Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vandalization Of My Property Today

Someone snuck into my house and vandalized a picture I had that I liked and thought of framing, and then they left two unsalted pecan halves on top of my wastebasket.

They broke a pecan half in two basically, and left both parts there, after ruining my picture by bending it back and forth twice.

The pecan looked organic to me, like, someone bought them from the health food store in town and it did not have any salt on it.

The only kind of person that would put unsalted organic pecans on my trash basket and ruin my picture, would be the type of person that either bought a box of them at the Safeway, where they have them, possibly unsalted, or the health food store in town.  I don't know a lot of teens that eat pecans or who would do this and the only way to get into my house was to go down a trail that is behind my house which only the neighbors behind me would know about.

I was outside reading when it was done, on the other side of my house.  It is most likely a middle aged woman.  It is also someone who has had access to audio surveillance from the inside of my house and I have a specific reason for knowing this. 

It was someone who had to walk down that neighborhood road to get to that path and any of the neighbors would have seen them so it was someone from the neighborhood already.  About the same time, someone who drives a garbage truck was parked up at the top of that road but I don't think they would do that. 

My Mom then came down that same road looking sort of mad and vindicated about something but my Mom wouldn't have done that and they don't have unsalted pecans and would not go into my house to do this.  She definitely would not find a reason to ruin a picture I have, to pick it up from where it was, crumple it on one side and then bend up the corner twice. 

Most likely it was the blond woman who goes to the Methodist church and lives up the road.  She has come onto the property at different times, and might do this and then lie and claim she was there, if I caught her, to check her horse fence.  She would also talk to my Mom. 

The only reason my Mom would have a vindicated look on her face is because I had my shoes switched out with another pair and this one has the liners in them so my writing about my shoe liners missing, if someone went in and saw them there, they'd tell her, and she would feel vindicated.  This is why I know the person that broke into my house and vandalized my things talked to my Mom because I know they told her or she found out and how would she find out unless they told her. 

Yesterday someone went into my house and rummaged through one of my drawers and left things unorganized too.  Every single day someone has been breaking into my house and stealing from me or ruining my property.

I wasn't drinking or confused when my shoe liners were missing.  And as a matter of fact, I dumped almost a half full container of alcohol down the drain yesterday because I had noticed some kind of mold spore flavor to it which was not how it was when I first opened it. 

One of the individuals involved in this, and getting into my house, has been using local media as part of their game.  I picked up a newspaper that is published in Coos Bay, Oregon and found out.  The Register published a front-page article about a group of women who "investigate" "spirits" and it was about how they heard rumors spirits were there at the Coast Guard armory, so they went in and discovered, "We definitely found spirits in there" and then they all stood with t-shirts that had a circle and then a cross bar through it, and then there was an article about babies or having them near it when I have been planning to get pregnant.  They said their K-2 light found the spirits.  This is when my Dad took me to the Coast Guard station in a beach town nearby and we've gone there before, and I live in a military prison.  Then they had a food magazine about how "to discover a whole new taste with Goya"--, and then an inside article about Project Green Fork and how to get rid of waste, "kudos" going to Margot McKneely in Memphis, TN.

This article about House of Spirits was published after my house was broken into and after I had purchased some alcohol, not that I go through it as some assume.  So then someone gave my Dad a white gate with a big cross-bar through it, which got put in the back of our property in the center of a big L shape.  This was given to him after people had broken into my house and I had prenatal vitamins next to "made with love" vitamins that I haven't used because they have an animal product in them. 

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