Wednesday, July 24, 2013

687 EAX and other license plates

This is a license plate of a man I believe has access or knowledge to people that torture me and my family with technology:

687 EAX

He noticed I looked at his eyes and he was mostly interested in seeing my eyes and what kind of damage was done.  I got home and saw my eyes had sunken in from torture by technology and knew why he was looking.    He wasn't looking as someone concerned but wanting to know if it worked and what results it produced.  He drove a used sedan and wore an earpiece to his ear.  He had dark brown hair, white, and looked possibly mixed Asian.

One who drove past mocking me and waving with a smug look was in a truck with plates 197221.

A suspicious and smug middle aged woman in 200 DHQ.

67694 for a suspicious man.

There are others but these are some plates for now.  The one with EAX drives an understated car for the level of work he gets access to.

Another man who was watching me to see the effects, in the library was a middle aged man I've seen before and he "looks" Jewish and I've thought he is, but I don't know for sure.

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