Friday, June 14, 2013

Raw, not Fried Oils for Developing Baby Oliver

I was talking to a woman who is pregnant yesterday and mentioned to her that I didn't eat junk food but I had some fried food when I wanted it.  We were talking about weight gain.

For the sake of my son and other mothers who are thinking about pregnancy, I want to clarify that the oils I had were all taken raw.  This doula came over and said "No junk food?" and then asked what all the oils were and looked at me suspiciously.  They were all organic, expeller-pressed oils, different kinds.  I told her, "For omegas for the baby."

I have lately fried more food, in the last year, than I have in my life, because it sometimes sounds good, but I only had fried food a couple of times when I was pregnant and it was a Chinese sweet and sour chicken stir fry and the only part fried were the pieces of chicken.  The pineapple, bell peppers, and other things were not.

So the oil that I had I took by the teaspoon, straight from the jar, plain.  Or if I had a salad, drizzled over the salad.  So pretty much, every day I had a few teaspoons of different oil, plus organic and distilled cod liver oil, and I ate various nuts and that is where the oils came from.  Taken this way, they are immensely beneficial to the developing baby brain.

My philosophy was that while some women are told to gain only a little weight (it depends on the woman) or nutrition of the fetus is shrugged off as "whatever you don't eat it can pull from your body's reserves", I feel it is important to eat as though you are putting that food and drink into the baby's mouth yourself because essentially it's a feeding tube. 

How long and how good is the process of the baby trying to "pull from the reserves"?  I don't think that makes sense.  So I don't advocate getting as fat as I did, from really extending the fats theory and eating well-balanced meals without a thought, and while I think I would just scale back on the amount I had and not the quality, I do encourage women who are not worried about vanity and who want maximum potential for their baby to do whatever it takes for you to feel like that baby is getting 100% nutrition through your meals and fats.  Also, what fun is it for a developing fetus to "taste" what comes from your "reserves" anyway?

Babies develop tastebuds and a sense of taste in the womb.  How it works through the feeding tube I don't know, but it's proven that what you give a developing fetus is often what they like later after they are older and eating table food.  They're comfort foods will be what you give them at that time.  So thinking they'll just "pull from the reserve storage" of your body is like giving them vitamins and minerals transported without any flavor or digestion.

Your baby poops in the womb (into tubes) and it is carried out as waste through your own waste, too, so it's not like you can disregard the processes that a baby goes through in the womb.

If you supply healthy non-fried and chemical-free fats that are good for health, to your baby, and cod liver oil or DHA, it's a huge brain favor to them.  And, fats make everything else taste better, even to them.

You are their only chef so what's on the menu?

(I should add, while it's possible to eat this way, even on a TANF or welfare income, if you budget right, it's only possible if you have your own house and car.  Those without can do their best but it's not going to be stable circumstances for being quite as fastidious.  For example, I ate fish and chips (fried) before I knew I was pregnant or around that time and I didn't have a car to buy groceries the way I would have.  Regardless, there was nothing wrong with the baby.  It was murdered by the U.S. through an MRI that the U.S. decided to use for killing the baby.)

I still have not received my medical records from Maryland, over my surgery even though I requested them and all they gave me was Germantown records, not the Rockville ones.

The U.S. stole all of my records.

I still have to file a police report against Shannon Borg and her Canadian ex, which will be interesting because she works for the government and is connected to cops.

Kate Middleton got my personal photos through Alvaro, not Shannon, but she waited until Shannon had them for awhile to bring out new "in-your-face" ideas she hoped I'd catch.  I never cared to follow her.  I never look at her face in magazines or read the titles, and I don't search for her online unless there is a specific point (such as, "Drug History" and mafia connection).  I don't look for photos of her either but one day when I was looking up her Dad, a photo of him, a week ago or more, all of these pictures of her in a green knitted shawl like the one my Granny is wearing in one of the personal photos that was stolen, was on her, and she went in public with it, and made a weird playful display at pushing a shopping cart with it on. 

Anyway, I still have some unusual stalling over turning over my medical records to me when I am the patient and have a right to have them by HIPPA.  They were all stolen so I have had to apply for them again.

Anyway, back to the fried oil thing, I was thinking today I might go back to just cooking and sauces or raw foods instead of high heat-fried foods.  I'm still vegan, and I like it.  I feel good about it and none of the problems with medications without my consent or torture have anything to do with it.  I guess I've been pretty much vegan for 1-1 1/2 years now.

I still want to have a vegan baby for a couple or single person and I am planning to freeze my own eggs for my own use, not to donate or sell.  I won't be raising any new child in this country, I will tell you that much, and I demand the return of my only son.

The U.S. Army is coming up pretty short lately, on excuses.  They are behind all of the assassination attempts against me.  It's them, and people connected to Department of Justice.  They also are responsible for the microchip implants so again, why was a Mormon extraordinary rendition FBI agent sent from D.C. to alter my testimony?  Because they could count on him to cover up for assassins.

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