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U.S. Hunger Games

This is excerpted from an email to my son today.  They won't read all of it, and some of it is for others (adults) to note, if he doesn't get it.  I wouldn't discuss these things with my son if he lived with me, I would treat him as well as the kids I was a nanny for and babysat.  All of those kids are going to Ivy colleges and top tier schools. 

Their families took my talent, used it for themselves, and spit me out and then stole my son from me to prevent me from being his educator because they were afraid of his success. 

Hi Oliver!
How was your day today?  You must have had fun playing with your Grandpa and Grandma!
I heard you like the paper and it would be good if you had an easle too but that might be in the future.  At least it's a very big paper size for putting paint on, to make big pictures the way you want! or lots of designs for experimenting.  You have to be careful to let them each dry out though and then hang them or tape them to a wall or surface to look at.
I know the weather is better right now so it's fun to be outside doing things.  I hear  you like the baseball and ball you have and that you liked the soccer camp too.
I think what I'm hearing is that someone in Washington D.C. thinks you should be taking after a statement a man named Chris Dabney made, about being a "jack of all trades and master of none."  There is a woman over here where I live and she is Hungarian, and wanted me to settle for an American Mastercard too, instead of a Visa.  I told the people at the store that I would wait and put my money on a Visa.
Visa is a kind of money card that is more accepted in more places and makes your money go farther.  You can put money on it, and buy almost anything online. If you choose American Mastercard, you can buy most things, but maybe not everything and it's mostly accepted in the U.S. and not internationally, if you want to buy something made or sold in a different country.
Some people only want me to be able to buy things they think I should have, and not what is best for me or what I want.
It's the same for you and the sports some are throwing at you.  They're giving you a little bit of this, and a little of that, and switching you to a bunch of different things so you can't become really good at one thing and have to be only so-so good at all of them.
So basically, someone thinks it's "funny"--their idea of a sick joke, to force me to concentrate my money and spending in the U.S. and not in other countries and they then want to do the opposite with you in sports, and have you spend your money on a bunch of things so you are only sort of good at all of them, and never get a chance to be super good at something you're talented in.
I am taking this class at Oregon State University, a college I go to, and probably my professor, ** is Catholic.  I think she is, because in her "lessons" which are attended by students who have names like **, ** (his wife is a social worker), **, and some others I'll name later, she made us read about how most people agree that in some studies, everyone learns best a certain way and succeeds best a certain way.
So she is saying everyone agrees it is best to learn reading by reading, not by using movies that tell you how to read.  You should read books.  Even people with different learning styles agree with this.  And everyone agrees you learn a sport best by playing it, hands-on, not by listening to someone talk about it. 
Well, everyone knows kids become very good at a sport they're talented in, if they learn when they're little.  They forced you to wait until you're 7 years old to be in anything and now they want to have you move from one thing to the next, all over the place, so you'll never improve in one thing. 
And everyone knows if you invest money, you don't focus everything on an American Mastercard that isn't accepted if you want to buy something from out of the country or from a merchant that only takes Visa.  So I have people trying to make it harder for me to manage my money and be successful at that, and I am losing money each day because the FBI closed my bank account that I got interest from.  Interest is money you make from having your money stored someplace.  I also can't buy stocks and bonds without a bank account, like I wanted, which is another way to invest my money.  I wanted to buy bonds for you and for my business too Oliver.
So when you have grown ups over there telling you to try all these different things and not develop any skill at any of them, you need to think about what sport or athletic activity you love the most, whether you really want to do soccer, or t-ball again, or running, or swimming lessons, or karate or martial arts, and whatever it is you think would be really fun, you need to tell someone and have them tell ME.  Then you need to keep working at that one thing.  If you do another sport or activity too, and try other ones as well, that is great! You can do more than one thing.  But make sure you are trying different activities and sports as a kid especially, to figure out what you like, and then keep at least activity or sport and make sure you work at it and keep working at it, if you want to be better at it.
Whoever is trying to run your life, is the same group that has been controlling mine and tried to run my life when I was a kid too.
You have to let me know what is going on so I can start tattling on them and make sure the entire world knows what the United States is doing with talent these days and how they are oppressing others so dumbos can get ahead of you.
No true country oppresses their own citizens and then forces them to work for the government.  The reason they are oppressing you now, is to give you only a few options in your future.  They want you to be in the U.S. Army and that is the only option they are pushing you to.
The U.S. isn't allowing you to enjoy classes or do sports and activities you like most, or nurturing your body and mind so you can do your best.  They're ruining your life and brainwashing you so that when you're in high school and don't know what to do and college doesn't look affordable, they want to say they'll pay for your college if you kill a bunch of people for them.
All this country wants from you, is to take your talent and your ability to make money for yourself, and sell you.
I know what they're problem is, and they don't like me because I'm a better mother than all of their mommies put together in a one-room shack.
I love you.
Love hugs smiles and kisses,
Your Mama
For the boys, they deprive them to the point they are forced to sign up for the military to have any of their "rights" respected and then when they do, the government gets their clearance to use them however they want.  Kill some people for us, and we'll give you something to work on.

For the women, they deprive them of their rights to force them into things.  What they asked me to do, in a bribe to have my citizen rights (then a citizen, and no longer a citizen at all) respected, was to accept being raped multiple times by their employees and keep my mouth shut.  Then if I married their FBI/Department of State person, after they succeeding in keeping me from being successful myself or marrying someone I would have met and married, they pretended things would be better for me.

The U.S. has coerced me and held me hostage with "not being tortured" as the bribe, and giving them control of my son through a partner.

God Damn the United States and I hope Korea nukes it good.  I think the only reason my family ever even has a break from being tortured is if someone in North Korea starts torturing some of the Catholic prisoners worse to spite what the U.S. is doing to us.  The only reason the U.S., which is Catholic-intelligence controlled now, wants North Korea out of the way, is because they want to have the tithe money from religious going to them.  They don't care if people are being tortured.  If Christian and Catholic and religious groups cared so much about people being tortured, they'd be doing more about my situation with my son and my parents.  Instead, they choose to talk about North Koreans and it's not because their torture is worse--it's because these religious groups want the free flow of their money going to them.

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