Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PRISM: U.S. Surveillance Only or Canada Too

Prism.  Wait.  It's PRISM.

Wait.  It's in Canada?

What thuh?

I saw Fox News last night.  Not tonight, night before last.  They had some special about "Who's watching you now" featuring Mary Katherine Ham and Juan Williams and then commercials following from Mutual Insurance showing a woman holding her kid in mid-air and throwing water over his head from the sink.  Then there were commercials about "white patches" after muddy boots where sludge covered feet.  Another commercial of someone spraying with a hose.

Then there was some woman on named "Sharyl" who was from CBS, and she is a reporter and does some investigation journalism or at least, stories about administration and she does the research for them.  Whether she's out there doing the whole "P.I." thing I don't know.  What she was there for was to say she realized she was being subjected to hacking and alerted CBS and the symptoms were that she had 2 computers and they were turning themselves on at night.  Then they were loading programs or something and then other electronics in her house were going off (I think she said but maybe it was just the back and forth with 2 computers).  So this was going on and back and forth and Bill O'Reilly said, "Like the Poultergeist or something" and she said yeah, it was bizarre, like you wonder what in the world is going on.  They related it to the surveillance by PRISM which is a secret program by NSA.

So. This same thing happened to me when my son was with me.  I wasn't given credibility like "Sharyl", I was called "nuts" and told I was psychotic or delusional.  I was imagining things.  So Bill said to Sharyl she must have been working on something important and she listed several things, 3 stories actually.  They all had to do with administration of White House or agencies.  My Dad said, "She was writing about something important" and I said, "Well obviously someone was worried I was too, because I was blogging and being tortured and this same thing was done to my computer and Oliver's toys."

Here is the weird part.

If it's PRISM, is PRISM in CANADA?

I mean, what the hell is that?  Some kind of "You'll thank us Canada" effort on the part of someone who wants to isolate it to American issues?

Canada did the same thing to me and my son.

Then this guy goes to Hong Kong, Edward Snowden, and Hong Kong is still British underpinnings.  So I have to say, I think is it VERY GOOD he did this.  However, when Karl Rove is next, to talk after Sharyl, is he really pissed at Edward Snowden for "exposing NSA" and threatening him with the death penalty? or is he glad Edward created an alibi for the Canadian assholes.

I mean, I'm glad it's a start.  It is definitely a start at proving there are some crazy things going on with the U.S. government and somehow, someone got docs to show it's true.  I just hope someone keeps digging for more because that is just the start of it and PRISM is far worse than described.

The fact is, my son and I not only had our computers hacked after a Wenatchee police officer connected the two, and I guess, going back earlier than that on some things, they were targeting my son's toys.

NSA collects data on how to turn kid's toys off and on?  And then in Canada too?  along with torture concurrently?

One thing that's true is NSA is military operated. It's not its own organization. It is a database organizations that collects information for the U.S. Army specifically.  They share the information with other military but it's U.S. Army specific and coordinates with intelligence.

Why would the U.S. Army or NASA be using their technology against me and my son when we were in Canada?  We were staying at a Canadian shelter, and it happened, and was with torture that affected other women who were sleeping there, and it happened at Bruce and Karin's house, and they had the friend with the vineyard or who knew of someone with a vineyard and who said "Ciao" when he was leaving.  White guy.  Looked slightly like Malcom Butler.  Bruce was heavy into smoking weed.  They drove a jeep or SUV and said it wasn't an RCMP one but why say that if it's not?  then his sister was a social worker for kids, like the equivalent of CPS.  And HE was trying to get me to agree to offer sexual favors in exchange for getting my son medicine for bronchitis caused by U.S. and Canadian torture.

They dish it, and they want us to pay for their crimes too.  I mean, like, "Can I shoot you, and you go to the hospital, and then you'll pay the bill for it, k?" and then "We're going to do this lots of times, until you have so many hospital bills you're credit is shit and you can't pay them, and can't get credit cards, and can't rent your own apartment, so why don't you just be a nice woman and suck some federal Canadian or U.S. ++++ and we'll be nicer to you and your son?"  "Oh yeah, and then we're closing your bank account on you without notice and saying it's for credit problems so you can't open your own business here, or invest your money, or get interest on saving money, k?" 

Why would Bruce get an idea to suggest I offer sexual favors in exchange for medicine (basically, prostitution I could go to jail for, when Canada had no legal reason to put me in jail because they knew I was within my legal rights).

Could it be he knew about my being abused as a baby and toddler and trafficked between Canada and the U.S. until 1982?

It wasn't like he just mentioned it.  He drove me and my son out, in his RCMP suv, and then he stopped at a parking lot of a store he had to get something at.  He started talking about it in in the car, after 20 minutes of driving and then in the parking lot.  He said there was nothing he "needed" that I was offering him.  He already had all these other things and what could I give him? He made it sexual and of course he knew I had no money.  I offered to do chores, errands, work for them, whatever they wanted, that was work to pay it off.  He was experienced at what he did.  There is no way he made that kind of talk and pressure only once in his life.  He sounded like someone who was expert at entrapment and he put pressure on me, looking at my sick son and saying there was no medicine for him unless I did something.  He sounded like a cop.  His wife Karin was from Quebec.  He was from Saskatchewan or B.C. or something, one of the provinces and she was from Quebec and spoke French and was French Canadian.

It's a little odd that Bruce and Karin with his wife Karin from Quebec, who spoke French, were having me stay there when Karin Whittemore is from Quebec and spoke French and was connected to NY FBI and Oregon and Washington FBI.

The U.S. knew I was forced to go there if they tortured me, and they knew how much money I had and knew what I had said about Canada.  So they had all of this set up ahead of time.  It was premeditated.  My son never had a chance.

He never had a chance with them, ever and their claims about the good and welfare of the child are B.S.  Who trafficked ME?  THEY DID.

So what do we have here?  FBI contacts with electronics going off in their house for me and my son and a little torture too?  Is that NSA or is that FBI, that leads to NY FBI and to Karin Whittemore and Christa Schneider and Kate Middleton.

Of course, with a new baby it's important to focus on NSA U.S. programs only while Snowden gets a break with the British Embassy in Hong Kong.  Wasn't he working for the CIA?  OH YEAH, like the Middletons.

So hooking me up with a NY FBI guy was pretty smart huh?  Ditto for Canada.

Yes, NSA is definitely doing what Snowden says they're doing but it's much more than that.  And there are other players in the "torture and intimidation" game.

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