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Stacy Darling, Art Squires, and Kate Middleton Stripper Darling Cousin

Is it a relation?

I've already described multiple attempts to assassinate me.

Well, Robin Bechtold, whose house I was leaving when it occurred, was best friends with a Hispanic Mexican student named Art Squires.

Art was best friends with Carole Skeeters, Stacy Darling, and I guess sort-of Shannon Livingston though Shannon didn't seem to be quite as governmental. 

Katie Middleton is not only related to Middletons that lived in Sherwood, Oregon when I went to school there, she is cousins with the "Darling" family in the UK.  Her cousin who is a stripper and looked nice enough came out with that fact, and Stacy Darling was Robin Bechtold's ex-girlfriend of 3 years before he met me, and he remained friends with her.

Art Squires was one of the only Hispanics at our school, and he was best friends with Robin Bechtold and was the one encouraging me to go out with him and go to his games and was telling me he was "whipped".  That was Art Squires, with the "whipped" line about how Robin had nothing to talk about but me.

That's really interesting when all of them were working for the Middleton sluts.

Stacy Darling never even spoke to me.  She just avoided me, but kept in contact with Robin and it was Robin who told me she had been his girlfriend for 3 years.  Shannon Livingston was more friendly, not as much to hide, sort of aloof or had an "air" about her, but looking back, she seemed much more open and transparent than some of the lot she was in with.  Not all of them were bad.  I should have become friends with others besides the 'government gang' I ended up next to.
Seriously, I should have gone to a larger school like Wilsonville, not that it's not sort of corrupted now as an area with all these conglomerates of the Schneider Spectacle.

By the way, Tony Roos was good friends with Stacy Darling. 

And like I said, the Darling family in the UK is connected to US people and Middleton people that I had to be around and was oblivious to, in high school.  If it's not a scheme, why were they all scheming so desperately in 1991, and especially by 1992.  1992 was when they went all-in.  It's like I got sent to some stinking U.S. government TAG school full of government kids and I was the only one who didn't know it.

So since Tony Roos, and Shannon Adams, were part of an assassination attempt against me,and then Mike Nichols whose family knew Bechtolds and Bechtold's friend's The Lunds and Josh Gatov,when the Mexican guy was running into my car courtesy of Christa Schneider's questions and cues about where I was going, was Art Squires a friend or relative? or was it just Erica Ballinger's Mexican neighbor's contacts?

By the way, what's this?

Someone thought, in advertising for a British cosmetic company, Max Factor, in 2003, at the same time I was victim of a hit-and-run to put up an ad featuring a model who looks exactly like my aunt Locklyn Guzman?

Above it's an ad for lipfinity lipstick and all that "glitters" and this model is not Elizabeth Hurley, it's Catherine Hurley, and she is identical to my Aunt Locklyn. Not missed by me is the fact she has a straw in her mouth with a "fancy drink" because my Aunt Locklyn was the one to take me out for "Shirley Temples" and other drinks all the time, and who had my ears pierced when I was 4.  On that drink "triangle" there is a "star" that matches the one on fucking Kate Middleton's runway get-up for William of Wales (the sweater with the star on it).  I mean, my aunt was working for a Jewish lawyer, Kyle Flick...I think this is bizarre. It's an ad from April 2003, Better Homes and Gardens.

Here's a close up of the earring that Carol Middleton had Katie Middleton's wedding earrings designed off of:

An tear shaped rhinestone-diamond pendant and then we have the straw there and the flag of Jordan with the little star in it, flying the backwards way but standing out as symbolic of the drink anyway.
My Aunt Locklyn has been supporting that bitch too?  Ad ideas don't come out of nowhere.  They often reflect reality that occurs in real-time and that's why it's symbolic or touching on something for marketing.  The model is wearing "Electric" for the shade of "lipfinity" lipsticks.  Electric.  I mean, does it get better than that.
I mean, I'm starting to wonder if it was 2003 or 2004 when my tooth was blown out, to be filled in with a microchip added to it from a Portland dentist.

I know my grandparent's paid $400 for it because my parents would not, and then Roger Harris, who works for Middletons, tried to tell me I owed HIM $400 in fees when he was the one to unethically drop my P.I. case last minute without enough notice, and then it was my Aunt Locklyn telling me she'd file a bankruptcy claim for me if I wanted, for $400.

What's with the $400?  It's like they're all mobsters for the Middleton fuckers.

On top of that, I recently found some cut-out article I had written a note on for my Jewish class in college and then after holding it up to the camera for a photo for a random photo shoot one day, I realized it looked like a jacket over my shirt and then, I don't even know the flag of Jordan but I knew intuitively, "This is Middleton shit" and sure enough, I went to look at the flag of Jordan and it was the same idea and the reason I thought of it was because it's how my dark green dress that my mother was sewing for me for Senior Homecoming was turning out, it stuck out like that on one side and not the other and my mother was saying, "You could ask Judy Roark maybe--she sews, but I don't know what happened."

After this ruining of my dress my mother was making, I got a storebought dress and my mother (one of the twins) was sobbing outside the stall and then I had to stand in line for school photos while Janet Bechtold ignored me, and stood next to Erica Wiltbank who stood next to me with a sweatheart neckline (like Katies wedding dress) and went on and on about "THIS is SUCH a beautiful dress. Your MOTHER made it for you?  it's so beautiful.  You look amazing Erica." while Janet Bechtold and Wiltbank's mother were part of the group ordering my dress to be ruined.

Like I'm a fucking Cinderella with a bunch of hateful step-sisters and bitchy mothers who tried to kill me.
This was the color of Erica Wiltbank's purple velvet dress with the sweatheart neckline that her mother made for her, while my mother's attempts were ruined to look like a Jordan-Middleton foul play.  I mean, these Middletons were after me in HIGH SCHOOL and I didn't even know who they were.  I'm almost 40 years old now (see photo above) and they've hated me for more than 2 decades.
There is no legal reason or excuse for the U.S. kidnapping of my son. 
The U.S. used me to allow government psychics to score points for themselves that are not not my parents and which had no advantage to me and where actually, I was oppressed, and then they used this excuse for torture as their legal defense when torture is not acceptable as a means to keep someone from suing in any "democracy" which, I've realized, the U.S. is not.  No one "vote" means anything when people are tortured for their opinions, free speech, and to prevent them from suing.

You can look at weird mobster ads like "Land Rover's "EvoQue" ad and even see where they're heading with their craziness.  Q in the middle for Middleton.  She really needs to go.  Her entire existence and corporate criminals have had their decades of their "day" and they're criminals.  I don't need to see criminal babies born to bitches that torture other kids, like mine.  Or have people they know who do.  How about Revoke.   I'm tired of all these British accents on supposedly U.S. brands.  I mean, if they want be British, move.  Don't go to England, infiltrate it with Catholic nuts, and then bring your brand ideas and accents with confederate flags to the U.S.  Like the U.S. isn't trashed already.  It's not a democracy, it is a military state.  It is operated and owned by an oligarchy and plutocracy that buys out and pays for the military state to do what they want.  That is absolute corruption, corrupting absolutely.  Like anyone normal wants to hear ads on U.S. television, for U.S. brands, that nod and weasel to Middleton torturers who dealt weed in the U.S. and tortured little kids until it was legalized and then expect a pass from the FBI, who laundered money for them.

I mean, get real.  Who was slinging for the Middletons?  Art Squires? and Robin Bechtold?  I could probably list a whole bunch of recruits from Oregon alone.  I don't really care about private business until you realize, the very reason you said you hated drug dealers like Bechtold, in 1992, in the first place, was because they kill and torture little kids, comes to pass with their vengeance and abuse of government power over my son Oliver.

So much for democracy.  Salute the U.S. for their last supper.  They're all over.  Just like England.  Just like Canada.  So much for you bastions of so-called freedom.

Who was my "bonny" that lied over the ocean?  Edward Lee Howard?  Was someone just over the ocean that knew me, when I was only 2 years old, or was someone just lying, lying, always lying.

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