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Brad Pitt's Uncle An Oregon Witness: Meet BRAD

Here is something I have not shared with anyone for over a decade.

I met Brad Pitt's uncle.  I haven't shared this because I don't really care who is a celebrity or not or about talking about who knows who.  However, it is important at this point, because as Angelina Jolie is coming out to the media talking about getting silicon implants and how the "results can be beautiful" when Mike Tancer was talking about the same thing to me once and his family is connected to Peace Corp and The Department of State...when these people are all connected to federal employees and the Department of State, and make money off of movies and things inspired by trauma incurred in my life, I think someone like Angelina Jolie should probably be talking about my son Oliver Garrett, and not her breasts.  I mean, what is happening? Now that Kate Middleton is in the CIA, she and Angelina are buddies?

I met Brad Pitt's uncle because he was driving the semi-truck that I had to hitchhike a ride on, to get back to Portland for college when the U.S. government deliberately obstructed my travel and towed my car.

He told me his name and told me Brad Pitt was his nephew, when it came up somehow in conversation.  I might have said something like what is the most surprising thing that has ever happened in your life?  And it was something like that which prompted his reply.  He had no reason to lie to me, and he showed me his ID.

You can check the records yourselves and see if Brad Pitt has a relative that drives a commercial semi-truck.

It was the first time I ever had to hitchhike, because of what the U.S. did to me.  So an entire decade has gone by, and my son and I have been tortured 'for real' not "in the movies" like Jolie and Pitt.  Spy Game was a movie Brad was in when my hair was cut short, with the woman that walks through the CIA hallway who looks like Kate Middleton, and Angelina has been in a couple of movies that touched on actual events in my life as well.

I didn't have a chance, from the time the FBI and police falsely stopped me to steal my car from me in 2005.  They ruined my lawsuits, defamed me and left me to torture and kidnapped my son.  Meanwhile, why, exactly, was Brad Pitt's uncle "just there" when this happened to me?  If Brad is connected to the Department of State through Jolie or on his own, it is possibly CIA.

My witness to one incident of damages caused by the FBI and police is Brad Pitt's uncle.  There were 2 different truck drivers that night and one of them was Pitt's uncle.

It's not enough to be in a movie.  I would expect someone to come right out and say "This is wrong" and address what the Department of State and FBI attempted with their "Fucking Cure" negotiations.

I want my son returned.

I also think it's really odd that I read this book by Helen Doss about adopting all these kids from different countries and then after I met Brad Pitt's uncle, they started adopting more kids from all over.  Basically, like Mia Farrow.

So who was Alvaro Pardo?  A man from Colombia who knew William of Wales? or an actor from California who pretended to be a businessman from El Salvadore.

Regardless, the U.S. told me if I fucked him and married him, I could have my son back, and if I didn't, "it's too late".

I demand the return of my son.  This country tortured us and kidnapped him from me in retaliation for my reports of rape by federal employees and then for my attempt to secure political asylum.

FBI agent Gregory "Fowler" was placed here, in Oregon, after I returned, like a joke.  The entire intelligence community knows my son and I were "refouled" by Canada to the U.S., which is a technical government word they use to describe an act by one country of returning refugees or asylum-seekers back to a country they were harmed in, knowing they will or will be likely to suffer irreparable harm.

That irreparable harm occurred, and Canada admitted ahead of time they knew it was going to occur.  So then this country not only sends out someone connected to FBI Director Freeh from New Jersey, they send out a NY FBI offices man who knew Karin Whittemore who was involved with Alvaro Pardo.  And on top of that, a man with the name "Fowler" like it's funny to the U.S.  It's funny to this country, to rape me repeatedly, and collude with Canada to have them refoul me and my son to the U.S. and then put "Fowler" in charge of the state I move to.

How about "Brad" Uhl from the DEA offices in Florida?  Like that wasn't a joke as well, because I never talked about meeting Brad Pitt's uncle just like I never talked about knowing Tony Roos's involvement in one of the assassination attempts against me in 1991-1992.

Then we even have ads, about personals, with some woman sitting on a couch flipping through a magazine and a giant "heart" with Chris Dabney's voice saying, "Liz!  Meet BRAD....Handsome" and she says, "Okay, book the date."

Did Katie (Lisa-Elizabeth) Middleton get Angelina Jolie's advice on which wire to wear when she visited L.A. last?  Maybe this new royal baby is not even Williams.  Maybe Katie just decided to join the swingers in the CIA and the Department of State and fucked Brad Pitt.

Notice, if you will, how the Roos couple are newly appointed U.S. Department of State ambassadors to Japan.  How fascinating that Pitt's uncle, who happened to be right there as I was being falsely cited for invalid license when it was a lie to get my car, is also connected to the Department of State through Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

And my dearly devoted Alvaro Pardo from the U.S. Department of State.

Anyone looked into who is responsible for multiple assassination attempts against me, collusion to gang-rape, and payments by the government to Amy Roe to defame me?

I want my son returned.

I have just given you 2 secrets I shared with no one for over 1 decade while I was tortured.  One of the assassins involved in trying to kill me is Tony Roos, who then got a job with the U.S. Army and whose family is related to UK Middletons and the new ambassadors to Japan for the U.S. (Roos).  The 2nd secret is that I met Brad Pitt's uncle and it is another U.S. Department of State connection while I was being run into the ground and my freedom of travel blocked.

Katie is looking like a fucking criminal to me.  Meet "Brad".  Now go book your Go Daddy wedding date with the Pentagon and CIA killing and torturing U.S. babies for you.

Just think of how excited Judge Hotchkiss was to imagine my marrying The Fucking Cure Alvaro Pardo for the U.S. Department of State and FBI.

So this guy who came to my house in Portland, who lied and said he was "Mormon" from Utah, and was checking the water next to my house, was Patrick Jolie.  Then after my surgery in Maryland, at the 7th Day Adventist Hospital, where they put a metal stent to my heart, they were calling out the name of "Patrick Jolie" (pronounced the Angelina Jolie way) several times over the intercom.

When my rights to my own son were terminated, illegally, and I was given the papers, a man with a shirt that said "Happy St. Patricks Day" delivered them.

How fucked up was I, to turn down the U.S. Department of State and FBI's "Fucking Cure" and Marriage Incentive program?

Not crazy if "I do", "mentally ill" and "too late" if I don't.


You had better FUCKING figure out how to return my son you criminal fuckers.

I don't believe the St. Patrick's shirt had to do with Jolie but with the Irish-Catholic mafia that was involved.  The FBI had been using James Bulger still (Whitey) even while he was in hiding in California.  I think this is where some of Katie's lunch money was coming from.  It is also why Justin Titus, who was with an Irish-Catholic law firm, was used as my "appeals" lawyer. 

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