Friday, July 19, 2013

Stealing My Mother's Diary and Hats With Nets

I have some very serious questions about Katie Middleton and her use of my parents:  Bob and Dicksie Garrett, even if I'm told Edward Howard is my biological father.

The idea Edward is my biological father makes some of the comments people made to me, make more sense.  For example, lawyers smirking and telling me to tell Nathan Zodrow "Tell him you'll do a polygraph" when that was the entire reason the FBI accused Edward Howard of lying and defecting to Russia.

Several lawyers would say this to me and it was like they all thought it was a great inside joke, when I had no idea who Edward Howard was at the time, that I was related to him, and what the hilarity in having me state I would take a polygraph was.

There is far more than that, for comments, but that's one, and combined, all of it shows me how many people knew this about me and thought it was fine for them to know, but not me.

My questions about Katie Middleton have to do with the inclusion of her name in our circle after she was born, and the disappearance of my own belongings and family keepsakes.  Who would want them?  Were they being stolen or were just some of them being stolen while other things were actually being "moved" into Kate Middleton's possession.  I know Rani Guzman got some of my hand-me-clothes, but Locklyn wouldn't steal my Mom's great-grandmother's diary.

Katie Middleton's entire (and only) "trademark" were her small hats with nets and feathers.  This is something my mother began collecting while we still lived in Moses Lake, Wa, long before Katie ever thought to wear the same thing, or copy this.

I think at first one of the Dicksies wanted me to wear one of them and I said, "Mom, no one wears a hat like that in the U.S.  Maybe in England, but not here."  She looked really disappointed.  Then later, I actually asked about looking at the hats and thought about wearing one and I was told I couldn't.  In the meantime, one of the Dicksies was constantly acquiring new hats with nets and feathers, small ones that only took up about half of the head, little caps sort of 20s-40s vintage style, (some of them maybe a little older) and she started collecting hat boxes.

She got all these round hat boxes, and started collecting hat after hat, with netting on them, and feathers, and then I remember my mother (one of them) taking them out and trying them on in front of the mirror all the time.  I saw all these different hats coming in and then all of a sudden, they were disappearing from our house just as fast.  I said, "Mom, why are you buying all these hats if you never wear them?"

So who started wearing them?

Kate Middleton.


My mother's response was to avoid my question.  She said, "I like them" and then later when I wanted to look at them I was told to keep my hands off the hats and hat boxes.  She had some in the hat boxes and then some sitting out for display, as if someone had just been in our house and took off their hat and left it there.

First, one of my mother's almost looked like they were in tears when she asked me to wear one on one day.  I didn't know why it was so important and I liked them but I said I could wear them in England, but not very well in the U.S.  Then after that, I guess the "bid", and the diaries, and my clothing, and dolls, and a whole lot of things, got moved over to the Katie-kooch.

Maybe one of the Dicksies was related to me and wanted me to wear one and the other Dicksie has been connected to Katie Middleton ever since she was born.

One thing I know, is Katie was never wearing hats like that until after Princess Diana died.  All kinds of things got "re-invented" then.

Either one of my parents has supported her, her entire life, while I was getting squashed, and thrown into electrocution, or someone extorted things from us and tried to make my parents a slave to her contacts.

My mother even had one of the netted hats sitting next to a nest of speckled bird eggs once. 

While Charles Spencer made some big speech and article to William and Harry about not getting involved with someone who would sell off their family heirlooms, I was being extorted into selling off (to have later returned, which has never happened) my own keepsakes and heirlooms, when they were too large to steal (my antique ceramic doll, my Martin guitar, my hope chest, my tourmaline ring, and all my diaries and letters and jewelry and most of my clothing).

I think some of the hats started to disappear the same time the diary of my great-great-grandmother disappeared.  It was around 1990 or a little before we moved but they could have been stored differently, in the hat boxes.  I think they were being moved. Then I never saw them on display anywhere in the main living room in Sherwood, and the hat boxes went into my parent's bedroom.  At one point I did discover, possibly in Moses Lake still, the hats were coming in and going out.

I'm sure the FBI has better things to do than to ship and sneak hats over to Katie from the United States.  And dolls.

All of Katie's hats, which some tried to claim she had made her own "unique style", were exactly like the hats my mother had bought which I saw.  I'm sure young women in England wore hats, or wear hats, but the kind she chose and the fact that it's not exactly routine to wear a hat there, were the ones my mother bought or exact copies.  She is a Copy Kat.

So it's not just seeing a photo of Kate Middleton in a skirt that matches one of my favorite skirts I had worn, that belonged to my mother in the 70s.  It's hats too.  It's a lot of things.

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