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UPDATE: Bechtold, Schneider, & James Middleton

I found this while looking up James Middleton because I met him.  I met him or his twin, when I was at a theater, waiting with Christa Schneider and she wanted me to wear a long black boa feather scarf she had and introduced me to a man named "James", who walked in while we were sitting there and that was who she wanted to see me.  After he saw me, we got up.

The sweater Pippa is wearing here is one like Christa gave me which was one I wore all the time.

I wonder how many Lebanese people they know.  If Christa Schneider knows James Middleton, and her Dad is with Department of Justice, I'm sure the Bechtolds who are best friends with the Lebanese restaurant people in Portland, Oregon know them.  The Lebanese are not a huge crowd.  Did SHE GET HER BAG?

COME ON CAROL...still picking up a brown bag from the U.S.?  Maybe the Lebanese owners in London gave her a fortune cookie with a message on it from the Lebanese restaurant owners in Portland, Oregon.

The Lebanese woman who stalked me at my place of work at the ENNL center told me she was from Lebanon when I asked and she was the only one who showed up there, and the only others I knew about were from the restaurant Robin took me to, which owners George Bechtold is best friends with and does business with.  I met the Lebanese woman who hated me before I was raped by Josh Gatov, who knew Robin.

I was then being paraded or shown to James Middleton prior to Christa's Schneider's efforts to have me lose lawsuits and gain my trust to then ditch me once she had, to be date-raped by Richard, the Jew.  That's not including Chris Dabney and Alvaro Pardo and Mark from Boston.

"My sister is going to be Queen" is what James Middleton reportedly said when she was merely doing blow jobs for William of Wales.  So while she's doing blow jobs, he has his friends raping women to lower their significance.

Who gave James Middleton my card?  Lloyds of London?

I didn't know the Middletons existed, at all, but I remember that night, and I remember conversations and faces well enough, at times, to be able to recognize who is who.  It is the same face and stature of James Middleton, in a suit jacket that night.

I want those people in jail.

I found the first photo I've seen of Mike Middleton younger, because the one other time I looked, a year ago, there was nothing.  Right off the bat--MI something.  He was working for one of the MIs I think.  He also looks fully Irish, not English, and I think he took long beams at one point and used them to hit someone over the head.  Something like a 2x4 style beam but maybe not that thick.  Some kind of long boards, and I saw 2 of them.  Maybe one of them.  Held with both hands.  They were natural wood type, like from construction and he didn't "keep them together".  He was beating someone with them.  One at a time but there were 2 of them.  That's the impression I got from his photo standing there with Carol by the "arch".  Before I had an impression of him with an Uzi and this time I just saw beams of some kind and he was beating someone.  They were already on the ground or something because he wasn't hitting up higher but over someone, like they were on a table, that level, or bent over at the waist.

That arch he stands under is like the windows of Pemberton Operating Room, in Canada, which is about the same circumference as the train Katie wanted for her wedding dress.  It has a line like pinking shears on the sides as well.

Maybe this is why my Dad kept a bat next to the door.  He used to have me hold 2x4s together too, and saw through them on top of a plywood table that rested over 2 saw horses.  He would tell me to hold tight and keep them together as he sawed through them.  I think I've said plywood in the past but what I meant was it was a plywood type of table and then the boards over this were not plywood, they were construction beams.

My impression of Middleton is to the right field of vision, beating with a 2x4 over the head or some beam, to about waist level and I can't see what he is beating but it's a person.  I could see it like I was standing back and the beat up person is left and he is to the right.

Anyway, I'm sure we've met, when I was young.

As to James Middleton, I saw him and it was with Christa Schneider.  I wonder how much they were paying her.  How did she get the money?  through the English journalist she worked for, Simon? in California? or through a law firm, or was it just FBI lunch bag swaps.

I had Alvaro Pardo mocking me, taking along a rolled up architectural draft, and then unrolling it out on a table at his friends house, in front of me.  Of course, watching my reaction.  It was hilarious to carry around some rolled up document when with me.  Then I get to Coquille and the FedEx was delivering 2 rolls of wallpaper side by side and then I get to the law library in town which I can't even use because I've been tortured there any time I've tried, and they have a hidden room that gets locked.  It has a concrete door and concrete floors and walls all around and in the middle was a table, with an architectural draft written on it.  Just sitting there.  A large desk, but table sized.  And a chair.  So it's a library with a concrete room in the center that looks like an interrogation and torture room.

And Alvaro didn't know that was there, at that law library next to the courthouse and police station, when he was carrying around his rolled up  drafts and rolling them out onto the table at his cousin's house in Maryland?

Like Mike Middleton doesn't know.

I have scars from cuts all over my arms and thighs and people writing songs like "Suddenly I See" (she's got a face like a map of the world, its a map of the world).  Then Canada thought it was funny to have a policeman who looked like Mike did when he was younger, escort me to the plane saying "You have 15 minutes to tell me everything you know.  Why is the U.S. after you?  People who are murderers go underground for years and no one cares.  Why does the U.S. care about you?"

Who wants to answer that question.

I have people premeditating and inciting rape against me, and some contact between Middletons, Bechtolds, and Josh Gatov and Lebanon.  Lebanon works with ?  George knows the restaurant people and I don't know who other Lebanese would work with aside from maybe Morrocans.  Is that how I ended up in Virginia with a Moroccan housemate when I was being tortured while pregnant?

How "tortured" is Katie by the way?  Not so tortured.

I have another question, about the meaning of what we might find on a ten dollar bill.  Before my Uncle was murdered, my Uncle Howard, he said something to me about a ten dollar bill when I was holding one in my hand and didn't tell him.  Then he made a racist joke about Michelle Obama (which was horrible but honestly, that is sometimes how some people talk and either they do mean what they're saying, or they just have poor taste in jokes that rip on anyone).  It was about the difference between Michelle and someone else.  Anyway, he mentioned the ten and on one side it says "U.S. Treasury" and on the other side it has Hamilton.  Someone near the Canadian border in Bonners Ferry, ID thought it was a big enough deal they killed him over it, while he was trying to leave a hospital there.  I think someone thought he was laying hints.  If so, I can tell you something about the "Gore District".

I remember reading this, because Middletons went to the Gore Hotel before the wedding.  Amy Roe, the FBI reporter who defamed me, had a grandfather behind it, who worked for U.S. Steel for over 20 years.  U.S. Steel bought out almost 70% of some remaining shares from Hamilton Steel, which was Canadian and U.S. Steel is now based in Hamilton, Ontario.  Why does this matter?  Maybe the comments about "Kate's steely will" and her steel this and that made me wonder.  One thing it shows is that some people will torture over profits.

Also, when it comes to "guinea pigs" being tortured, and what kind of torture I witnessed as a toddler and went through, when I recently had someone notice something about guinea pigs and how they pooped everywhere I said, "automatically" (but it was also true), "No they don't.   They wet on the paper."  I said there was a little poop but they wet on the paper.

They wet on the paper.

UPDATE:  Also, the U.S. Army was working with Mike Middleton when he was stationed in Jordan when Katie was 2.  They were there and then the next man to be prime minister there was trained by the U.S. Army.  Middleton has been working with the U.S. Pentagon his entire life.

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