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U.S. Govt. Pressured Me To Commit Arson

In my post about my knee exam and things the U.S. has pressured me to do, crimes they've committed against me and my son, and reasons they have defamed me as mentally ill and drugged me to oppress me, the first act against me was to try to convince me to commit arson for the CIA and U.S. Army.

I was between the ages of 9 and 13 and I could probably narrow it down more if I thought about it.  It wasn't my parents, it was the U.S. using my parents to try to force me into doing things they could use against me.

I am still being drugged and the U.S. has been finding convenient ways to do it and then to take saliva samples from me for testing since I wasn't going into a clinic for bloodwork.  Drugging me when they know there is nothing wrong with me has been hate crimes, and has nothing to do with research.  They have used it to lower my motivation and energy levels so that basically, for the last 3 months, I've felt like I am dying.  I have the rash showing up on my backside once every month for the last 3 months, and since I've been to this doctor last locally, and it is the rash or peeling of skin rather, that I only got from Haldol injections in TN.

The only reason for me to feel this way is because of being drugged by the U.S.  They have been breaking into my house and tampering with my food and they've waited for times they know I'm getting water and I've picked up contaminated water before.  I would not be surprised if they break into my house and switch out one batch of something for another either.

They have not only gone into my house, giving them access to collect DNA or saliva or whatever they want from me, they have picked up samples from me from my bottle returns, and from tissues after I blow my nose or spit out a piece of gum if it's in a government area.  I know this, because I watched it happen one time.

Not only would the U.S. do this on their own or get someone else to drug me, they have control over my parents and have them blackmailed to do whatever they want.  If they want my Mom or Dad to say I'm nuts and need medication, and play a game of pretend and act out the entire part, they'll do it.  They'll sign anything for the U.S.

They were trying to push me to burn houses down before I was even a teenager, at the demand of the U.S. Army and CIA.

That was one of the first things I was being pushed to do, that was a crime, that the U.S. wanted to get my parents to have me do and it's an example of what kind of control the U.S. government has over my parents and how they've used them to get to me and try to have me persuaded by people who programmed me.

I had a cassette tape of my Dad during one of the programming sessions.  I was being told to do this and then do that, and my Dad was demanding that I sing.  So I was being told to sing one song after the other, while looking at something, and having my mother persuade me to sing.  They were programming by song and visual reinforcement of what I saw while I sang, and then when my Dad got mad and said, "NO!  SING!"  and kept demanding I sing, after several more songs, and my talking about something I was looking at, probably a candy bar or something held out to me like a treat for a guinea pig, he said, "Okay.  That's enough."

The U.S. used Bob and Dicksie (one of the twins) to program me.  They were told to train me and program me just like they were told to tell me to burn a house down and commit arson. There was no reason for this aside from finding out how suggestible I was, how much influence my programmers had over me to convince me to do things I knew were wrong, and to find a way to start discrediting me when I was picking up on crimes that were committed by others and would eventually find out what was done to me.

In every town or time of my life, local police were used.  They have the MKUltra chain-up and lock-down going all the way from CIA and U.S. Army to FBI to local police.  They usually use police who have a military background, but not always.

So drugging me lately, has had nothing to do with anything except for punishing me.  The U.S. has been drugging and medicating me for no other reason than Russia (for example) drugged and medicated political dissidents, who were primarily journalists.  The U.S. doesn't like the fact I have been exposing them and the people who work for them, so they have been drugging me.

It's obvious my parents are blackmailed.  They are also highly gifted actors/actresses.  They are better than some of the stars or celebrities who act.  Yesterday my Dad said one thing, "That's enough" in a specific way and instantly, I saw it was Brian Thebault or Philip Thebault.  They have the exact same manner and way of saying that, and my Dad didn't imitate it, just said this and had a look in the eye and I saw instantly it was Brian or Philip because I remember how they used to say that.  Brian said it when I asked if there was a dress code when he and Lisa changed clothes to match those of a D.C. politician, and Philip had the same expression but used it in a question form.  Basically, it was more like Brian.

My Mom can do nothing different but change the way she uses a hand or looks at me, and I can see exactly that is it like the woman I used to live next door to with my son, who stole my appointment card after a Seattle medical appointment.

The only reason to drug me is because even the Mormons are criminals and they've been around my family and me my entire life.  They don't like having someone bring up how they've used my family for that long.

I will be writing more on the post about blackmail by the U.S. government.

For the last 3 months, or 4 months, since I started working out again and was looking up gestational surrogacy again, I started having the peeling on my backside after skin hardened there, one time a month, every single month, for the last 3-4 months.  It is the exact same thing that happened when they drugged me with Haldol in TN which ruined everything about my life.

I never sing.  I can't write poetry.  I can't focus.  I've had zero energy to the point of not even starting a garden that I had planned and this is the entire reason why.  I am still being tortured every single day and I was all through last term, and I was being drugged all term last term as well.  The other factor aside from being tortured is that I'm being drugged and medicated and it's been a regular one time a month show of reaction from it.

In the meantime, the U.S. has also done something weird to my parent's eyes so they are not even the same anymore, including denting in one of my Mom's eyelids and cutting out a corner of one of her eyes.  She had the dented in look after she went to the dentist Groenemeyer, who is who my Dad sees and they both come back from there tortured.

I don't trust my Dad at all regarding my son and what he's done to force him into his own footsteps for the U.S.  He wanted a soldier, and wanted my son trained to do psychic government or other work.  He was the one saying I shouldn't have my son, and maybe that was pressuring again from the U.S., but I don't see why he went from supporting my son being taken away from me and having resentment over me, to, when it looks impossible anymore, pretending like he's upset I can't have my son and worries about him.

My Dad would sell his own daughter for the U.S. and I have wondered about whether I am really his kid or my mother's after some of the things that have happened.  I do know they thought things might turn out better when I first contacted the UN and then after Fowler was sent over here by the FBI on an "emergency control" basis and sent over this "pastor" military man Kevin Bolls, everything looked like it got bad for them.  They showed up tortured.  What I observed, was what looked like military and FBI reinforcements to corrupt cops already here, for purposes of intimidation and torture when I contacted an international group.

Many of the people at the UN are criminals themselves. There are some very good people who can make a difference, but some of them are involved in the government psychic work, for their respective countries.  They don't really care about individuals who are tortured over it and they blackmail eachother into not doing anything, or get someone who is with the Red Cross to go out and examine people and half the time the Red Cross is involved.

I was tortured at a Nashville, TN Red Cross building after an appointment to a fertility clinic.  I couldn't believe it, and then someone left a U.S. Army uniform there for me to see when it occurred.  The Red Cross is not what it's cracked up to be.  They supervise CIA interrogations and torture of people and provide medical support for it. 

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