Sunday, June 30, 2013

Deep Cut In Mom's Hand: U.S. Torture and Hostage

I went to the door to ask my Mom about something and noticed for the first time, she has an extremely noticeable scar from a very deep and wide cut to the palm of her hand.

It's thickened and white and raised, and it is her left hand.

I said, "Mom!  what is THAT?!" and opened her palm to look and she said, "Quit looking for things that don't exist." 

It's right there.

She had a scar on her cheek being removed by someone and then just today I saw this deep and very bad scar to the palm of her hand.  It is like she was attacked by someone with knives.

No one in the U.S. would be claiming it never happened, if they were not concealing evidence of torture of my mother by a U.S. employee or Katie Middleton or someone who knows her.  It was possibly Lorraine Roses family contacts.  They know the Middletons and she has a British accent that the dog would be scared of, however, it's more Katie's accent, not Lorraines.  Lorraine doesn't even have that harsh of an accent anymore.

My Mom said, right before I noticed her hand, "What foundation do you have on right now?" and she said, "It looks pretty good" and I said, "Pure Beige" and added, "and then I have the rose powder over it".  I had been looking at foundations from Estee Lauder with my Mom and took a sample of Ecru, Sand, and Pure Beige.  She thought the Sand one looked best there but today I wore the pure beige.  When I said it was "Pure Beige" she then said, "turn your head so I can see" and looked at my cheek and neck, which is what I do when I'm looking at the scar on my Mom's face.

Then I said I wanted to see her arm color so I looked at for once, I was yellowish or more yellow undertones and my mother was pinker undertones and I said, "That's really weird.  Usually you're more yellow and I have the pinker undertones."  I started to wonder if I'm looking more yellow bc of U.S. torture and things that cause internal bleeding or might make me look more jaundiced than usual.  And then my Mom said she was more tanned but the thing is, she is always a more golden undertone than me.  I was shocked by this when I noticed her hand.  A very deep and dramatic cut across the palm of her left hand.

The other Dicksie doesn't have one like that.

Also, my Dad (one of the Bob's) tried to indicate to me again that he was a twin, not a triplet but a twin.  Today it was a different Bob than the one from yesterday.

The only way the U.S. is convincing people that I am "delusional" or that there is no crime by them, is to switch the Bob and Dicksies, who are identical twins, in and out with eachother.  So as soon as I say my mother has a scar on her palm, and the U.S. knows someone is going out to inspect or see for themselves, a journalist or maybe one good person, they switch the one with the cut out for the one that doesn't have a deep scar.  Then someone probably shows up, and sees there is no scar at all, whatsoever, and they think, "Cameo is literally seeing things that aren't even there.  She MUST be delusional."  And then if my parents try to say anything, they get tortured worse later.

I know it's Kate Middleton because of how many times my Mom indicated it was.

I also know she made a big thing about palm tree oil and not wanting me to get things with palm tree, and I had no idea why, I just noticed it seemed to make her expression depress a little or looked pained, so I was buying things with canola oil instead and always avoiding palm just because the mention of it bothered my Mom so much.

Katie's the one with the palm tree ideas and people who support her.  Which proves the U.S. has been supporting her and is willing to have me sound mentally ill and my parents sound crazy, and to intimidate others, just to keep crimes committed over her and people she's with a secret.  It's an extremely deep cut and there is no way someone wouldn't go to a hospital over it so if she didn't, it was because the U.S. had her jailed up somewhere as a hostage.

Also, someone has been forcing my mother to do her hair in a blond shade that's not her shade or what she actually likes.  In Sherwood she was doing her hair close to her natural color or what complements her skin, and then one day it was like someone told her to do it ugly and cheap looking.  She doesn't look that bad, but it was a switch.  My mother's photos, all of these photos of her beautiful, beautiful, hair are gone.  She had hair that was silky straight, thick around as a 2 lb sack of flour, past her waist, and platinum blond when I was a young girl.  There were photos of it for my 6th birthday.  All of this changed after that, sometime in 1982.  My life changed and all kinds of things changed and the only thing that happened that I see any connectors to is Edward Howard being accused of being a spy in 1982, and Katie Middleton being born. 

I held up some of my hair against my Mom's today and said it looked like the same color and mine is strawberry blond and hers is blond but she's been having to make it rustic, and warmer, sort of more brassy than it actually ever was.  I was going to do a neutral henna for shine and decided not to, thinking if I do my hair I might go with an ash color that was closer to the strawberry blond hair that is more cool toned at the base of my neck.  Also, my ash-blond patch at the back of my neck is not as ash blond and cool toned or light as it's been my entire life so this must be something that was added to a shampoo I used, because it should change the color of my entire shaft of hair once it's grown from my head unless it travels through the hair core or something, but I can't explain why my skin is suddenly more yellowish than it ever was my entire life.

I have blood tests scheduled for hemophilia and unless someone was wanting to tamper with that, there should be no difference.  Also, someone put an orange substance into an experiment I had going in my kitchen and they dumped most of the water out of it and then someone added a bunch of orange rust to a bucket on my porch.  I noticed when we were in Coos Bay recently, my mother looking not very happy when all these people decided to drive out with orange cars.  I never saw so many orange colored cars and trucks on the road in my life, and the fact they did this the same day my skin was turning unnaturally yellow-orange and my patch of hair in the back got colored, and then finding an orange water in my experiment, basically means a lot of people are getting fed information on this family while this family gets tortured, raped, and cut.

Anyway, this is the natural reason why I ended up seeing this scar on my Mom's hand--because I had just been looking at skin color and hair colors today.

How long did the U.S. hold one of the twins hostage while they tortured the other ones?

Not only that, it seems to me that I have a twin myself.  If I don't, I don't know how it was possible for the U.S. and Canada to torture me all the time.  it's possible it's just me, but if so, everything was covered up. 

On my x-ray for my right knee, there is a Y shaped wire that goes to the side and it has two nodules on either end.  Basically, if you want to know how it looks, it's imitated on the KDR sperm donor site where it says, after you register, you can click on this icon and "share information with others"'s designed the same identical way this wire is placed in my leg.

So why would the website or software designer for KDR have enough knowledge to think it's cool to create a "share info" icon that matches the wire and microchips in my knee, but the FBI thought it was funny to keep my life endangered and to try to kill me while they gave everyone else the information about me, including Kate Middleton?

Then think about Nancy Kerrigan at the Olympics, getting whacked in the knee by Tanya Harding and screaming all the time "WHY?!  WHY?!  WHY?!"

I had a Y going sideways in one knee and probably a Y going the opposite way in the other knee, because the doctor mentioned something in 1995, and it's like ---<o and o>---- except with the dots on both ends of the < and > and this is what the FBI was assaulting me over clearly.


This country took me hostage and drugged me with Haldol to prevent me from discovering what was inside of my knee, and proving the United States is FULL OF SHIT and frankly, sucks KMs breasts.  All they cared about was MORE milk from Katie.

This country tortured me, and my son, and then added crap to my body that they were then literally trying to "blow up" while I am alive, to get rid of evidence, since they failed to kill me by assassinating me with premeditated vehicular homicides.

I fell on my knee and needed an x-ray, and that thought was so frightening to the U.S. government, they refused to even physically examine my knee at all, and surrounded me with 5-6 men all at once and held me hostage.  I was then driven to a remote location of a psychic ward as the excuse for holding me hostage and they drugged me so badly they hoped I would never recover, and I do not and have not felt the same way ever since.

THIS is what the United States is guilty of, and worse.

They GAVE Katie Middleton that information and knew she was even trying to boast about it and rub it in with her wedding designs and her prior runway idea so they did this to me.

The other thing on that x-ray, next to the Y wire shaped thing with 2 electrodes of some kind on both ends of it, is a curly line, 2 of them, with one of them shorter than the other one, on the right side, exactly like Katie had her hair done with 2 curly ribbons, one shorter than the other, on the right side of her head.

If I was talking about her and her family then, and had had an x-ray done and put it up for the world to see, there would have been some "problems". 

Underneath the Y with the two electrodes or microchips that then have another center in them (2 layers) and the 2 uneven squiggly lines next to it, lower down further to the left is round hole shaped thing that I said looks like a bullet hole but I don't mean like I really think a bullet went through my's as clean around as one and it's not a normal part of bone.

When I picked up my x-rays, everyone was quiet.  No one who had been talking, kept talking.  They all just stared at me the entire time as I walked through the building and then out and then it was just staring as I walked home and looks of  "Damn.  Game Over."

Katie is really nice, isn't she.  She MUST BE.

The U.S. had me bugged and wired and then they just went after me and decided to blow up parts as they wanted and add a few to compete with for another group.  Like the one added to a dental filling which someone felt was important to blow out before Kate Middleton decided to become pregnant publicly.  Why?  Oh I don't know.  Maybe because it would lead back to her and someone would decide to murder her kid, realizing she isn't what she seems to be.  Why else wait like that to get pregnant?  She wanted to maybe be sure she wasn't going to prison first and leaving the royals with a prison baby.  Or maybe she felt it was dangerous to have a baby publicly when that implant could be traced back to her and people in the U.S. and connect them to me and people would realize what a horrible person she and her friends and supporters are.  Maybe then they'd believe me when I said Kate Middleton tortured my son Oliver/was involved in torture of Oliver.

The other thing I was told was done to me, was the U.S. put a metal stent near my heart and sternum, in a Y or fork shape in Maryland during my D&C, and I guess a stent is inserted through the groin, and this is when they did it.  I was never tortured to my heart until they did this to me, and right after it was done, then Alvaro Pardo wanted to bolt.  He smirked over at the doctor many times, like they shared a secret, and he looked paranoid all of a sudden, around me.

After Katie got pregnant, someone even decided to change the design of bobby pins from straight sort of curved lines and little rubber knobbies on the ends to Y shaped ones, like the one in my knee.

Before that, someone decided to call headphones, "ear buds".  So you have a Y shaped wire with "buds" attached to the ends.  I remember when someone first told me to get a pair and smirked.

Think about it.

Think about the disadvantage I've been at, in this country, my entire life.

My son is going to be returned to my custody and the U.S. is going to pay HUGE for what they've done and so will the UK and Canada.  Like anyone trusts Katie in England who is actually English.
  She's a CIA brat who had a Dicksie and Bob tailing after her to hold up her skirt while Carol wiped her ass.

I want to know if she has any of my dolls that were given to me and then "disappeared".  I am sure she probably ended up with that cabbage patch doll and I'd like to know where my porcelain doll is because I am the owner.  I remember seeing Katie with a straw hat on like the one on the doll about the time she got engaged and thought about why I had not seen my doll for some time, even at my Mom's house.

One of the Dicksies had been upset it went to me and not to her so I said she could hold onto it for me until I asked for it back.  If one of the Dicksies has something to do with the bitch Kate, I'll know why.

What would make sense is if my Dad was Kate Middleton's sperm donor (one of the Bobs) or one of the Dicksies was an egg for her.  Then it would make sense.  Otherwise, it's like people just stole from me and oppressed me and forced my parents to do it over her regardless of how I felt.  Obviously, with scars like that on my Mom, she's been tortured into something and into lying and the U.S. isn't admitting it so the U.S. is definitely involved.

I will go back to the post about what efforts the U.S. made to try to blackmail me, which is how they have attempted to control my family if they can't get someone to work for them, marry in with them, or can't kill them off or make them sound crazy enough.  The main reason the U.S. tortures me is not for "research" but out of hatred, and also because my complaints about it, for the general public, make me sound nuts and give "government professionals" something to latch onto and the lawyers and attorneys get intimidated hearing about what is done to me, the very few who are around that do anything decent anymore.  90% of them work for the government and big business that controls the government, so your justice system is corrupt because it's not a democracy--it's a military state run by an oligarchy or plutocracy.

I never signed up for any of it.  Ever.  The U.S. used torture to kidnap my son, and people they had already blackmail and who would profit.

This country is so damned it's beyond recovery.  Don't pretend it's not true because even Obama and his wife agreed with the pastor who said God Damn America.  They left the church for political reasons, not because they disagreed.

The U.S. is cursed.

Once, it was blessed.  Now, it is cursed, and anyone who doesn't notice has blinders on.

The entire department of Infant and Children Services in Washington D.C. is cursed.  The people who work for them and for CPS who have trafficked kids for the military and CIA are cursed.

The U.S. is exploiting, abusing, using, and torturing my son for the U.S. government and they've been doing this since they started torturing us.  Their plan was to "kidnap" him the easier way, by having me agree to allow someone else to adopt him or to lie and say I was a drug user and take him from me at the hospital. 

The minute the U.S. started stealing innocent children and tortured them, for any reason, was the day they lost their blessing and began accruing a curse.  That curse is going to overflow.

I think part of the hope for the U.S. has been that I kill myself since they didn't end up with my being killed "accidentally". This is the only reason they tortured me as badly as they did, aside from keeping me from appealing my lawsuits in 2005, that the FBI forced me to lose.  Then they tried to have me tortured so badly, I ended up in the hospital for an excuse to steal my son from me, or to drive me to Canada where they thought I might go if they tortured me enough.  Prior to this, they made sure I drank sometimes first.  I am sure this country has successfully tried to have people kill themselves or become ineffective through alcoholism that isn't even for alcohol and is the only legal thing someone has on hand to deaden pain.  I never drank though, except on occasion, and the only occasions I was coerced to go out with someone, where I thought I had a safe system, and went with a woman and with the "buddy" idea, or believing a coworker or FBI or government employee was safe, I was set up to be raped. 

Being raped twice and having the FBI and Portland police contribute to their escape, and bribing each other to conceal the rapists, was motive enough to have them want to find more of their employees to rape me but make it look like I was just easy or a one-night stand.  They had a motive to find any excuse they could, and since I didn't sleep around, and would be believed, they kept raping me and they even got women involved to help them set it up.

I had a right to go out and drink and dance with other women and not have to worry about being raped by a man or dumped by someone to be vulnerable, or introduced to someone a woman already knew, who had these plans. 

I just watched Brandon Mayfield and his wife and for all of their talk and an FBI apology to them and 2 million, it sounds to me like they have always been working for the government and finally got their paycheck for backpay.  What they were saying, on the John Stossel show, sounds good, and I believe them about what happened, but the FBI is too corrupt to issue apologies and 2 million.  They would do something like that for one reason:  they were already working for the U.S. government undercover and since there was a show of abuse at one point, they finally got paid for their work.

I don't believe anything about the FBI.  I know them to have been fully and completely corrupt to the core.  They never pay the real victims, not even when they are caught.  They would never pay the Mayfields unless they were already working for them or for another government agency that handed off the money to the FBI as they FBI sent it out.  That's how the FBI launders money.

I have been tortured all day and most of yesterday and the FBI knows about it.  What apology or money do I have?  None.  Why?  Because I never worked for them.

Had I married their employee, they would have paid me, or tried to entrap me through him again.  The FBI sat on evidence for decades, about me, and knew about it, and then engaged their agents in on me.  They never told me what I needed to know to be aware of why I was being assaulted by this government's Pentagon, and NASA.  They just tortured me and knew about it, and allowed their own FBI agents to collect information about me to use against me in my own lawsuits in Portland while the FBI lied and had undercover FBI agents as lawyers working against me on those cases.

They gave kids I went to high school with, information about me, to use against me to make me vulnerable and cause me to be distressed and in a state of shock, the same way they used against me and had plans for when I was a baby and toddler and assaulted.  Not only did they have motive to cover for assassination attempts and then for rapes and to make me sound like a loser so they could get away with their lawsuits and have me ousted, they used re-traumatizing me for purposes of cornering me into working for them.


All of them will burn in hell.

If they couldn't kill me, or get me to kill myself, then just kept me in a state of disorganization so I couldn't get the FOIA I asked for.  When was I tortured every single day?  Right after I asked for FOIA from the FBI about my personal file, which would have contained information about 1977 and had me wonder why there was a record about me from 1977.

The U.S. tortured me and then wanted the public to think I was nuts and get ahead enough on trying to make me sound nuts and like a criminal, so the FBI just flagrantly and criminally refused to process my FOIA requests, which were all in writing and sent to them.  By law, they can claim there is no information, but they cannot ignore written requests.  That is what they did.

The only reason to ignore me and commit crimes of destruction of my file and record and obstruction of justice on a filed written request for FOIA was for themselves and the rest of the federal and state agencies who wanted my life to be in danger.  If they couldn't kill me, maybe they could incite some other group to do it.  Meanwhile, they left me nothing to arm myself with, not even my record, to prove to a lawyer that I was not crazy and that I have been a hostage in this country my entire life.

My mother has major scars from deep cuts and so does my Dad and if she's claiming it doesn't exist, and the U.S. is making this claim, the U.S. is obviously involved.

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