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U.S. Federal Contractors Maiers Alluded To In Edward Howard's Book Safe House

I am going to mention one thing here and then post more information about some things I've picked out of this book, in my previous post.

Howard makes it clear the Pamp Maiers family (which betrayed me) were working for the U.S. government.  I believe he refers specifically to Stephanie Maiers.  I do not see any hint he makes about other members of their family, but I do know he references "Stephanie Maiers" specific traits twice, and links them to Washington and to the KGB.  He doesn't say Washington D.C. either.  He says "Washington".

It is known the Maiers got federal contracts from the Department of Transportation and federal entities to build roads.  However, the mention about Stephanie links her to other possibilies, including the fact she was best friends with Karin from Canada, who ended up in the FBI in NYC.  It also alludes to the idea that Stephanie Maiers had already been recruited by the CIA or FBI by 1990 or earlier.

This would partly explain why Stephanie was doing things to put me in a compromising position, of being photographed naked, and seen by her Dad, and it also explains why she would have been able to develop a relationship with Monica Allen or Robin Bechtold later.  Finally, it explains her knowledge of Edward Howard before she had me to dinner in Seattle and everyone made a big joke out of how they'd all pay for all of the wine, and tip, with $100 bills, and "Do you think that's enough?"

It also explains why she then later invited me to her wedding shower to set me up next to a Seattle social worker with a malicious motive of having my son Oliver removed from me.  It makes clear she was involved in the harassment and mind game of having Karin dress up to try to match exactly what they thought I would be wearing and how I'd have my hair done, which I had talked about to Christa Schneider who knew Karin and Richard Whittemore, from a place where some of them were also connected to the Thebault family.

I never had a problem over my son until I visited Stephanie Maiers at that wedding shower with her engagement to an Australian by the last name Campbell, who was connected to Robin Bechtold.

There were 2 things that always had me thinking about Stephanie and why she used these specific phrases...when I was growing up and she sought me out to befriend me.  I also know my mother preferred and liked Stephanie and talked about her all the time, though I don't know if it changed later.  She wanted me to stay in touch with Stephanie and liked her and brought her up all the time and Stephanie is someone who has worked for Katie Middleton.

So aside from asking Stephanie why she used specific phrases, or commenting about it to someone, I thought about it every single time she used these expressions because they annoyed me as being "unusual" and not normal grammar the rest of us were brought up with, and her own Mom and Dad didn't use those phrases, so who told her to?

The phrase she used was "For".  "Don't go to China for your mother won't like it."  Instead of using the word "because" she used the word "for".  All the time.  I mean, ALL THE TIME.  "For to make pizza will you go?"  She also used this article ("for") at the very beginning of sentences, all the time.  She started almost 1/4 of her sentences with "For".  It sounded awkward and every single time she used it, I never got used to it.  It always stood out to me.  It is something I thought about every single time she used it, which was every other sentence.

The second phrase she used all the time, which none of the kids she was around used, and which her parents never used, and which she used with drama all the time as one of her key catch-phrases, was "ill".  "I'm going to be ill."  "It makes me ill."  Not "It makes me sick" or "I'm going to be sick", but "ill", and she used this word in phrases where it was as awkward as starting sentences with "For" all the time, "Why don't you go naked down the slide for it's nice!"  "It makes me ill for I don't know why they said that."

The other thing Stephanie Maiers did which tells me she was probably, or possibly not on Edward Howard's side, is she wrote an entire article for a jr. high magazine about "What Boys Want In A Girl".  She wrote "It's good for a girl not to be weird, because boys don't like weird girls."  She wrote the way to catch a boy was to be "sweet".  When I first blogged about this, or talked about it, and how it was about "not being weird" my entire suitcase with notes and letters and the drafts for this newspaper were stolen and I am positive Stephanie had something to do with it.  She wouldn't want someone to see it because it would show how old she was when she was referring to things about me and Edward Howard, that were already documented in FBI reports.  It's the same reason Robin Bechtold wanted to be sure any poems he'd written to me about my "cyan" eyes were destroyed so passive-aggressive malicious intent or suggestion of cyanide poisoning couldn't be questioned.

Since Edward Howard is quoted as repeatedly telling the FBI he was "weird" and described himself as "weird", it is possible, considering Stephanie Maier's other "moves" and actions, she was already aware of these statements. 

I think she is a very dangerous and passive-aggressive, malicious person and who would have ever known.  Maybe only her boyfriend, the chef who ditched her from The Flying Fish, who she got fired over from work over cheating on her.  I would like to meet and talk to him and to Edward Howard's son because I feel we have some information we could exchange.

So here are the places in the book Safe House that Edward Howard alludes to Stephanie Maiers:  Pg. 202.  "We didn't know it, but an ill wind was heading our way from Washington."  That "wind" is Stephanie. and her contacts.  He ends his chapter 18. Budapest with this line.  As you can see, it seems to refer to Washington D.C. but he just leaves it at "Washington" which can be both Washington state and Washington D.C.  The place where he uses a Stephanie-specific phrase previously (though there may be more and I'll add to this as I find them) is pg. 132.  He ends his chapter 10 The Golden Safe House with "For the KGB had sent Larisa to be my live-in lover."

Well guess what's hilarious?  The chef from Flying Fish was live-in lover to "Stephanie" and she was "ill" when she found out he cheated on her to the point of throwing up.  "I was on birth control and he could have exposed me to anything" she said.


Who IS the lovely man?  She was talking about how they'd lived together for 3 years and when she went to Hawaii for a week, he cheated on her with a waitress there and she pushed the owner of the restaurant to have him fired.  Then the owner even told me, "One of them had to go."  So then Stephanie was starting to run, and asking me about Mike Tancer, and then making a big deal out of paying for wine with $100 bills.

Later, she was instrumental in maliciously having my son taken from me.  I had never done anything to her specifically, so whatever she did was as a government employee.

Between the odd phrase starting with "For the KGB" and the next about an "ill wind from Washington" I have no doubt Edward Howard knew about Stephanie Maiers.  She was the ill wind, constantly telling me how this or that made her "ill".  Her sister Stacy then studied several years in Russian and moved to Washington D.C. and she was the one to contact me to invite me to the shower.

The "ill wind" kept blowing me off the road into a ditch!  Oh yeah, it must have been "windy" all of those times.  So Stephanie Maiers is one of the biggest and most cruel "rats" Washington has and if you don't want to be messed up with a criminal rat who lives for money and materialism, stay away from her.  Edward Howard is likely dead, in part because of her and people she knows.

I had some horrific dream about her once too, and told her about only part of it.  It was right after she had moved to NY, after taking 2 years at Eastern University college (you can see why that school worked out so 'well' for me) she moved to NY for the Culinary school and I had this terrible dream where she was partying with all of these voodoo people and it was like a total circus and she was drinking a lot and having sex with a black man.  The black man sex wasn't the weird part.  The weird part was that she was seriously partying and drinking and all of these flaming gay people around her with really bright colors and a big voodoo scene.  I had the dream out of the blue, when I hadn't thought about her and wasn't being tortured by government at that time.  I contacted her later and told her about some of it.  I remember praying for her because I thought maybe she was getting into drugs and drunkenness.  She never deserved my prayers but only God knew that.

I later found out her first "boyfriend" was a black man from there--a chef she met from the school.  She told me she wanted to marry him but couldn't because her family didn't approve of black intermarriage but she was completely in love with him to hear her talk and I believe he was from Nigeria.  That's what she told me--the same place where a woman who karate chopped my back later was from, and then lied about me holding up a knife.

What is also strange is how my mother (one of the Dicksies) started giving cold or hostile looks after I gave her some daisies when I had the movie "Camille".  I hadn't watched it yet, but then to see it's a movie about betrayal from the closest people to Camille, and knowing it was first shown to me by Stephanie Maiers, made me wonder. 

Stephanie Maiers was working for the government by at least age 13-15.  I don't mean working for the federal government in construction jobs though she was doing this too.  She was getting paid to be a flagger and a driver behind oversized loads by the time she was 15 years old, and her money came from the U.S. federal government contracts.  Her family took a vacation to Hawaii almost once a year or every other year, and they also spent Christmas overseas in Europe.

After Edward Howard died, and I was invited to the wedding shower and then to breakfast later, all Barbara Maiers wanted to know was if I had "dyed" my hair.  It was the same color as it always was but she spent a half hour on the topic.  It was the first time I felt malice from her or any of them.  It was like they had all this information and thought they could secretly dig at me and they knew I didn't know about anything.

I am very certain Stephanie Maiers' best friend, a Japanese woman named "Tosha", is connected to Japanese Judge Alicia Nakata.  It would also explain why Alvaro Erwin (ill-wind) Pardo had something to do with Judge Nakata when he was in Wenatchee and why then Nakata illegally put a harassment order against me without allowing me to present evidence, to ruin my record.  It also explains why Alvaro knew Karin from Canada and was flustered to find out I'd gone to Ephrata to dig up a yearbook photo of her, when she was best friends with Stephanie, and it explains why NY was his destination if he had me marry him, which is where Karin was and where Stephanie went to school and had her black lover from Nigeria.  The fact Alvaro held me hostage to keep me from overturning a defamatory harassment order from the Nigerian woman who assaulted me and whacked me on the back, is possibly a reflection of the people Stephanie knew in the black community from her relationship with Lover #1.

Of course Gregory Fowler showed up in a hurry from NY FBI, now didn't he.  Nothing like covering up for murderers and assassins who attempted to kill me and are behind torture of me and my son.
  Not to mention kidnapping me, holding me hostage, and attempting to frame me to go to prison.
  I sure couldn't say very much from "jail" could I?  Instead, they settled for torturing me and calling me "mentally ill" to keep their strategies afloat.

Edward Howard also went to the University of Texas, which is the state where Lisa Thebault's relatives are, FBI agents Raul Bujanda, Armando Garza, and Robin Bechtold are, and is where Arthur Smith went after I was operated on in SLC, for purposes of facilitating further torture against me (1995).  Edward Howard's book came out in 1995, which is when another attempt to kill me was made.

See my previous post for more information

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