Wednesday, July 10, 2013

U.S. Chemical Contamination Of My House

I explained there is a branch of the Army that deals specifically with chemicals, biochemical, fungus, and other things.  There are people in this town that are employed in that division and they have done things to my house more than once.  I am going to show a photo of orange and green mold that began growing everywhere after one of them contaminated my house.

This is coffee grounds and nothing else in it.  The coffee grounds, left only a couple of days to compost later, turned into green and orange mold spots.  This kind of mold, and color, is not normal for Oregon where I live.  The first time it appeared was after I purchased a bag of teff flour and green and orange mold spores began growing from the inside of the container and then the outside of the paper bag.  I threw out $100 of teff flour because of it.  There is no mold that grows, in this part of Oregon, in green and orange colors.  This photo does not even do the color justice because it's bright orange and a bright sage green.  This occurred after I had blogged about having a swingset someone gave my parents in Moses Lake that was green and orange striped on white. 
So obviously, some chemical engineer thought it would be funny to introduce this into my house.
This is not the only thing that has been done.  Once, after someone broke into my house (military), suddenly, mushrooms were growing on my bathroom floor when there was no possible way anything had gotten into the house to grow mushrooms on a carpet.    The mushrooms began growing in my carpet last winter, after I was buying tons of mushrooms to eat, looking up mushrooms online, and asking my parents to get me shiitake mushrooms for health benefits (from Costco).  So suddenly, after I was buying mushrooms, someone went into my house and thought it would be funny to introduce mushrooms spores into my carpet.  I cleaned it several times and they still grew.  Finally, I used a mixture of acetone and ammonia to scrub it out and it worked and didn't bleach out the carpet.  However, someone thought I was going to use bleach to try to kill it, and bleach out and lighten my carpet, and suddenly the neighborhood deer that get cornered by these people somehow, showed up with bleached out spots on their hides.  So there were deer with all these bleached out white spots on their tan fur, but I had not used bleach--I did some research and decided I would use ammonia and acetone. 
The other chemical things that have been done to my house affect my health.  Some kind of weird, "Chinese spice" smell, as my Dad calls it, was wafting through my house for several days in a row recently, even though I had the front door wide open and there was a breeze.  It is a distinct chemical smell and I had been eating salads and nothing I had or kept in my house smelled like that.  So then I was so tired from it, I slept almost 3 days straight and have felt exhausted between chemical fumes, contamination of my house, and torture from NASA.  I had a doctor appointment today and they checked my blood pressure and said it was 108/96 or something like that.  I said, "What was it last time?" because I wanted to know how I had been affected by these drugs and chemicals too and I was told 124/90 or something like that.  So my blood pressure dropped 20 points on account of my being turned into a lethargic zombie.
This is not the only chemical contamination that has been done to my house. 
Also, I believe it is positive I had a drug-eluting stent placed in my body.  I had thought it was just a stent, period, for torture, but there is some kind of drug in it, in my opinion.  The reason I say this is because it isn't anything I am eating or drinking that suddenly triggers a droopy-eye reaction to occur.  I've been testing this out and I'm not finding it is conditional on any specific food or drink.  I would say, however, I am not 100% positive it isn't something I'm drinking or eating first, and will be more certain of it in a week or so.  It is just what I have gathered in general, and I've been checking my eyes to see when it happens.  Often, it's after I've been tortured to my heart.  So if there is some kind of artery that goes to one eye and not the other that is getting affected when I'm tortured to my heart, I suppose that's a possibility.  I will have to keep watching.
One thing is for sure.  See that photo of the green and orange mold?  Do you have that kind of mold in your house?  And did you ever write about a green and orange swingset you were given as a kid? and then have this mold show up on your belongings?
How about mushrooms?  when is the last time you had spaghetti with mushrooms and then looked up mushrooms and how they're grown, out of curiosity, and then suddenly, you find them "magically" growing all over your bathroom floor?
How about an odd and very peculiar "chemical smell" that is described by a relative as the same smell they detected in another relative's house before they died?  To them, their description was "Belinda's Chinese spices" smell.
I am sure that if you think about it, like me, and with me, you can be persuaded by me, when I say I am not exaggerating--I have been subjected to disgusting chemicals from the U.S. Army and military.   No one does this kind of thing for "research" when they've already researched the results.  They have been doing this to me, in my house, to deliberately affect my health and play mind games when they know I am writing about specific topics.  It's "theme-oriented-revenge". 
That photo, of the coffee grounds, is not because I'm a slob or I did something weird.  I kept the same kind of compost 2 years ago here and nothing like that happened.  The orange and green with white colored fuzzy molds appeared only after I ordered teff flour.  It never showed up before.  And it grew on a bag that had a blue and yellow flower in the middle.  Kate Middleton decided to get pregnant and carry out yellow flowers wearing a blue scarf that matched the color of this bag, right after. 
The mushrooms were occurring before the teff and I killed them all.  The other thing that occurred was there was a very bizarre "Katie Middleton" reaction from Fred Meyer Jewish pharmacists when I decided to return some glycerin to them, after I found out it wasn't vegetable-based glycerin. 

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