Thursday, July 25, 2013

Torture As Retaliation For Legal Mailings

The U.S. is retaliating against me for filing requests for legal documents.  I mailed several requests yesterday, for records, and today I woke up because of NASA targeting my head to create a migraine.

I also realized the incision site to my temples on either side of my head, is being targeted at times which then causes intercranial bleeding and leaks through my teeth.  I photographed some of that blood.  It's not all of it and I can spit up a lot just to show but only spit a small amount into my hand to show it.

It's not gingivitis because I don't have that.  It is directly resulting from severe pain to my head, and in all cases, the bleeding only occurs in the back of my mouth by my molars on either side, directly beneath the incision sites to the temples of my head.

The bleeding is never from my front or side teeth--when it's been triggered it's been after being tortured to my head by NASA.  This kind of migraine triggering is exactly what they did to me, all the time, to force me out of work, college, and most of all, out of lawsuits that named employees of the U.S. government.

I have so many scars from incisions and cuts I have no idea what kinds of things this country implanted into my body to facilitate torture of me.

If it is really true Edward Howard is my biological father, he was supposedly telling the U.S. he'd agree to a plea bargain in 1995, after another assassination attempt against me, and a surgery in Utah where they did even more harm to me.  It's possible they made him aware that they would begin torturing me full-time.  It was after 1995 that the U.S. began this, even if a couple of times a seizure was triggered in 1993, after the first assassination attempt against me.

Aside from torture to my head to create intercranial bleeding that leaks through sites where the U.S. has implanted me and made incisions into my head, I have other places in my body that turn up with suspicious markers for the same kind of thing.  One such place is my knee, and I also have cut marks on my thighs and feet.  Additionally, an area in my pelvic region has been identified as having "free fluid" since I had my son but it was possibly there before I was pregnant with him and could have indicated I was tortured by having something put inside of my body there for trafficking for the U.S. government.

The U.S. has trafficked me by forcing me to work for their employees, and it is obvious they used my body without my consent to implant devices into me.  It is not impossible then, that they used me for other things.

The migraine is torture.  It's the exact same jabbing and targeting of my head, that causes head and eye pain as NASA and The Pentagon have done to other parts of my head, which then resulted in bumps on my head.  The places where they've targeted me, I've checked at the time, are red like touched on by a laser, and red on the surface, not from swelling.

The U.S. not only tortures me when I am attempting to obtain records about my legal situations (this is when I've been tortured the most), they force me into hospitals and clinics so doctors they know can inject me with substances and take blood samples and other specimens from me for their own Nazi experiments.

Yesterday I mailed 8 letters to lawyers, attorney generals, the IRS, a hospital,  and DSHS for records.  My being targeted since this morning, is because of this, not because I am suddenly having migraines again.  All they're doing, is applying the pressure to my head without quitting or triggering whatever they implanted into my head to react, the same way they have targeted other parts of my head.

Also, maybe someone made an excuse because I bought tortilla chips but that has nothing to do with NASA targeting my head.  They started using it as a cover when I thought maybe I had an allergy to corn that was causing it, so then all of a sudden, whenever I got corn chips, I was being targeted for migraine, but I've had corn chips in D.C., and TN, and plenty of other places and it was never done to me, and I have corn meal that I've been using at my house for months and made cornbread and tortillas and not once did I have a "migraine".  So the idea that I have migraines from "commercial corn chips" is nothing but a cover, because THEY thought I thought that was a possible cause, just like the whole lie about "menstrual migraine".

The U.S. is still torturing me to my head and it's now 11:10 a.m. and they started this around 7 or 8 a.m.  Also, about a half hour ago, they began targeting my heart too, to create the burning sensation, and earlier than this they targeted a spot where I cut my eye and had stitches when I was 11 years old or so.  Yesterday after I mailed my letters they targeted my feet to cause my toes and feet to curl under repeatedly, and cramp.

And in addition to all of this, I have another patchy area of dry skin on my backside from some kind of chemical, and the only kind that ever causes this reaction has been Haldol, and I've had another dry spot there for the last two days.

This is in addition to finding someone broke into my house again and put red dots all over vegan butter I had on my counter.  Someone went in and put something into my butter that caused red dots to show up in it on the top.  That was done on the 21st in the late afternoon-evening after I went back to my house after visiting with my parents.

The only reason to start this up again, and continue torture to my head, is for the Pentagon's excuse of getting another head scan to see what kind of damages they've inflicted in the last 3 years.  Every 3 years, exactly, they have done this--found an excuse for getting a CT or MRI of my head that they compare with their other Nazi scans.  They have been doing this since 1995, exactly every 3 years.

I believe one or both of my parents have participated and know what was done to me and why I've had the migraines and torture.  They have worked with the government in some of the things that have been done to me.

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