Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Clan Of The Cave Bear

I started reading the book for the first time.  I actually borrowed it when I was about 8 years old.  Katie Fallon loaned it to me and I took it home and I didn't get through it because I had thought it was too wordy--too much 'amber mists and purple waves of ..." and that kind of thing but I am reading it now.

I didn't plan to actually and then I was at the library for something else and checked it out.  I wore a shirt with a sarong-tied up sort of shirt over it today just for something new and then I thought I must look like some kind of cave woman myself.  I did it, remembering how I used to make designs and tie thing like this all the time as a kid, fabrics and draping things and making knots out of fluid materials so I just did it for that reason.

I like it so far.  I am planning to read the series.

Some things I noticed or thought about were:

1.  Why did I look like a cave woman the same day I got the idea (later) to read Clan of the Cave Bears?

2.  I cried in the first chapter and for no reason but it must have been thinking about or connecting to how my son must have felt to be terrified apart from me.

3.  While walking, after telling a librarian I hadn't looked at the book since I was 8, I flipped it open and it flashed out Chapter 8 at the first open.

4.  I thought about how Ayla was mauled by a cave lion, on her right thigh, and I had a pair of jeans that naturally tore for some reason, on the right thigh only, and I have had them since 2010 and thought of them as my "cat fight" jeans.

5.  How I identify with some of the other characters as well and like reading about the plants and survival information.

6.  Animal mystery-totem ideas.  I thought it was interesting how the totems for 2 babies were found as he walked in a path and was confronted with a boar and then came up with an idea for the other.  I thought about it because when I got home today, I walked down a line, sort of same but a little different, to pick grass for my guinea pigs, and first a frog jumped across my path and then stayed there for me to see--a big one, and then only a foot or two later, there was a snake, knotted up like the top part of a pretzel (8) and then with the tail loose, and staring at me the same way.  Both of them had the same coloring.  I thought it was strange because when baby deer (twins) were born a couple of days ago, I was picking grass and they jumped up from the same spots, approximately, as the frog and snake were today.  And then there has been a black cat guarding one end of one driveway and the mother deer guarding the other end.  So given all of these animals "in the path" I thought about how it was coincidental to read about this totem idea today.  I personally have no meaning attached because I am not into totems or know what things mean really, I just thought it was interesting.

I would say it seems sort of mystical in its own way, the book.

I guess some other things that seem unusual lately have been certain symmetries that occurred.  One day I was thinking about how my bag had a symbol on it that reminded me of a gun and then I randomly picked up a newspaper and had in a bag in my opposite hand and while walking noticed it said at the top "guns".  Then I used it for paper for guinea pigs and just stuffed it into a bag after use, and on either side of the plastic bag, were parts of paper, one that had a gun on one side and then guns on the other side.  Then a day or two later it was the same thing with "marry" and "mary".  I mean, not trying to create a symmetrical thing at all.  Anyway.  Not a big deal.

The books were on the right side of Katie Fallon's mother's closet (if you stood to face the closet), at the bottom, hidden away on a shelf.  I don't remember why the shelf was so low, but we went into her room and Katie opened the door and then bent over to grab a book and show it to me and told me I could borrow it.  It was the paperback version and had cave people drawn on it, I think, or maybe it was another one.  I think maybe 3 of them were there.

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