Friday, July 19, 2013

Witch Hazel Cure For Eyes

Today I accidentally discovered a cure, or partial cure, for an eye condition I have had since at least 1994.

I noticed it first when I was at an opthamologist in Wilsonville, Oregon, when I worked at Body Works Gym.  The eye doctor was Japanese and that's all I remember, aside from the fact he was the only one who ever gave me the right eye prescription and glasses. 

I asked him about something I had noticed in the inside corners of the whites of my eyes, a yellowish thicker material there.  He said it was probably from the wind, that strong winds would do this to eyes sometimes and then a few other things.  It wasn't a disease or real problem, just sort of a slightly thicker part of the eye that was barely noticeable and was slightly yellow in color.

After decades, and having no eye problems, I got rid of it partially today so I'm sharing how I did.  I guess Native Americans have used witch hazel as an eye remedy for years, maybe that's where the whole description for 'hazel' eyes even comes from--witch hazel.  I don't know.  But I got a normal solution of witch hazel that has alcohol in it as well and I dipped a finger in and then dabbed it on the inside corners and looked in the mirror, shocked to see this "small" thing I had for decades, a problem, or more of an irregularity, was gone.

I don't recommend applying ispropyl alcohol to the whites of the eyes, or witch hazel, without knowing what you're doing and knowing it's right for whatever you have, but I dabbed a little on, and it worked so then I applied an entire drop and it stung, but when I looked in the mirror, it was thinner viscoisouity (? msp) and it was not as yellow and my eyesight is fine.  I don't use eye drops of any kind, ever, for anything.  I've never purchased them for myself except for maybe one time, decades ago, but used it once or maybe I just borrowed my Moms.  I never needed it.

But this isn't eye-drops, it's witch hazel, and it's really great to re-discover something personally that has been used for centuries. 

I did buy eye drops recently, but they have only been used on one of my guinea pigs, and I got the right thing for him too.  The whites of his eyes changed a little, to sort of brownish in places and I don't know why.  Then, one of them was running a little with a semi-opaque white eye running.  I looked up what has been used on guinea pigs, after I wondered if human eye drops, or a chemical in some kinds, might work on him.  So I checked, and when I read that a chemical used for humans in one kind has also been used with success in a guinea pig, I bought it and tried it and it was instant relief for him and so far, looks like a cure.  I have used it less and less and I have 3/4 of the bottle left and his eye problem is resolved.

So anyway.  There you are.  Two potential remedies for eyes affirmed: one for humans and one for guinea pigs.  It's not my original idea, but it came to me originally without seeing it was done already, and it is something that works for things so I'm just bringing it up in case someone might be able to feel they could try it.

The chemical for the guinea pig is naphozoline hydrochloride 0.12% and glycerin 0.25%. 

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