, even though earlier, even writing or publishing on this blog was being disconnected when I tried.

OSU, I discovered, is a Space Research site.  They are a college test site for NASA and Space research as well as Pentagon research.  I didn't know about the Space research connection until today.
I had to send an email to my professor letting them know the only thing I am now not being blocked or interrupted from is blogger. 

One person involved, a man, took a bite out of a hamburger after I sent my email to her, so he is someone who surveills my email.  He turned to the side, looked triumphant and pissed, like he hated my guts, and took a big bite out of a hamburger or sandwich.

It looked like someone like Jim Sandberg, Mark (truckdriver Mark), or some kind of cop.  To me it looked like Mark, the U.S. Army truck driver.  Ken Kargman or Alvaro could be involved as well but the person I saw looked like a military person I have seen before, with a face shape closer to Mark, Mike Tancer's, or Cartwright, or even Lori Cartwrights fianc√©.  It looked like Mark mostly, but shorter. 

I also know someone who is younger, a man, tampers with my computer and laughs about it all the time.  He looks like Vladimir from the Ukraine Baptist church but not that tall or thin of a face.  More like the Catholic Russian guy who approached me at the bookstore in Wenatchee and told me I try visiting there.  Shorter, with blond hair and thin frame.  It might be some of the techs at OSU, I don't know, but I know some of the ones watching what happened looked like a couple of young 20s blond, white, thin guys.  Sort of like Chris Dabney but lighter hair and one of them shorter.

One time it looked like Chris, instructing on how to target me but saying he couldn't reach me or get to me from there, from some angle when I was under a metal part of the trailer working on something.  I was then being targeted with sharp jabs to the top of my head, which is something I saw UK scientisits joking about, between Switzerland, in a BBC article, and yet when I saw someone connected to trying to get me to locate where to torture me, I saw someone who had Chris Dabney's face, approximate age, and white and thin.  I don't see how Chris Dabney himself would have access to some kind of camera or device connected to one that also facilitates torture from the aerospace industry. 

I am tired of this country and wish North Korea would quit talking and nuke it.

I am tortured every single day and night and so is my son and YOU HAVE THE PHOTOS.  My son's EYE was not that way from birth and it's not a constant asymmetry.  He is being tortured.

We are tortured every single day and we have a right to ask for another country to nuke the U.S. to liberate us from being hostages and tortured.

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