Tuesday, July 2, 2013

FBI Premeditates Triple Homocide Using Agents

I woke up seeing something this morning with possibly different connections than before.  It's not new information but a slightly stronger idea that suggests the FBI is responsible for murder of my unborn children TWICE, not one time, and of attempted homicide of my children 3 times, in addition to having employees involved in assassination attempts by premeditated vehicular homicide.

It also might mean some Iranians and the Middletons were involved, along with Josh Gatov and would provide a motive for a select group of Jews and Muslims to collude against me who worked for the FBI.

I personally like Iranian things (food, art, and language) but these Iranians were Middleton-loyals who also worked for the U.S. and it comes to mind when I wonder why anyone at all who was Muslim might have a motive to try to harm me.  For example, the Indians who injected me with Haldol and worked with the military and FBI told me they were all Muslim Indians.  I don't know if this is true and I thought the intake woman was Hindu but if they were, the only time I could have possibly offended anyone was when I went out with an Iranian and thought I was possibly pregnant.

I was given a morning-after pill to abort the baby by people who worked with the FBI.  The woman took me to the same place Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza had taken me to, to have it done and the bartender behind the bar was the only one who could have possibly done it.  Once the drink was on the table and I left for the restroom, she would have had to reach over and do something and it would have been noticed, at the table she chose, which was in the middle of a room.  By the way she acted, she knew about it and was involved even if she didn't put the drug into the drink. 

This was for the Iranian who said he had a girlfriend at St. Andrews, and whose father worked for the U.S. as a computer specialist and scientist.  Portland police talked to him privately and knew who he was already, and then the FBI showed up at my door moments after he left my house, to talk about Garza and Bujanda.  It was after this that I called the Iranian and said I might be pregnant.  The woman invited me out, took me to Bar 71, and I was given a drink and began having massive stomach contractions and cramps.  This was after I told the Iranian I would not take the morning-after pill and didn't believe in it.

Chris Dabney later repeated this same cycle, asking me to take the morning after pill and when I wouldn't, the U.S. aborted by unborn by force.  Both times, the U.S. government was involved and it would make twice for homicide, or once for homicide and once for attempted homicide with the belief I was pregnant, and then another count of torture and kidnapping of my son Oliver.

Both times Jews were involved.

The Iranian man seemed to know of Josh Gatov and I intuitively or instinctively believed they knew eachother.  The only way they could have known eachother would have been through government work or the Middletons (St. Andrews).  If the Iranian didn't want the baby, having the U.S. government kill it for him would make him feel indebted to them.

Later, when Chris Dabney told me to take the morning-after pill and it didn't, and was over 3 months along, the U.S. used a Moroccan housemate who was working with a Jew named Daniel and began targeting me and my unborn for torture by the military and aerospace defense at my place in Arlington, VA.  I was right next to the Pentagon when I and my unborn baby, verified by the U.S. Army to be alive, were tortured.
When I went to the Iranian embassy about political asylum, if they knew the FBI had assisted an Iranian in killing an unwanted baby, they might have thought they would return the favor and call police and turn me in for going to them.  The U.S. then constructed a way to murder my unborn baby and then force me to live with Alvaro Pardo as they tried to set me up and entrap me for marriage fraud and held me hostage to prevent me from leaving the country, going back to Washington state, or even going to court to contest a harassment order against me that was damaging to my case getting my son back when I was actually assaulted by a woman working with the CIA and Mossad in Nigeria.  Her son whose friend worked at the CIA, received a new cross necklace after the murder of my unborn at the hospital and when I asked if it was a Catholic rosary, he said no it was Ethiopian Orthodox.  It was the same kind of beaded cross and the same size as the one I had had, so I thought it was unusual it suddenly showed up but he was wearing it under his t-shirt when it bulged out and didn't lie flat.

When I was the victim of another vehicular homicide attempt, it was after I'd already met him at a computer place and bought an audio recording device and exchanged phone numbers with him.  I was then victim of another vehicular homicide attempt in Washington D.C. while leaving an Ethiopian restaurant en route to my workplace according to my work schedule, which was known and posted for all employees at The Post Pub.

I had thought it was sort of strange that someone who was Ethiopian Orthodox would act so guilty or like he had something to hide.  When I asked about the cross, he averted his eyes and didn't want to look at me, and looked really guilty but had been fondling it with a kind of glazed satisfaction, like it was a present from someone for something he had done that was secretive.

Chris Dabney's house was next door to a Greek Orthodox church. 

The idea of having my Muslim Moroccan housemate working with the man from Mossad was basically a mirror image of the Muslim Iranian working with a Jew from Portland, Oregon federal offices.  The Jew had a motive to conceal raping me and was motivated with an incentive to defame me over it and the Muslim had a motive to conceal knowledge of who had assisted in a forced abortion of a baby.

This would provide incentive for Muslim Indians to assault me with Haldol for those same Jews and other U.S. military and government (FBI) to continue to try to discredit me and to destroy my life.

After this, with a woman who I believe knew Christa Schneider (who told me she was lesbian later) and who knew Richard and Helen, I was invited to have dinner with Christa and her entire gang for the last time, assaulted by Devin in another government attempt to date rape me and then asked by a panicked FBI S.S.A. Julie Thornton, why I was moving to Washington state.  She was panicked because another one of their agents, Devin, was involved.

There is also no possible way the FBI did not know who the woman was that took me to the same place I went with FBI agents Bujanda and Garza (only once before she took me there) when they had already had me under close surveillance with Portland police and themselves, and had timed their arrival to be minutes after their Iranian friend left my house.

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