Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kate Middleton and Rick and Dotti Steel (spies)

Rick and Dottie Steel spy for Katie Middleton.

This is a fact.

I will explain more soon, here on this post.

I walked around and rediscovered Rick and Dotti Steel's house not far from my parent's house, abutting the Sheriff's department (external offices).  I found a path that went through a playground for kids and trailers marked "Trackpack"--something to this effect, and found the Steels house.

Rick Steel and Dotti Steel have been spying for Katie. 

The couple of meetings I went to where they were there, they did this whole "psychic" work thing, guised as "prayer".

Guess what was pronounced about ME?  They called me "Cain".  You know, like Cain and Abel?  They said the "mark of Cain" (or curse) would be on anyone who tried to kill me or harm me.  I don't know, but if I'm really Edward Howard's kid (I mean, was, before I was a Garrett), I was Cameo Howard--CH, like the cane sugar you buy at the store.  CH.  I don't know if this is where they got the idea of "cain". 

I think, not only do the descriptions of "steely Kate" fit cutting my mother and cutting of my son, on her behalf, it fits the fact that the Steels have spied for her.

I should add though, when I first moved over here, my parent's weren't acting like they had a problem with Katie Middleton.  Instead, they acted like her supporters until they found out how I had figured some things out and how I hated her.

So I'm not sure exactly.  Since my parents are twins maybe one set supports her and the other doesn't.  What I know is that they acted like they liked her and thought references, slight, about her or suggesting her, were cute and reason to smile between eachother.  For example, they gave smiles and looks at the part where the Kate Middleton CIA woman walks through the halls and is later followed by a woman with my mother's hair, in the movie Spy Games.  The other movie they exchanged smiles at was one where some guy is out in the desert and getting hijacked or something, or needs a car, and a couple of young women in a jeep stop at a gas station and then get spooked, with one of them wearing hot pants, looking like Kate in face, body, and outfit (which she wore for some rollerblading party).

This, in addition to other smiles, suggested to me that my parents supported her and were personally fond of her.  When I started questioning it, the entire attitude changed, until finally, it got to the point where one of them suggested the person involved in cutting her face was not just Patti Otterbach but Kate Middleton.  So maybe one of the Dicksies was cut by Middleton--I don't know.  I know they came across as liking her and supporting her as if she was their own daughter at first.  The only reason to change their attitudes is if they thought my discovery of this would lead to further suspicion about what was being done to ME as a kid, and why SHE was in my way.  It also seemed like a large group was constantly on eggshells about what I might say or do that could tip her (Katies) boat.

I don't think anyone would be worried about my talking about something that would tip her boat over, if there wasn't something there that is bad enough to send her and any of her minion, into exile.

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