Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pardo and Josh Gatov

I think Alvaro Pardo is connected to not just William of Wales (through Colombia) but to Josh Gatov (photos of Thailand in his collection and association with Jews), and to Philip Thebault.

I am positive Nicki, from The Post Pub, knew Josh Gatov, the Jew who raped me.  How she would know him is a mystery, because she claimed to be Methodist and her closest friend there (who she slept with sexually) was Chris Dabney, who claimed to be Catholic but had a Jewish girlfriend (later).  I don't see how Nicki, a Methodist from Virginia, Richmond Virginia I think, would know who Josh Gatov, a Jew from Coos Bay, Oregon is, aside from U.S. government connections.

If she did not know him directly herself, she only knew him through Chris Dabney's several Jewish friends.  Nicki set me up for date rape by a man named James from Texas, a married drummer for a band.  I know Nicki had government sex affairs with several men.  In my opinion, she was a professional U.S. government hooker.  Whether she took money or not I'm not sure, but she was pimping herself out for government employees across the United States. 

She set me up for date rape by this man by waiting until I had been drinking and then asking me to try sample shots she was making, where I had the assumption I was going home afterwards but was told instead that I had no place that night.  No normal place, without sex basically.  After I was thoroughly drunk, she called in someone who arrived and she exchanged looks with him and told me to go with him when he said I could stay there until I had a place.  I was 100% set-up and Nicki coordinated it.  If Chris was involved in recommending him, that's possible, but she knew what she was doing.  What I realized later was that she was connected to Jew Josh Gatov.  It is possible, since so many of the men who raped me or attempted to get close to me came from Texas, or went to Texas, that's how they were connected.  I wasn't pregnant by him and he was the only person besides Chris that I had any contact with in that way, and it was a premeditated set-up for rape. I also didn't name my unborn after him or any other "James"--I liked the name on its own for that specific child.  Anyone would have known my being pregnant by him, James from Texas, was impossible.  Dabney was the only person it was possible by.  Those involved in murdering my unborn knew it was his.  There was no other possibility with the timing and I wasn't sleeping around.

I felt that John Kaempf and his group were behind all of it.  I am sure I can't make him take all of the blame for what an entire group has done, but my feeling was that because I was defamed, and innocent, their entire objective was to make me look "dirty" and "guilty".  I felt the entire reason men and women premeditated my being raped was first to make me look like I slept around, or was "that kind of person" and then secondly, I felt someone really wanted to frame me with someone married, rape or not, in order to justify lies about how I was promiscuous or that I tried to seduce a monk (married to the church) when I did not.  I was not that kind of person at all, and I didn't even get near someone who was in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship except for later, once, because I had been there first, even if I didn't recognize rape isn't a healthy way to start any relationship.

I sensed all of the set ups were for lawyers and FBI who didn't want to be guilty of defaming me.  Even after the lawsuit was dismissed, they knew I had a chance to revive it.  A way of making me hated by the public or religious public, even by conservative men or women who might have respected me before, was to try to make it appear like I even stole married husbands when I didn't.  What is odd, help me out James Cartright.  Supposedly he's not Catholic, and he's not a Jew.  So what was his motive in making comments to make me sound bad?  I don't really know why a senior Pentagon official that high up would be interested in having me look and sound tarnished to appease people who defamed me that were mainly Jews and Catholics.  I mean, what was his personal investment in their affairs?  He made comments about it, knowing NSA and others could hear everything, and his comments were to make me sound bad.  Then, Nicki from Richmond, VA decided to take it a step further and I'm positive someone brought the suggestion up.  She deliberately arranged for a fully married man to rape me, all the way from Texas, but have it look like I had just gone to a hotel with him to have sex with him.  That is not what happened.  Aside from him, I never slept with a married man, ever, or tried to "steal" one.

My opinion was that all of it was based on Jews who wanted me defamed to keep their Jewish editor safe, and afterall, they were accusing me of stealing diamonds and everything when I never did.  They tried to make me sound dirty and criminal.  The Catholics did just to defend their false accusations about me and I guess to gain sympathy from Catholic public.

Of course, Jews and Catholics knew they could gain the sympathy of Protestants too, if they made it look like I went after married men.  Is that not true? 

I believe everything done to me, all the way up to Canada and Bruce attempting to force me to offer him sexual services (a married man), to Tim Henderson (attempting to have sex with me when Monica wasn't there), to Washington D.C. (drugged to be raped by a married man but have it appear consensual) was part of an ongoing legal strategy to try to ensure I could not go back to the lawsuit for defamation of my character.  Who would believe how badly they damaged my character, if they sullied me enough.  They raped me, and tried to pass things off as "one night stands" or "promiscuity" or "lapsed morals".  I am not lying.  They raped me, repeatedly.

Even after I had my son they kept trying to dirty me up.  Being a mother, single or not, looked too "stable" to them.  I don't think these people even wanted me to be seen as a caring and loving mother, because they were too obsessed with making me look nuts, criminal, or slutty in order to gain sympathy and set up a false shield for criminal conspiracy against me.  I think even my being a single mother, with a devotion to my son alone, was viewed as a "threat".

Lisa Thebault has a brother with the last name Bailey.  I am pretty sure it's a brother, and they live in Texas.  I did some research and it looked like the Bailey that Lisa is related to is actually connected to the Bailey from the law firm in Portland, Oregon of Bullivant Bailey Houser.

If so, that makes a connection between Thebaults and the same law firm that later took a lawsuit against me and tried so hard to ruin my life.  They had more than one person they were "working" for, and if they are connected to Lisa, as I believe my research indicated, they were interested in me prior to my meeting the monks of Mt. Angel Abbey, and would have been inspecting me and trying to defame me as early as 1994. The reason for their interest in defaming me, would be as relatives and business partners of a family I had reported to the IRS in 1994.

I think it's possible Geoff Rasmussen is involved as well, by knowing people who knew Pardo.  These people are very interconnected.  It's a slush of drugs, business, government, and forced slavery for politics.

It explains a huge network of people who engaged and conspired in criminal activity against me, who were connected to people working for the U.S. government.

Edward Howard, from Russia, was trying to tip someone off about them.  His book Safe House was titled for the Thebault house that had a bunch of hidden vaults and "safes" as Lisa called them.  It wasn't exactly a "safe house" as in, a safe place to be, it was a house that had "safes" of money and jewelry.

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