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5,000 Lives In Danger In Iran: Other Notable "Changes" in 2004

Here are some other things which changed in 2004.  This was when both Edward Howard was reported dead from Russia at the same time my grandfather Robert Guy Garrett Sr. died of an another attack to his heart.  According to reports, he'd had some problems with an odd chemical smell in the house occasionally and some other things involving U.S. government.

Some of the people who switched like light switches, overnight, to go from pretending they had to care, to not caring at all, dropping the cover, and paving the way for my being tortured night and day starting in 2004-2005, were Monica Allen and her mother Rebecca Allen.  Rebecca shocked me because from the start, she was always coming across as a friendly, genial, dramatic Mexican mother who would say often, "You guys are weeeeiiiird...."   Weeeeiiiiirdd.  She said it all the time when I visited their house and her daughter and I were goofing off.  This changed, to a sudden odd "last supper" with her at a BBQ involving her new boyfriend and other people I didn't know and then she never wanted to talk to me again.

I had thought it was over Tim Henderson and his control over Monica, but I don't think so anymore.  Rebecca was motivated by money and even Monica knew it, and Monica had started working for someone in government.  I can't imagine she was a full-blown employee, but a government "rat" or informant who ended up spying on me and reporting things to others, yes.

So when CIA "defector" was reported dead, along with my grandpa, all of a sudden, without any other explanation, Rebecca thought it was time to cut me off.  Their "work", whatever it had been, was done, and now I was on the isolation path to getting set up for full-blown, FT government torture.

They were not the only individuals who suddenly flipped a switch.  The FBI and lawyers and Judges involved in my lawsuits did the same thing.  They're gone?  Okay, let's shut these lawsuits down now.

I am not sure how this worked out, my next idea, but I think somehow Edward Howard believed the Bechtold family was on his side when they weren't.  It was yet another family that let me know what they really thought after he died.

I also think the U.S. knew Edward Howard and my grandfather Robert Guy Garrett Sr., were, or could have been connected to eachother. 

When Edward Howard told 2 U.S. embassy officials visiting Russia he had an important message he was asking them to give to someone in the U.S., he was telling them to give it to the U.S. Marines.  He asked them to notify the embassy Marines, and my grandfather was a U.S. Marine of important standing.

His message was that "5,000 lives are endangered in Iran" and to notify the U.S. embassy Marines.  He didn't elaborate and this was the message.

At that time, MY life was endangered, and I was the one who "ran" away from school as a kid.  I ran.

I am told I'm biologically related to Edward Howard, so in that case, it is further likely, his message was coded to suggest Cameo Garrett's life and her reproductive potential are endangered, notify Marines who will notify her grandfather.  A woman has approximately that many eggs available, that many 'lives' at the time of my age then.  I was also the one who ran away from school.  "What did you do?" "I ran."  "Where?"  "Away from school". 

Furthermore, it was later proven I ended up being a target of assassination attempts in the U.S. by U.S. employees and those connected to the U.S., and then even later, my reproductive rights were also endangered when someone tried to suggest I needed a surgical procedure that would have been invasive and put me under, when I didn't need it.  In 2010, the U.S. was extorting me in an attempt to lay hands on eggs from my ovaries and admitted it.

Because my grandpa Garrett wrote and talked to my Dad Bob Garrett Jr., and others as well, if it was known I was in danger, sending this kind of message to U.S. Department of State embassy officials, who would pass it on to Marines, "from Edward Howard" would have known who it was about:  Me.

There was no reason at the time for Edward Howard to be doing intel on Iran, or about or regarding U.S. citizens living in Iran.  He was living in Russia, as an accused U.S. CIA defector, and if he had kids, and I was one of them, I was an unusual child in that I actually ran away from school and lied to a bunch of grown ups and then literally "ran" through bushes and along a hillside, avoiding the road because of cops, in the 3rd grade.

I was not "typical" and if there were approximately 5,000 U.S. citizens endangered in Iran, it was the 5,000 unborn U.S. citizens in me, Miss I-Ran.  Not only that, he wanted Marines notified.  No one asked officials to notify Marines specifically unless they think someone in the Marines will know which Marine to send the message to, who is in the U.S. and receiving messages from an "Edward Howard". 

Edward Howard's message to these U.S. officials was apparently so urgent, he bought them a bottle of wine and then asked them what it would take to send this message.  It was not lost on other U.S. employees, who since that time, of the bottle of wine purchase, decided to have me over for dinner and wanted to open up a brand new bottle of wine, whether I drank or not.

Dan Gatti's idea to tell Abbey monks, "Tell them you'll take a polygraph", and actually, I think it was another lawyer as well, one whose name will come to me and I met with him more than once, he is tall, over 6', white, and dark brown hair and swims.  He said the same thing, and all the while, here was a man who the FBI hated who was accused of lying on a polygraph about a matter that was undisclosed.  It was never revealed publicly what it was.

The next comment came from FBI Rick Baken, who decided to add to this "inside joke" and said, regarding a report I had about FBI agents, "Tell them you didn't think it was 'professional'" and then he smirked with a faraway look in his eyes and said, "They'll like that." 

What was most likely in dispute over Howard's polygraph, was a matter that perhaps Howard said he didn't think "was professional" and was personal and private in nature.  Maybe he hadn't told them he had another kid--me, and they found out it was his.

Or, maybe he didn't lie about anything and the FBI just wanted to smear him as unprofessional with a drinking habit.  I don't know.

I don't think even Edward Howard's son or his wife had anything to do with U.S. Marines.  I did.  Which meant he possibly felt his son was safe and I was not. His son, I've never met, and is named Lee Howard.   If a bunch of U.S. lives were endangered, literally, in Iran, he would have said to the embassy officials, notify the embassy, not notify the Marines.

While Edward Howard worked with Palestinians in the past, using this or referring to Iran was also a way to send a message about me.

Even Jewish Supremist rapist Josh Gatov wanted to buy a bottle of wine before he raped me and I think it was to get to Howard.

I'd like to know what kind of wine he purchased for the U.S. embassy officials that he approached while they were in Moscow.  It could be enlightening.

Of course I know a lot of people drink wine and buy bottles of wine. However, on specific occasions I've known it was used by government employees to be symbolic to them, as their own personal "kick".

If his son ever wanted to talk to me, I wouldn't mind.  If he wanted evidence by DNA or something, I don't mind doing that, and I don't mind sharing with him what this country has done to me and my son.  Of course, that's almost impossible on a private basis because nothing about my life is private.

I want this government exposed and my son Oliver returned to me.

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