Sunday, July 28, 2013

John Kerry: Eastern Indian Tampering Of My Computer

My computer is being hacked and surveilled by Eastern Indians connected to Mike Tancer and Heintz from the Department of State.

Ever since this man John Kerry took his position, I've had nothing but trouble from Microsoft, because apparently Bill Gates and Microsoft know a lot of Eastern Indian techs that are friends with Tancer and Heintz.

Starting yesterday someone started doing even more malicious work on my computer and then I went to the store and came back and someone broke into my house again, to the door, moved things all around my porch including things I was having dry out, and all night someone has been switching my computer screensavers around, and turning things off and on, and this is on top of a lot of computer manipulation of my photos that I've been taking, including not taking the photo at the time it's supposed to, to alteration of the camera so that the length and width and aperture and color and details are all different from what they are half the time.

I did not have any problem with Microsoft until John Kerry.  How much money do Bill and Melinda Gates donate to the Democratic Party, or maybe I should be asking how much money they donated to his presidential campaign?  Because all I've had is massive problems with them that should have been resolved with one phone call and instead it's taken days and weeks worth of hours to try to get into MY business and personal email account.

They told me not to do anything about it for at least 6 months and that it would probably take longer than that but at least 6 months.  They also did this around the turn of the New Year, which was about 2-3 months after Katie Middleton confirmed her pregnancy.

It's like Mike Tancer and his Eastern Indian mafia and John Kerry decided to do her some favors.  Not even Hilary Clinton was asking Microsoft to shut my email down--it's John Kerry, the man who is nursing a grudge and is still pissed off that I wrote on my blog about his son being a drug dealer and then he lost his campaign.

He probably blamed me, because it was after that, and my reports to FBI about agents and obstruction of justice, that I was being tortured FT.

Not even Hilary Clinton.  Because actually, why would SHE care to be involved to shut my email down?  Maybe she'd do something else to me, or not like something I've said, but I can't think of anything I ever did or said that was political or "out there" to have her try something like this...but of course, John Kerry did.

Not only that, every single time I've been calling either the IRS or Microsoft now, I'm getting the same people, and with the Department of Social and Health Services.  I have been getting voices of people that are identical to eachother.  The black woman who took my IRS call also sounded exactly like a woman I talked to from a Safeway corporate office when I called, like it got patched through to the same woman but was supposed to sound like a Safeway employee.  Then, the woman who took my call from the OIG DSHS had a voice that was similar (but not exact).  When I've called Microsoft, every single time I end up talking to the same Eastern Indian man who sounds like he is fresh off of the Boat from England.  The first time Microsoft patched me to his offices, all the people in the background sounded like a bunch of MI5 employees.  All of them were talking more than normal computer employees would be talking and then I must have been on some kind of speakerphone because when I made a couple of comments the entire room got quiet, all at the same time.  When I said, "It's the same password I've always had.  I never changed it from the time I set up the account" they all quit talking with eachother and it was silent.

I'm tired of corporate and government bullshit.  This shouldn't be a problem and it's more than a "PRISM" problem, it's a John Kerry personal vendetta and favors to his pals problem.

I don't think any country should be doing business with him.  His other relative, (possibly), another Heinz, not the one who is Theresa's son, came into Wenatchee and told me I was getting my son back when he was "7 years old".  This was a Heinz who was related to Michelle Erickson.  He is also a man who stalked me on a bus, said he was touring the world doing psychic phenomena research and thought I was psychic, and who talked about termites with another man on the bus, as he wore some Adidas hat because he thought it was important to have a triangle symbol on his head.

I think my next report is going to be John Kerry, for malicious interference and retaliation and harassment over his being pissed about my blog.

The other thing this Eastern Indian man from Microsoft kept doing, was trying to intimidate me to leave and flee the country of the U.S.  I guess that's because we all know his Eastern Indian friends won't have such a hard time making a hit on me per Panetta's orders if I'm not in the U.S. and have no money.  He even went so far as to tell me to "run".  Threatening, intimidating, and attempting to make me think I had a REASON to run and that "we got you now!" just because they were "investigating" my computer activities.

You can see how frightened I am.

Boy.  I have a LOT to hide don't I.

This man, while he was uploading all of my personal computer information onto a Microsoft server, first said he was just going to connect the Microsoft server to mine and then get me back into my account.  So he didn't.  He uploaded all of my files, not just my email files but my personal files too, and then said it would be 6 months and "run".

It was very obvious he was hoping I had an actual reason to worry or want to run when I didn't, and I don't.  I know what I do on my computer and what I write and think about, and anything that's not on my blog, is even less important than most of my email, aside from my business and legal documentation.

There is nothing to hide from him or anyone.  I don't even have porn on my computer, and I don't have sites on how to harm others or build weird things.  So I'm sick and tired of Kerry's shit.

Theresa Heinz probably had her recent health problem all on account of PRISM and then suddenly realizing, "Oh shit.  Kerry is spying on Cameo Garrett and it's going to be public information!"

I didn't ruin his campaign by the way, or try to ruin it at all.  I feel sorry for Heinz about his Dad dying too.  What I didn't like, was the government gang rape set up and then finding out Heinz was a drug dealer connected to Kerry seemed odd to me and was mostly a point that led to military.

I mean, yeah.  "You'll have your son again.  It might be a little longer, but I see you in a big courthouse...and your son is about 7 years old."

This is the boston cream pie man who had some kind of porn involving cream pies and was doing research on government psychics at the same time.

The only other person I can think of, who would be up to this is Carl and Mary Del Balzo and their Eastern Indian friends and Italian friends that include Panetta.

What else?  what else aside from Bullivant Houser Bailey and FBI's Diane Harsha.

This person tonight changed my screen saver from something that was plain and blank, which is how I like it, to a photo of me with a guinea pig.  I guess, because it's funny to them I have a guinea pig when Katie Middleton's group tortured and raped me and then made sure her timing was to have a public baby while they orchestrated the other events for the backdrop.

It's the icing on CIA cake.

I would never, NEVER, in a million years, believe the CIA ever had good intentions for my life.  They have spent all of their MK Ultra CIA money colluding with corrupt military, the meanest of the most cruel and detached, to ruin my life and create a play-by-play on how they were going to do this.  Their entire objective has been to use me as a piece of government property like a robot, or an accessory to their agents and spies, and then torture me and defame me.

They have given me nothing and will never amount to anything good--EVER.  My son's life is ruined because of them.  It's not the military alone, and it's not just the FBI alone, the CIA is the organization that was able to intercept and know if U.S. citizens were really tortured on U.S. soil and if my son was one of them.  What did they do?  They've destroyed my son's life and they murdered my other son.  They also worked with Canadians whom they've been paying off with MK Ultra money for decades. 

What was the publicity of Edward Snowden for? over PRISM?  CIA defector Edward Howard's not in prison?  Edward Howard's "snowed" in prison?

If the U.S. infrastructure can be destroyed in a day, as Edward Snowden says, how is it possible one man has that much information about the U.S. operations and then decides to keep all of it a secret except for PRISM?

It is good he talked about it.  I'm not complaining.  But I also want to see the person who talks about the things that will destroy the U.S. infrastructure because that is obviously what needs to happen.  You can't "get by" pulling in more unknowns into a rotten equation.  You don't make deals with Eastern India for billions when prostitution of 14 year olds and younger is legal.  You don't make deals with Indians who torture people and are only too happy to take a bribe and make a hit without any moral consideration, whether it's to drug someone or assault them.  You don't pass immigration laws to allow a bunch of unknown Hispanics who have no history or record and could be anyone, with any ID card, into the U.S. when the already rotten to the core.  Why add in all of these unknowns and pay out billions, when this country is so rotten they are torturing me and my son who is a child and innocent, and are trafficking other kids as well?

Where is the CIA person who is going to expose THAT to the public? 

Is it so sad and sick, that they have to protect this as being THE only infrastructure they have?  The torture and sexual abuse of children?

How about people like Cullen, who have nothing to do but give someone like William of Wales an ax in Chile for a photo op.  Like there aren't better things to do with his "time".  Maybe MA or RI boy can find a good match of Frisbee with Robin.

All of Robin's fucking relatives are CIA.  It makes me sick.  He is so CIA they even changed their family name so that people wouldn't find out so fast.  I mean, yeah, the Herr-Hitlits of English royalty changed their names to something more Saxon to not sound so German for sensitivity reasons, but then on the other end of the spectrum, are all the Nazis that work for CIA and make bets on raping women.  Of course, they protected Katie Middleton because...?

I'm at a loss for words.

That's right.  Blackberries.  Because of the Blackberries.

I read a poll that 5% of the population (somewhere) say they hate Katie Middleton.  I would like to know why actually.  First of all, you can see her PR is good for it to be only 5% when if people really knew what she's done, she wouldn't be a "royal stripper" anymore.  For the 5% who hate her, if their reasons are not torture of their kids and themselves because of her and her CIA fucks, then I seriously wonder what their reasons are.  They are the highly educated ones?  They have info? (please share).  There are lots of people to "hate" for jealousy reasons, who are prettier, smarter, more congenial, and more "everything" in every way.  She's not someone you pick out for being jealous over because she has some special talent or attribute (which is probably why she's not minded by most) so for those who think they hate her, why?  Not just the royals-factor either I don't think, because Charles Spencer married a Canadian bitch, and Peter Annes son married some blond woman, and people are marrying and everything, and there is fault to find for any of them.  So why hate Katie.

My reasons?  are very clear and justified.  But seriously, did anyone else get attacked because of her "people"?  Her "people" are shrewd, not out-in-the-open about crimes, so I would like to know what it is.  Eastern Indian Muslims apparently like her or they wouldn't have hated me and drugged me with Haldol. 

Why hate me and love her?  Like, what does she have to do with Eastern Indian Muslims? (if they were really Muslim, and I know the intake woman was not--she was Hindi).

If the top 1% of the rich hated her, she wouldn't be alive.  They apparently had a ho-down in some Mason Lodge and drew a lotto ball out of the popper and then had sex with her on an altar and declared she was the high priestess.

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