Friday, July 19, 2013

Military Torture of Me and My Mom To Our Faces

Both me and my Mom are being tortured and having our faces marked up with military technology.  It isn't just being done to harm us, like other forms of torture--it is now being done to make us uglier and disfigure us and ruin our skin.

For me, I know it started as an attempt to mix up or conceal what cutting scars I have from military and what impressions I have from electrodes that were pushed into my skin so long, or where I was electrocuted so badly, it left permanent marks.

The only group that would have the ability to use some form of energy or laser or disfigure our skin pigmentation is military, and right now, one of the main leaders in charge of NASA is connected to Jews that were involved in conspiring against me to rape me and defame me publicly in a newspaper.  The black man who is in charge of NASA currently is Jewish and his wife has been documented in a Mossad-owned boutique in Israel.  Smiling broadly, right before Katie Middleton was getting married and after my unborn babies were murdered by U.S. technology.

The only reason someone who is Jewish would choose to mark up my face with something that causes pigmentation changes, is 1. to conceal evidence of where other marks are, and 2. to make some kind of bizarre point for Jews who support Rabbi Rose, whose only medication I exposed as "melanin".  After seeing melanin in his medicine cabinet and wondering what it was, Meredith Green, a Jew whose parents work at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, decided to rent a room from me.  I did not know, at the time, she was a Jew and that she was there to spy on me and cause trouble.  She wasn't even 18 years old and the claim was that she wasn't getting along with her Mom and Dad so she wanted a place of her own.  I was more than polite and gave her all the freedom she wanted and was never in her business.  The one thing I did not allow, because it was illegal, was for her to have alcohol stored at my house because she was underage.  She went out and got drunk anyway, somehow, and would come back to my house and cause a lot of noise in the bedroom.  Then she was throwing up so much she threw up bile and it was going from bad to worse so I tried to help.  That was the only time I got in her business at all.  Her response to my attempt to protect her from killing herself, was to go out and deliberately run away from all of my bath towels in my bathroom that were closer to her, and to run over to my couch and brand new white bath towels I had just bought and not used, and look at me with hatred before spewing all over them.  The only medication she kept in the medicine cabinet was melanin, like Rabbi Rose.

Melanin can be a sleep aid but it's what is in the body that creates pigment or color in the skin and hair.  Redheads have less melanin which is why they have lighter features, and have even less than blonds.

So this recent attack to mark up my face with dark pigmented lines across my face (one I recently noticed on my Mom under her right eye) and circles and oval shapes on my cheeks, I take as a direct assault from Jews.

Jews knew about the melanin medications, from both Rabbi Rose and Meredith Green, not Catholics, to my knowledge.

As to my being poisoned with arsenic, or rat poison, in Tacoma, WA by a Catholic, it looked like someone who was Jewish that passed by the window at the time it occurred.  I can't say just by appearance but that was how he looked and wore some kind of a fedora.  Arsenic poisoning causes skin pigmentation changes, along with bleeding, and other things, and I had all of the symptoms of it and arsenic did, in fact, show up in lab results, even though they said it was a neglible amount and it could have been from regular drinking water.  What I know is that arsenic does not stay in the body long.  This is why they do toxicology labs for poisoning by this immediately, or at the very most, within the first 3 days, because at first, it can be detected easily, then only by blood serum up to a few days and then it's pretty much out of the body except for leaving traces in the hair.  This is where arsenic was found from my lab, a couple of weeks after it occurred.  It showed up in trace amounts in my hair sample.

Had they done the lab I requested, when I went to the hospital, it would have been found but instead, professionals were centered around protecting assassins. 

Any recent torture to my face has not been to disguise earlier pigment changes at all.  The attacks have only been to exposed parts of my body, and mostly, to my face, and I have discovered recently, to my mother's face.

I bought melanin tea awhile ago, one kind that had it and another kind that had traces of it and I decided not to use it.  I got it because I thought once wouldn't do any harm, for metabolism reasons, and then I read use of this turns the liver or kidneys or some kind of organ "brown" on the inside.  So I didn't like that idea and I haven't had any of it.

I suppose someone who knows I purchased this, at Walmart, could have thought they are making some sort of sick joke with it, by then targeting my face to discolor my face, but I think it's Jewish who are involved because too many times they have tried to sneak into my house, and coordinated rape and encouraged others to try to murder me, and they are responsible for not correcting defamation of my name and character through the Jewish owner of Willamette Week.

Also, as I said, the NASA director and his wife, the black couple, are Israeli pals who do special deals with Mossad and helped put Katie where she is now.  Even Obama, by the way, was raised with a Jewish mentor so it's not like he hasn't done Kate Middleton any favors.  He was born in a Commonwealth country, and one of his mentors is publicly known as being Jewish.  I don't see how he, as President, cannot control what crimes Leon Panetta, Mueller, and NASA engage in.

Obama did not have to allow me to be drugged with Haldol in Tennessee and that is a FACT.  He knew about it, and he knew where I was before it happened because one of the black nurses from Vanderbilt knew people that knew them.  I don't ever think he can control everything and I don't ever imagine he has a huge interest, however I do know, he knew what was being arranged in TN and he could have stopped it and instead, he allowed me to be injected, drugged, and assaulted out of my mind.

Of course, that was all leading up to Katie's wedding and assassination of Osama bin Ladin.  Who supports Katie?  Mossad and U.S. Jews for one thing, including black ones.  Mormons?  They align with Israel, never with Arabs unless they get a crack deal out of it or a woman to use.  Presbyterians?  their dogma is that faith is what saves but Iraelis are still chosen people.  So I guess when it comes down to a Jew raping me, they choose to cover up for the Jew, who is 'chosen', rather than the victim.  I got to see a lot more than I wanted to from some of the Presbyterians, whose origins are actually Scotland and must have decided if Katie was a St. Andrews girl and dating William of Wales, and went to an Anglican church, and her mother was Jewish, she must be a 'chosen' one to defend while others are raped.

Believe me, I know how the doctrines and dogmas "work" and I also know how church hypocrisy "works".  Katie was going to church every Sunday I think, as she gave William blow jobs as regularly.  I mean, I'm not saying I am or anyone else is perfect, but she is not a "Christian"--she is a political tool.

Kate Middleton has been getting "PR" before she was born.

Taking her to an Arab Muslim country, to Jordan, was a way to make a Jew identifiable to Muslims.  Raising her as a so-called "commoner" was a way to make her identifiable to "commoners" which is the majority of the public.  Funding her to go to an "Ivy" college, was a way of making her identifiable to the intellectuals and the rich, who either go to these schools because they are intellectuals or they're rich.  Or, heirs to so-and-so.  Having her paint punk streaks into her hair was a way to make her seem identifiable to punks or the fringe, and not too conservative before PR-ing her into St. Andrews stodgy quarters.  Having her major in Art, made her identifiable to royals who are predominantly natural artists, when she, by nature, is not.  Being a psychic is not the same thing as being a creative artist.  You can be a redneck psychic.  Having her photographed shopping for discounts and bargains when she had enough of her family's money (via FBI in the U.S.A.) was a way to make her identifiable to those who are managers, economists, and would be wondering how she would use royal welfare and also continued the idea she was like struggling commoners in England.  Then, inclusion of her "heritage" as having some "aristocratic background", at just the right time, for the debutante 'coming-out' ball, was to gain approval from other royals and aristocratic families worldwide.  She IS special dammit.  Stripping to nothing and getting photographed nude and then getting press to force them to give her rights to the photos, makes her identifiable to ...

Guess.  American celebrities, of course, bitches, because, that's HOT.

Of course you notice, this political tool, made sure she was getting noticed for her church attendance prior to the wedding.  This was to make her identifiable to Presbyterians, The 700 Club, and anyone else who wanted to know if Katie was really "Christian" and a 'good', traditional, church-going girl.  Suddenly, she was doing devotionals and looking pious at The Church of England.

The only reason to get photographed naked and take control of press coverage is to then not look too "conservative" or boring or "good" or too virginal, because some people don't like that, like Lorraine Rose and Robin Bechtold.

I was a victim of hate crime for having too high of standards, not too low.  Lorraine was upset I was still a virgin by choice at age 24 and wanted me to hurry up and shack up and look dirtier.  Robin Bechtold was pissed I said I couldn't marry a "Catholic" and was religiously devout, so he did his best to bring me down to something he thought was closer to his own level.  Which is what made Katie so appealing--her identifiability to those whose standards were not exemplary in any way. 

So from the start, she didn't say too much or reveal too much, knowing less is more and that too much too soon could ruin the strategy. 

While she went to church each Sunday with her family, she even managed to snaggle-in the drug dealers and users by being a drug user and a drug dealer.  Who was hooking William up with his fixes in the first place?  Then when she wanted to look like she is fit to be a mother, she decided to pick PR-motherly seeming charities like "Cancer for Kids" and switches from being a drug dealer to claiming she wants to work with drug addicts.  So first she sells them their dope and now she's pretending to be their counselor.

And why identify with celebrities unless you want to further enhance a relationship already begun through drug connections?

You can see, by looking at it, how every single step and decision has been calculated, and no one does this kind of calculation from before they are born without political help, and it wasn't from "the Queen's best housekeeper."

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