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Microchip Implanted In Tooth By Kate Middleton Party

I was under surveillance by Carol Middleton when she was worried about who I was.  The men who took all kinds of photos of me with large lens cameras, were connected to her.  She had me under surveillance because her group had been partly responsible for trying to kill me.

I had a microchip implanted into one of my teeth and I lost lawsuits and was tortured while it was in place.

Kate Middleton did not feel comfortable getting pregnant until she knew it was blown out of my tooth.  She and William began their plans for conception right after it occurred and she waited, for that reason, because if I had been able to leave the U.S. and get it documented, she was in trouble.

For one thing, a microchip can be traced.

It's like any other piece of hardware or material like a gun or computer part, that can be traced back to the manufacturer, seller, and agency that made it. 

This was done to me around October, and she was getting pregnant as soon as it was done.  My Dad was getting emails about a dam being blown out and how it was all being done so they could let the 'fish go' now.  Basically, she was blocked from becoming pregnant and told to hold off, and not let her "eggs" go free until it was blown out of my mouth.  Then, with that out of the way, Katie could safely have a public kid and no one would ever find out who was connected to doing this to me, for surveillance and torture.

The U.S. federal intelligence had been joking about my being "damned" and a "Dam" since my Dad yelled at me in Moses Lake, WA one day, "DAMN YOU!"

He cursed me, my father did, and the U.S. thought it was great.  It was after Kate Middleton was born of course.  I was so shocked as a little girl, that he had done this to me, and said such a thing, when neither of them ever swore, that I burst into tears and sobbed over it for days.

So when someone was sending over a youtube clip of "The Dam being exploded so the fish can go free" they have been referring to the connection to the fucking Kate Middleton and her murderers who tortured my son and have tried to kill me.

I was in horrendous pain, excruciating and severe pain, while the U.S. was using technology to carve out part of my tooth and blow up the microchip.  I didn't have any metal filling in that tooth, it was opaque, and yet metal crumbled out from the inside of it.

It came off in pieces so I tried to get a photo and couldn't get one that showed up.  What I saw, however, and witnessed myself, was a calcification around a part where metal came out of, and it was in a round shape.  The bone around that tooth had formed naturally, as I was growing and it formed.  The part around where the microchip had been, was not blown out and was still there, and it was a calcification where it had been.  It was about the size of the head of a pencil eraser.  Basically, you know the "sheer sleeves" that the U.S. Post Office uses to put a sheet of stamps in?  It was like a calcified sheath of almost sheer bone that was still there after parts of the tooth and microchip around it broke off.  Maybe that was because it was newer growth and more pliable and not as hard as my tooth bone since I was a baby.

You could see an impression around it and it stood out, standing up, where other parts of tooth bone broke from around it and the metal crumbled out.

"I swallowed her pearl necklace" is what Katie wanted to say, at least that's what she figured would happen in the future.  Her pearl necklace.  I mean, I thought it was about something else, but honestly, she could have been hinting that she wanted it blown out of my mouth.

It was about this size--   O.  The real scale size of that O (capital O) or slightly larger is the shape and approximate size of the calcified sheath that had formed when the foreign object was introduced into my tooth during a tooth filling.

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers is the group that was joking about blowing out the dam to set the 'fish free' while they were blowing out part of my tooth and a microchip as I was in level 10 pain and incapacitated because of it.  This is the kind of torture the U.S. did while I was trying to appeal for my son's return and they did close to as bad before this.

This country is criminal and is supporting Kate Middleton with full funding.  She went from U.S. state-sponsored welfare to UK royal-citizens pay it welfare.

She is also supported by Israeli Mossad.  All of these various things I've discovered coming from some groups in Israel and Jewish Americans in the U.S. point to Mossad.

So if Diana is really dead, it's because Mossad wanted Katie to sneak in while they bumped off Diana and her Muslim man.  Then it's a shorter line to Katie and Katie gets access to papers and records and privileges others don't have, and she starts shuffling money back to Mossad.

I don't believe everyone likes her or thought it was a good idea, and what about Charles and Camilla?  I can tell you one thing--I'm not being hunted after because of Charles and Camilla.  No one has been killing Camilla or trying to kill her and had someone in mind for a replacement.  What the U.S. HAS been eyeing, is who the "boys" will be connected to, and when they knew how much influence Diana was able to have, in a podium-way, Mossad and the U.S. figured they'd squeeze her in and kill me for being someone that Diana had documented about.  If she was talking about someone the U.S. was torturing, or cutting, those who cut and tortured might want to even kill the victim so no one found a match.  It's like, let's say police tell everyone there is a serial killer who is killing women and leaving marks of TEN written on their bodies.  If the bodies are found, that match "TEN", the associates, family, friends, and enemies, will be examined for their ability and proximity to be the actual serial killer.

Kill the victims, and never find the matching marks, and the killers never get it traced back to them.

So people were trying to kill me, because there were a few who were talking about things, about someone, and giving out information that was classified and could lead to them and their involvement. 

The dentists are involved in planting microchips.  I really don't recommend going to U.S. dentists, by the way, if you can avoid it, because of this.  They don't even put you under anaesthesia and can YOU see what is going into your tooth?  How easy is it to slip something in and "fill it up"?  Dentists must get some real government perks.

It is one of 2 scenarios:

Fact:  I had a microchip implanted into one of my teeth (back bottom molar, left side).  It was an opaque filling. 

Possible scenarios:

1.  The dentist who put the filling in, inserted the microchip and did nothing else.
2.  The dentist who put the filling in, inserted the microchip and the U.S. knew there was no way to blast it out unless another metal filling was placed above it, to use a refractory laser angle when targeting my head.  It was the tooth filling above the one blown out, and the one blown out that hurt and the one above, which is copper and mercury, was the one that was vibrating from what they were doing to me, literally, not could place a finger on it and feel it vibrating.

This implicates potentially 2 different dentists.  I am not positive, but about 99% sure, the one who did the filling with the microchip is the Portland, Oregon dentist.  It was placed into my tooth in 2004-2005.  I still had lawsuits active.

The one that then placed a mercury one about it, with copper, was through Columbia Valley Dental, which is a federal medical clinic and dental office, in Wenatchee, WA.  They took x-rays first, a full panel and then told me I needed a filling there.  So they put a filling in and I never got to see the x-rays, before or after.  Then after they did this, they kicked me and my son out of the dental and medical clinic and told all the other doctors not to see us because I was "drug seeking", which was a lie.  Dr. Malcolm Butler was the head of the clinic and that dental office.  The dentists involved in that filling were a Mexican man and a U.S. Army man.

They left it in there until I refused to marry Alvaro and my lawsuits were over and I was so thoroughly defamed I could barely be credible anymore.  They destroyed and stole my evidence and all of my personal papers through Shannon Borg and her Canadian friend.  And then they decided to get rid of the microchip after Kate was married and they needed to destroy evidence that would link that microchip to Middletons and anyone else who supported them, like the U.S. Army.

After they put in the filling above it, the State of Washington pressured me to move to Utah, where the hospital was that did my neck surgery by U.S. Veterans. 

The only reason The White House hired a former terrorist attorney is because they are guilty of terrorism against citizens and they need an in-house defense lawyer for the Department of Justice. 

The FBI introduced themselves to me after I had the tooth filling with the microchip.

What's really unfortunate for Katie is that she is traced to Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza.  So can anyone explain why they forced themselves into contact with me and into my house after I had the tooth filling with the microchip? 

Prior to the microchip tooth filling, I had been talking with Jewish guy Richard X, who knew Christa Schneider (Department of Justice, Richard Whittemore).

Now why was the FBI giving Katie my records and refusing to give me my own FOIA?

So Leslie Evans and Kathy Kirscher, who know Bujanda and Whittemore...they got what from Katie?  Kathy went to Eastern India for whom?

Kate Middleton waited to have her public kid until she was positive she was "free" from going to jail.  She waited until she got word "We blasted a hole into the dam, and now the fish are free".  Move it forward Katie.  Go ahead and move your plans forward, now that you and your murdering associates cannot be traced.  Because that really doesn't look too good for a "Duchess" or royal family or England.

How does Katie explain, had the microchip been obtained before being blown up, by doctors in another country, how the microchip traces to people who have been working for her? and who she's been working with?

The U.S. Department of State was forcing me to stay in the U.S. until they did this to me.

The extent of torture and damages against me and my son amount to acts of terrorism.  Entire countries have been sued for terrorist acts, and this country should be sued for corruption and terrorism.

It would be an act of God to have this country nuked and I would hope Katie is visiting when it happens.  Katie and William.  Who else is the "fish".  He knew those people too unless the fish was supposed to be some other "fish" in a big or small pond that has been involved.

Israel has been supporting her, with state-sponsorship.  American Jews have also supported her.  They have hated my guts my entire life and I never knew it.  I was so stupid, I really thought they were part of God's people and even asked about seeing what a meeting was like and I never understood why they were hostile.  They have been hostile for reasons of wanting to kill me and get me out of their way.  They've used Catholics, CIA, Mossad, FBI, Army, and NASA to do it.

Alvaro was a Middleton set-up.  He stole a small pillow from a hotel in Coquille that we stayed at, for his plane trip back.  That was before he was fucking Mykal Holt and taking photos of all of my belongings to send to Katie. 

The other thing which I have not yet mentioned, has to do with why I needed a tooth filling at all and how it was exploded the first time, to necessitate a filling, and then targeted to disintegrate a microchip before exploding my tooth out.

I didn't have any cavities or decay when my back molar was blown out the first time and it was when I had active lawsuits pending.  I had had my knee surgery late and after this, I was at my house and had a severe migraine and my tooth crumbled out in one section.  I could see there wasn't anything wrong with it.  It happened when I was still talking to Richard, Helen's brother whose mother is Jewish and connected to Middletons and Schneider.
It was done to the left side of my jaw, after I had told Christa it might be a joke if the entire left side of my body just crumbles and I'd look like I had a stroke on the left side and told her all of my injuries were to the left side.  So after this, I had a left back molar literally blown out.

It was also done, I believe, after I contacted the Portland Police to report rape by Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold.  I had to see the dentist while I was still talking to cops.  Basically, while I had started a rape case with police involved, my left tooth was blown out.  Christa told me not to report it and I did, and my tooth was blown out.  No other cavities and that one wasn't even a "cavity".

I called all these dentists in Portland, Oregon and no one would do it.  I thought it was really strange that I couldn't get a dental appointment, and then finally, I was referred to a dentist in Portland.  I believe that referral came from either Roger Harris (Mormon lawyer in business with Bechtold and Middleton) or another dentist but I could think about it more and remember for sure.

It was a private dentist and I had a weird feeling he really had hostility against me but it was quiet, and an internal thing.  He didn't like me.  So it was just him and I don't even remember a dental assistant with him but maybe there was.  I only remember him doing the work in a small office not far from FBI in Portland, Oregon.

I think it's odd that Roger Harris decided to come up with a $400 "fee fine" as an excuse not to turn over my legal file to me when I asked.  He was the one who signed a contract and dumped the case last minute, not me, and he agreed to contingency.  It was $400 for the tooth filling where a microchip was implanted.  My grandparents loaned me the money because my parents would not--we were not getting along, but I had lost money I think, from college loans because I used it up or because of having my car towed illegally, and paying for hotels but I think it was before that.  I know that Roger Harris had signed up to take my case when it happened.

It was "sapphires" as in microchips and then "Moby Dick" lectures from Roger Harris while I had microchips implanted.

If it was from that dentist, it's possible he coordinated with OHSU or Salt Lake City Hospital on some things, or it's possible he acted alone for another group that wanted a microchip in my tooth.  That seems unlikely because they would know with any x-ray in the U.S. it would show up so it would have to at least be a group coordinating with the U.S.

Basically, if I got poisoned for being a "rat" it wasn't because I said something about people--I was being bugged and the U.S. did this since I was a kid and they never cared if I died.  Anything I've said has been upfront and in the open.  My reports have been made public and people knew what I've been complaining about.  So if someone tried to get another person, anyone, to believe I was developing some kind of a sneaky plan against them or knew something, it was only to incite people to harm me.  I have nothing to be ashamed of in the reports I've made about crimes against me and my son.  This country has a lot to be ashamed of.

I could have done a lot of things for many people, and the U.S. government tortures me instead.  They quit, for the most part, to see how I did with my own lawsuits, and then after their entertainment pleasure was over, they tortured me and forced me out of them.  If I become a lawyer it will be in another country and I would love to sue the shit out of the U.S.  I would love to pull billions through the U.S. nose.  This country has stalled and tortured me for so long, they made sure no country would want me and would think I was too old for that. 

They don't even put radiation protection blankets over my uterus anymore.  If they can't have my eggs, they figure they don't care if I die of radiation cancer or my eggs or uterus are affected.  There were blankets sitting right there and I asked ahead of time, and I was told no I wasn't getting one. 

It's almost too late for the U.S.  Someone could sue them and extract money and punish them for crimes, but the real just punishment, if we are looking at what this country truly "deserves", nothing short of nuking this country would make a difference to convince any of the criminals and the general public that this country is now so bad, and has so little chance for recovery, that only nuking it will encourage any new growth.  The entire country should be nuked to cinders.  Of course then you'd have a bunch of fucking Mormons popping up out of their safety holes like gophers, wearing gas masks.  Good for them they have their underground shelter and storage ideas.  Maybe they even have space suits too.

I have more to mention about Mormons and their plotting even back in high school, with Catholics, Jews, whomever, they are motivated to get ahead and pretty much will screw anyone over and will work with any religion to get more power.  I can tell you some things about Geoff and Erica, how I was referred to the first dentist I've mentioned, and some weird things Janet Bechtold and Evie Wiltbank were doing to ruin my dress for a dance.  Literally.  Those women were all in on something like that, and that is how much they hated me even in high school when all I did was not know they were government bitches and was nice to all of them and never had a bad thought about them.

They tortured me to force predictions into place.  It didn't work out naturally, so they tortured me and held me hostage in this country when they couldn't kill me and by the time I'd made it public someone was trying to kill me.

The dentist that referred me to the one who put the microchip in my tooth was a U.S. Army man.  I don't remember what religion.  The one who put the microchip in my tooth was connected to Erica Wiltbank, if I'm correct, and she knows Roger Harris and Middletons.

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