Monday, July 29, 2013

Kipper, Francis, Charlie-Car, Coco Jolokia and Fifi Dolorosa

I realized after naming them that Fifi Dolorosa Sasquatch is sort of like Suffering Fifi Sasquatch, like "suffering succotash" and whatever that comment was by the bug's bunny character.

And I hadn't even thought about it, but last night as I was calling "Charlie-Carr!"  and then "Where's the Coco?"  and bantering with them, it started to sound really weird.  "Charlie-Carr!"  "Coco-Jolokia!"  "Come here Francis...where did you go Francis?"  "Fifi Dolorosa!"  And then just "Fifi and Charlie-Carr..." as I was pointing them out so they could learn their names.

Today I said to my Mom, "There really are 3 of you" because lately I've been saying just "twins" because there are twins of my Dad and it's more complicated to say there are 3 of the Dicksies.  She said don't go on that and "you really need help" and just what she always has to say and then I said, "Mom, I'm not the only one who thinks this" (after describing how they are all different), and then I added, "Diana--Princess Diana knew." (or princess Diana did too).

My Mom said, "Oh, and you're on speaking terms with Princess Diana?" and I started to giggle and said, "Yes."  My Mom said, "Right." And I added, trying not to laugh, "She uses my body without my permission."  I said, "She does!" and my mother said, "Well that just sounds like the occult."

Anyway, the guinea pigs like being a family and all together.  I also noticed some horses the other day and usually one runs up to me but didn't and acted drugged and then I noticed it had new white spots all over it.  Why it was acting drugged I don't know, but it had this look in the eye.  So I made my nicker sound and it didn't run over like usual.  I kept trying and finally said, "Well what's wrong with you?"  and it ran right up to me and let me scratch it's head and then moved up for me to scratch it's rear and then it moved away from me as if to have me watch and stood close to me but back to me and then just stared off into the distance.  I finally looked and saw a baby horse or a goat or something across the fence on the other side, grazing and the horse was just staring at it immobile and then the bay went over and nudged it gently with its nose, on the side of it's face.  I thought maybe it had a baby taken away from it.  I think that's what was wrong with it.

Anyway, these guinea pigs sometimes act like they know what I'm saying when I speak in English which has shocked me a few times.

I think I've put up photos of them already but I'll put a few of them here.

This is when I first got them and this is Kipper
This is Francis
This is Coco Jolokia Manos de Sharon
This is Fifi Dolorasa Sasquatch
This is Charlie-Carr Venus Flytrap
These photos were taken the day after I named them all.  I have others of when they were all born which I can post later, and some of all of them together too.  It's harder to take indoor photos that turn out with this webcam but they're all pretty much free-range and really happy. 
Francis is probably getting neutered this week.  I made an appointment because I think he's the Dad, but I don't know how to tell.  I think they're all girls too but it's hard to tell so I might take them in to be sure.  If so, there may be a name adjustment.
Sometimes I call Charlie-Carr, "Charlie" but other times Charlie-Carr rolls right off my tongue because it's very quick to say together, almost like saying Sharlikar or Shalimar.  I tend to say Charlie-Carr, Coco, and Fifi for them but use partial or full names when I call them too.
I think even though I've said their names only a few times the babies seem to respond and know if I'm talking about them or not.

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