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U.S. Torture and Explosion of Army Microchip Upon Edward Howard News

The torture done to me the entire Fall and Winter prior to Katie deciding to get pregnant, when the U.S. Army passed over a youtube clip about how they were blowing a hole in the dam, to let the fish go free, was done after I blogged how my mother told me I am biologically the daughter of Edward Lee Howard.

No one in the U.S. was that interested in blowing up a U.S. Army microchip implant in one of my dental fillings until I blogged that I knew or had an idea, or had been told this was the case.

The other thing is, NOW, my parents don't care if I mention U.S. Army whereas before my Dad didn't want me to.

Why would my Mom and Dad, Dad especially, be shushing me and telling me not to say anything or blog anything about the Wenatchee dentist being with the U.S. Army?

Now, I can talk about Army all I want and it doesn't matter.  Why?  Because Katie Middleton got pregnant before anyone figured out how rotten she is?  Or what her own U.S. Army connections are that have paved her way to royal blow jobs, plastic surgery, and hypnotized fetuses?  Or is it just that no one in the U.S. Army cares if I talk about it now, because if I leave another country won't discover the microchip in my tooth that would lead back to a UK or Middleton employee.  Over Edward Lee Howard too, because no one in the U.S. was blowing microchips out of my mouth by torturing me every day to my head, which caused severe swelling and pain, until I mentioned Howard.

My Dad kept shutting me up, whenever I barely tried to say anything about U.S. Army affiliation of the dentists.  And he was also shutting me up over U.S. Army affiliation between the men who selectively targeted me from New Mexico to take me to D.C. to be tortured and held hostage and set up.  And he was also shutting me up over...


I brought up how the U.S. Army trained the prime minister that got set up in Jordan the same time Mike, Carol, and Katie and James Middleton were leaving Jordan.  They spent 2 years there, and they handed off a baton to U.S. Army-trained prime ministers before they left.

That U.S. Army-trained prime minister went to a USC (University of Southern California) which is where Huntsman, a major political philanthropist from Utah (where I had neck surgery) also went and paid millions in reward money to Utah for implanting me for being targeted for remote torture in 1995.  He was an advisor to one of the Presidents and on some kind of defense or security counsel.

All of these U.S. Army people are lining up to kiss Kate Middleton's crotch.

Including James Cartwright from The Pentagon.

Why would this many U.S. Army people be involved in torturing others, like me, for HER, and over Edward Lee Howard, unless they were also doing what the CIA told them to do.

People trying to kill me have been employed by the U.S. Army, some of them, and others by the CIA or FBI.

No one in the U.S. works that hard to torture and kill people, for Katie, just because they like England or they work with Mossad or MI5 or royal "sweethearts".  The only reason the U.S. would invest that much into her family is if they work for the U.S.

Why does it matter, otherwise, if I bring up how the U.S. Army was involved in training the next prime minister of Jordan?  Apparently, he went to college at USC and then enlisted there somehow and went to a bootcamp in the South.  Middletons set him up to be in that role, so the U.S. Army is very brown-nosed over it.  Middletons get the royal family to kiss their ass by claiming their grandfather flew a plane with the Danish man Philip (Queen Elizabeth's "amoeba" and sperm source) and they liked him so much, and then his son (Mike) gets the U.S. Army to kiss their asses after taking out some people and preparing the way for a U.S. Army contact in Jordan.

The Middletons then, play both sides of the fence.  The U.S. Army hasn't wanted a lot of people to think about their relationship to the U.S. Pentagon and CIA.

Ever since Katie has been pregnant, I'm not shushed about Army anymore, specifically since the microchip was blown out of one of my teeth after I was tortured for months.  They had it disintegrate first, before they blasted it out.  I guess they didn't want to split off a part of my tooth and have it come out in one piece, so they targeted me for months, and made sure it crumbled up.  Which it did.  Metal came out of my mouth.

These U.S. Army people are directly connected to Mormons.  Especially to Mormons in the FBI.  The U.S. Army dentists and connected dentists were all connected to Roger Harris and Erica Wiltbank (whose husband is a dentist) and Mormons who have supported Middletons since The Springers and Maiers in Moses Lake, WA.

The other significant group that would torture me and tell me to shut up about U.S. Army contacts to Middletons, is Mossad.  Who would Mossad want in Jordan?  Of course, a U.S. Army trained man when the U.S. supports and defends Israel and uses Mossad for their own intelligence.

Groups of people who hated former CIA agent Edward Lee Howard are Mormons and Jews.  Jews hated him because he supported Palestine and Palestinian rights and was part of a rescue outreach for them.  Mormons hated him because they worked with Jews who they had decided were white enough or chosen by God enough and powerful enough to propel their own agendas for power, and they definitely have a soft spot for British royalty ideas and would love to get someone they know in the boxing ring.  British royalty goes with the Mormons ideas of white racial purity (not exactly pure, but the illusion is enough) and aristocracy.

Anyone who is Jewish would want Middletons in power.  And you can see why.

Katie's mother is Jewish and her father works with the U.S. Army which supports Mossad and Jewish-Americans.

How much they would love to rape a daughter of Edward Lee Howard.  The FBI would love to also get revenge by premeditating rape and torture of one of his daughters.  The Jews would do it over Palestine and over interfering with their schemes to get Katie Middleton in power (Palestinian support does not make for Mossad support) and if they ever worried I might find out, they would worry their sources and motives were exposed.  Well, now they've all tried to kill me and have tortured me, kidnapped my son, and blown a microchip out of my tooth so it's not as hard to find out who is involved in this.  The Mormons would do this, and encourage Catholics to do this, for his being a "traitor" and "communist".

Think about the movie "Good Night and Good Luck".  It's about premeditated rape.  Supposedly it's about McCarthyism, and that's the superficial veneer, but it's actually about modern-day, present time premeditated rape and conspiracy by government to avenge them over a "communist". 

I don't know if my Dad (Bob) was trying to shush me over U.S. Army because of doing what the FBI did to me, in constantly cutting me off from saying out loud what was most important, how this was "hate crime" against me; or if it was because he was protecting U.S. Army and Mossad interests from being uncovered prior to Katie getting impregnated or a microchip blown out of my tooth.  Afterall, she didn't dare get publicly pregnant until that microchip was blown out of my mouth.  Her mother and father would advise her not to until it was done.

My Dad (Bob, or one of the Bobs) is U.S. Army.  Why else would the military be able to tell him what to do and where to go? and why would all of his bosses and pastors be military? He supposedly went into an office, enlisted with his Dad's signature, and then decided not to do it one week later.  Did he really decide not to do it? or did they just say, "Great.  You're going to be secret U.S. Army intelligence, so leave and don't tell anyone" or did they say, "The CIA wants you more.  We're going to introduce you to someone and then you're on your own."  One of their long-standing friends are also U.S. Army, Marc and Troy Shaw.  They didn't even go to Europe before they met them, and why else would I be surrounded by military everywhere?

My brother Levi and I are not on speaking terms.  He refuses to respond to an email I sent him last time I wrote.   When he was visiting for Christmas at one point he kept talking about getting my permission to see my son Oliver.  He's been sketchy ever since Carmen.  I don't trust him.  Carmen, his ex-wife, is a U.S. Army woman who is a Jew.  I try to do nice things for him and be supportive, but after last Christmas he made it clear there was something wrong with him.  First of all, he chose to ignore me the entire time my son was kidnapped from me.  He only called me after my parental rights were terminated. 

Both he and my Mom and Dad acted like they had something to hide and like they didn't want me to find out what their statements and roles had been with CPS and kidnapping my son from me.  Jewish people have gone out of their way to protect my mother's information from being discovered, and this would only be if they worried it would lead back to them (my mother's so-called friends Barbara Greenman, Patti Otterbach, etc).  My entire family acted like they didn't want to really talk to me, until they thought they were safely out of danger of being discovered by me, as involved in defamation against me to take my son away.  My Dad was still working for the U.S. Army during the entire process, telling me to get the CT of my head the Pentagon wanted, because of a "bump" on my head from the accident.  I didn't have any bump, but they used my Dad to force me to do a CT that CPS sent straight to the Department of Defense.  Ever since they've been targeting me for "research", every 3 years they find a way to get a "progress report" on what changes and alterations have occurred to my head after they've tortured me.  That CT went from the Irish Catholic law firm whose secretary had a daughter that worked for the Department of Defense, to the Department of Defense and Jews.  Prior to this, right after what had happened to me and my son, when I had the 20 years experience Navy Intelligence lawyer from Bellingham, WA, my mother was trying to get me to agree to have a PET scan, per CPS's request.  CPS (Child Protective Services) want's PET scans?  That's novel, isn't it.  When I refused, and fled to Washington D.C., after the U.S. tried various ways to screw over my case with my son and killed my unborn children, they used my Dad to tell me to agree to their request for a CT.

In 2011 my brother started saying he was going to join the U.S. Army.  I don't know if he was actually already IN the U.S. Army and that is possible.  It's possible because when Carmen joined the U.S. Army, he could have joined too, as some kind of a "buddy sign up" with his wife, and had a secret job with them, or if he didn't do it then, when they divorced he could have signed up.  He lived for 2 years with a U.S. Army active soldier.  Whose house, by the way, looked like a military recruiting office with U.S. Army and other military posters all over the walls.  So he went from my parent's house, where my Dad is possibly U.S. Army or CIA and my mother would be someone the CIA would use, to U.S. Army wife Carmen, to U.S. Army active soldier's house in Tacoma, WA, to telling me over the phone he was thinking of joining the U.S. Army and what did I think about it?  What did I think about the U.S. Army? 

I told him while I had been supportive of military in the past, after finding out who is responsible for torturing me and participation, I was not supportive.  He never brought it up again. 

Then at Christmas he started saying he wanted to go see Oliver, my son and build a relationship with him.  He said he would only do it with my permission and that was why it was important for him to have me agree.

Sounds to me like U.S. Army attempts to get a waiver for consent.  Doesn't it.  Or some kind of query about how much I knew and getting some kind of a pass from me.

I thought it was strange.  I said, "You didn't ask my permission when you saw him at Jerod and Ivory's wedding."  There are photos of my son sitting on my brother's lap and he does not look happy, at all.  He said, "Well I have been thinking about visiting more and I'd like to build a relationship with him but only with your permission because that's really important to me.  If you don't want me to, I won't. I only want to if it's okay with you, because I respect your feelings."

I said, "Why are you asking me this only after Holly and Pablo adopted him?"  Even if it's invalid adoption, I questioned why now he wanted to come forward and ask me this.  He said he'd just felt bad he hadn't been able to have a relationship with me the last several years and he wanted to get to know my son. I said, "Not talking to me was your choice, because I tried writing and calling you and you ignored me."  He said yes he knew but anyway, now he was glad he could talk to me and wanted to visit Oliver more and be more of an Uncle to him.

I said, "No, I don't think so."

I thought about it, asked him questions for a half hour, talked and expressed interest, and thought, this sounds like the fucking army trying to get a pass.  I thought how all these people are allowed to be near my son, but not me at all, and the individuals who have been involved in harming him are U.S. fucking employees, including the FUCKED UP U.S. Army.  I also thought it sounded like an excuse or way for my brother to see if I knew anything about his involvement in CPS taking my son to start with.  He felt safe that part wouldn't be discovered, with the adoption, so he figured he could now be friendly and pretend like there was no reason for his ignoring me and being hostile in the past.

He said, "Why not?" and I said, "I just don't want you to, and I'm not comfortable with it."  So he got defensive and said, "Why" and I said, "I think you may have pedophile tendencies because I remember some things from when we were kids and I don't want you around my son."  So then he stood there, and transformed into a hateful person and said, "You don't have a say Crazy woman" or something like that.  Something like "Well I think you're mentally ill and you don't have that right anymore."  He basically then told me I had no choice in the matter and was happy to use calling ME "crazy" and "mentally ill" as his defense.

He told me he was seeing my son anyway, so my brother raped me.  I mean, in a sense, he violated my request to stay away from my son.  ALL of that TALK about how he wanted my consent and agreement and prior approval and how he would never want to do anything to disregard my feelings or disrespect me and how he respected the wishes of Oliver's mother (me).

All of that TALK.

The U.S. Army tries all kinds of ways to get "clearance" and waivers for torturing kids and having access to them. Either my brother wanted a waiver, or he was testing me to see how much I already knew about him and his work, and his involvement in maligning me against my own son when he was married to the Mossad-U.S. Army bitch Carmen.  Her eyes were little snake slits with my mention of U.S. Army and then they were wide with rage and her lips were pressed into a tight line with my mention of Mossad.  She looked like she was ready to pull a handgun on me when I said "Mossad".

Not only was my decision to protect my son, where I am not there to supervise, it was to protect my brother from being by the U.S. Army to commit acts of pedophilia and forms of harm against him that they would later use to blackmail him with.  I was not going to consent to any excuse or reason for allowing access to my son for this purpose of degrading him with family members for the CIA and U.S. Army and to make the FBI happy about more revenge against Edward Lee Howard's grandchild.

My brother was probably sexually abused by the U.S. Army as a kid.  And Mormons.  That's who we lived next to.  He was wanting to play sexual games with Summer and then me, his own sister, and I said no.  How would he get the idea unless some adult taught this to him?  So if he was sexually assaulted as a kid, and I believe so, and had any tendency to incest, I didn't want him around my son without my supervision. 

Of course the Avilas don't care.  They're pedophiles themselves.

I wouldn't even be surprised if someone got my Granny to side with Katie Middleton for some reason, and my Grandpa is U.S. Army.  The only reason I would think this is because now people just take advantage of her. 

No one has explained to me yet why one of the Dicksies and Bobs were telling me to take a guilty plea for something I didn't do (misdemeanor against Granny).  Having that on my record would be a sure way for me to lose my son Oliver to the U.S. government.

About my brother,

Being sexually assaulted by Mormons and some Army would be a reason why some Mormons would have a motive to hide things. 

Being U.S. Army Middleton or Mossad supporters would be a reason to try to assassinate me, in addition to wanting to get revenge on a 'traitors' kid.

In some of the documents regarding Edward Lee Howard, he is mentioned as attending a group in New Mexico called "Wild Life" and passing out from drinking.  My parent's taught a group called "Young Life" where I was possibly drugged and abused, at this same time.  Edward Howard used a travel agency called Camelot and Monica Allen, who I now look back and realize had to be part of the government, decided to call me "Camelot" all of a sudden, for no reason.  It had nothing to do with Arthur tales, and I asked her why and she wouldn't say.   I do know she was best friends for decades, before me, with Shannon Adams, Alicia Peters, and Erica Wiltbank and Robin Becthold had been dropping by their house to visit Nathan and Monica on his own when I wasn't there.  She made a point of nervously telling me, like she was trying to excuse the reason why and said he came over to talk to her about me but that wasn't the case.  He had been recruiting Nathan Allen.

As for my Dad's side of the family, Char got mixed up with men who targeted her and she isn't as old as I am and hasn't figured it out yet.  She just bore their children and got mixed up with them and some of them worked against me to take my son from me.

There are a whole bunch of things in Edward Lee Howard's reports that indicate an attempt to possibly reference me.  Also, I can read some of these reports and see what kind of whiny shit the FBI comes up with as they selectively defame others.  They wrote about him in a way to disgrace him, make fun of him, belittle him, and do whatever they could to make him sound odd, bizarre, violent, porno-king, and drug and alcohol addicted, where drugs and alcohol were never mentioned as an official problem by others who were around him and thought he was like anyone else.

I mean, if I'm his biological daughter, maybe that's what the FBI and CPS attempted to greedily and desperately attach to, in their hopes of excusing their agents from raping me:  some kind of claim that I was an alcoholic.  Seriously.  Or "drug seeking" and it MUST be so, because my DAD Edward Howard is too, according to the professional idiots at the FBI.

I didn't drink at all, and not while pregnant with Oliver, ever, but just because I had checked a box for "social drinker" for a midwife's chart for past medical history (I indicated not while pregnant), Stacey Stubblefield who had a State cop connected to the FBI husband, was pushing "alcoholism" as a reason to steal my son from me, at his birth.

It's like the movie "Walk On Water" where the Mossad agent hunts for a Nazi that has hated his people, and meets the brother and his sister and the brother is weak-willed and pulls the plug out of stars-in-his-eyes over 'spies' and not for a personal knowledge of his own grandfather.  Then the Mossad agent takes the German sister, marries her, and raises a kid knowing this is a better revenge than killing the Nazi who hated him.  This isn't to excuse Nazi's, but if you look at it from an enemy-to-enemy standpoint, where there may be a reason for someone to not like a group or not, based on their actions, taking the grandchild of an enemy to raise it, knowing what the wishes of the targeted would be, and to turn it into a Mossad kid, is like targeting a family, raping it, and then assuming control over the children.

Which is exactly what the United States has done with me and my son.  They wanted me to be trapped in jail or marry someone who was an enemy to me and my own son, and still have me lost my son to the government to be raised against my beliefs, religious and otherwise.  It is a violation and rape of my political beliefs and rights to teach my son what I choose and where to go, and whether we flee the U.S. Shithole or not, and it is violation of my religious beliefs, which the U.S. doesn't care about anymore, it is violation against my wishes to not have my son in the U.S. Army as a baby, toddler, and kid, and it is a violation of my moral beliefs about not spanking my son, not cutting him up and abusing him, not subjecting him to confined spaces and torture, not exposing him to pedophiles and teaching him effeminate behavior before they then switch and tell him not to cry and "be tough", and is a violation of international law.  My son is not a U.S. citizen, it is against my wishes to have him raised in this country, and his adoption to people who block him from any contact from me is the result of hatred on their part and money they have received from the United States for allowing torture of my son.

Alvaro Pardo, with a Bogota, Colombia background, was made to look like he was some kind of Edward Lee Howard friend and he was not.  If he was he would not have been holding me hostage to keep me from going to court over a matter involving the Nigerians who are connected to CIA and Mossad in Nigeria.  A Muslim or Catholic might have allowed me out, but not Mossad or the U.S. Army.  I really don't know what religion he was, Catholic, Muslim, Mormon or Mossad.  He could have been Mormon and that would figure.  He was part of the agenda to keep my son from me and this included Chris Dabney and Mark from Boston who drove the truck from New Mexico for the U.S. Army to a copper mine.

The United States committed hate crimes against me and my son, supported Katie Middleton with the U.S. Army and Pentagon, and lied to everyone about my ancestry and heritage.

A whole bunch of Department of Justice kids knew Edward Howard was my biological Dad and they did nothing but use this information for themselves.

I vaguely remember a woman who cut my arm one time.

Also, when my son was visiting me at CPS visits, he was showing up demonstrating effeminate behavior and "gay-extreme" actions and speech that was obviously taught to him, and draping his shoulder sleeve to expose his shoulder and then bat his eyelashes and say, "Oh, oops!" and making it sexual.  The U.S. Army was doing this to my son and then masked over that kind of thing with macho man, don't cry, tough stuff like they were trying to deliberately create a closet homosexual.  The other possibility is I had a photo of Sarah Del Balzo that was stolen from me which was given to me and she wore an oversized t-shirt like my son showed up in, and her shoulder was showing with a swimsuit under I think, and eating an ice cream cone.  This photo was stolen from me by Steve Mays and Wenatchee police.  Her parents were the ones who took the photos and gave them to me.  So someone had my son exposing himself and wearing an oversize t-shirt the same way and acting gay and it was done after Steve Mays and the Wenatchee police had stolen my things when I lived at the house with Steve Mays (who is related to Herm Danielson, who was U.S. Army and lived next door to me while I was growing up).

(God damn the United States of America and every single person who is involved in the kidnapping of my son and refusal to have him returned to me.  God damn every single one of you, Amen.)

I know Bechtold is behind it.  Anne Crane sat there documenting all of this and documenting some parts and not other parts. 

It isn't like my son had homosexual behavior, they were teaching this stuff to him when he was 3, and then he was trying to French kiss me and forcing my body down as he laid on top of me, basically the exact way Robin Bechtold did.  Judge Hotchkiss pretended to be alarmed but it was an act.  He then made a move to conceal all evidence and block photographs of cuts out of my son's face and torture to him. He is corrupt.  I don't know of one Judge in Wenatchee that is not severely mentally ill and sociopathic.  Every single one of the Judges in Douglas and Chelan county have major illnesses and sidelighting into mafia or black operation government work.  I don't know of one who is not tied to government agencies aside from their own job on the bench--all of them have wives or family that have additional posts cemented into the ground for state and federal agencies or law enforcement.  All of them colluded in the Wenatchee sex abuse trials where they put innocent parents in jail to steal the kids for government research and none have apologized.  Some of the parents are still in jail.

The Judges there are secured by CIA and FBI because U.S. Army and law enforcement commit more crimes there than they do in Chicago.  The Judges are known to keep escorts and prostitution rings for themselves and the law enforcement of Wenatchee; they deal and use cocaine and heavy drugs; Judge Bridges uses marijuana openly and other drugs and is friends with Middleton; Alicia Nakata is a double-player for FBI and mafia and uses cocaine; I was told one of the male Judges kept a prostitution ring with Wenatchee police and they used The Coast Hotel (which I was banned from) for their liasons.  This is maybe why the Wenatchee police felt motivated to call ME a "prostitute" and why their management in Seattle (an Italian man) had me "banned" from the Hotel when they knew all I did was use wifi.  The Coast Hotel owners and Wenatchee police and a Judge were involved in paid escorts and forced prostitution, which is more like human trafficking than even prostitution because some of the women were forced to do it or be put in jail.  The deal was to do sexual favors for lawyers and cops and Judges there, or go to jail or lose your kid.  If she did them sexual favors, she kept her kids, and if not, they told her they'd take them from her.  I met one witness and 2 other women who said the same thing. One of the women was a victim of this and told me so.  She said the only way she kept her kids was to do sexual favors for the lawyers and cops and they told her they'd use her drug history to take them away from her if she didn't.

 Judge Harmon has a State cop husband, so it's a double government tie; Judge Warren is working for himself and the FBI so it's a Chelan country bench job and an FBI job which is 2 agencies with the same man;  Judge Dennis Hotchkiss is a U.S. Army slut.

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