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UPDATED: Torture Marks On My Thighs

UPDATED 7/6/13:  The torture marks, I said, match this "victor" sign when I either had my legs open to the sides or together, and I wasn't sure, but would check and it's when they're open to the sides.  So basically, it's the "victor" sign as shown below, making a V with a slash on either leg, when they are spread open, and a torture mark from some kind of dot, on both thighs, in the exact same place.  It is not from a curling iron burn I had once, because I can see where that is and it's a different place, and has nothing to do with the straight cut scars (they look like cut scars but possibly burn scars because I am not sure how the dots got there)  on either of my thighs with the round dot on both sides.

The torture marks of being slashed and having electrodes pressed into spots on my legs, in the same place, on either side, wasn't from a crease in my pants or buttons on the back pockets.  They are scars. 

They are made out to be V shaped with a \ on one let and a / slash line on the other and then two dots, one on each leg, in the same place, about the size of the head of a pencil eraser.  The V then basically points to my genitals.

This is what it looks like:

This is exactly how the marks are made on my thighs.  This mousetrap is made by England, U.S., and Canada and I know because I bought one from McKays store in town, and thought I might use it for art that I wanted to make, not killing mice.  I got it home and set it up and thought about how Granny had started showing me she was using mouse traps like this and I read who made it and where it was distributed.  Then I returned it.  Basically, you can see the same idea in the logos on bottles of Mom 2 Mom pedialyte, where on one hand it looks like one thing, and then on the other, it looks like a woman on her back with her legs spread open into a V.  This mouse trap design really wouldn't be a big deal at all, but then I discovered the cut marks and torture marks from some kind of attached electrode or something, most likely for electrocution, matched the design for the Victor mouse trap precisely.  I think I wrote the dots were at the end of the line slashes, but that's the design on something inside of my knee.  The marks on my thighs match this Victor mouse trap.  So if my biological Dad is Edward Lee Victor Howard, someone was torturing me over it.  My ring that I got from my Nana Howard, Ruth Howard, was tourmaline.  I don't know if this is what she meant by choosing this for me, but she had read the Clan of the Cave Bears and was an English teacher, about being of "my line" (ancestry).  I don't know if she was trying to say "you're my line".  I have no idea.  What I know is that my mother confirmed I was technically a "Howard" before I was a "Garrett".

So when Richard Nixon was making his little "Victory" signs, he knew about things this country did to me and so did his pals.  It wasn't a "peace" sign.  This might be why I discovered some of his former associates took part in torturing me further when I was older, and I also discovered how they have been supporting the Middleton family financially.  For example, Huntsman, from Salt Lake City, UT, was a proud rewarder of those who put further implants into me in 1995, which he distributed through million dollar donations to the Veterans hospital for "remote surgery" and NASA operations there.  He went to the same University that the Prime Minister of Jordan went to in California, and Jordan is where the Middletons lived after she was born--he is connected directly to Jordan and international relations through a diplomatic job he took and while he was an advisor for Nixon.  Nixon was one of few Presidents who took a specific and immediate interest in NASA and aerospace industries and gave full and complete support and was on a Board of Directors for them. It is then "fitting" that his friend Huntsman would go on to keep sending reward money to NASA and to their program at the SLC University hospital and Veterans hospital where I was taken to be implanted further after a failed assassination attempt against me by a Middleton friend.  After contributions from several donors, each exceeding a million dollars, the "remote surgery" and "remote pharmacy" and other things that go with "remote torture" possibilities as well, was established as a "new" department for that hospital.

Nixon would have either exposed what was done to me, to someone, or I was tortured because of him.  He went on to England and was accepted by Margaret Thatcher and Prime Minister Harold Wilson, someone Lorraine Rose may be related to.  She was related to a prominent politician with the name Wilson and a letter of appreciation to him, for his services, was framed by Lorraine and on a shelf in their study by the bookcase.  I saw it every day I was there to do work for her, and I got the job from someone at the church I went to and then my brother was introduced to Carmen Wilson, a Wilson who is probably of no relation at all, but who hated me and worked for England.  Nixon's big V for victory with arms out both sides, was imitated by Fran Drescher who made the same large V for her photos and book and allowed her rear end to be exposed for the back cover of her book with the V.

Like they haven't known all along and made fun of me, and of torture done to me.  A lot of people have known about it and from what I've noticed, most of the same individuals who have been involved in torturing me, supported the UK Middletons financially, from the U.S., specifically to promote Kate Middleton.

Think about Katie's wedding car, after she was married, with a big ribbon in the shape of a V across the front of the car.  That was not a coincidence.  It matches the torture marks on my thighs which that bitch has known about for some time.

William of Wales married a woman who his own mother was exposing.  I highly doubt Diana's talk about cutting with "Pen-knives" to the inner thighs and other marks was accidental.  The only way some group was going to squeeze Katie into royalty or to spy for them, in any capacity, was to kill Diana.  You can even look at where the mousetrap is from, that has the same marks that are on my legs.  Pennsylvania.  So if she's using Pen-knives and specifically choosing to talk about that, it seems to me, she was worrying the U.S. Army, CIA, Mossad, and anyone else including England or other UK persons who had been involved.

Furthermore, why did my Nana Howard choose to give me green tourmaline that looks like an emerald when tourmaline comes in different colors?  It was dark green, like a dark to medium green emerald.  It had inclusions that resembled some of the cut scars I have on my body and at first I had thought it was marred and then I was told it was a natural inclusion.

Also, my parents ARE twins.  I have said this many times and it is the truth.  This morning when my Mom started to say something about twins or why would I say such things, I said, "I know you're twins, and you're the one whose nose is not as crooked."  I can tell by their noses, eyes and eye color, and faces and bodies.  There are slight differences and now I am beginning to pick up on it enough so that I know "which" twin I'm talking to, because they are extremely close and their speaking voices are identical.

I don't know where the U.S. Marshalls transportation and police take the other ones when they switch them back and forth aside from jail.  When we went back and forth to Canada, maybe they switched then, with one set in Canada and one in the U.S.  Canada is as guilty as the U.S.

No one has a right to my son Oliver.

He does not belong to the Avilas or the Bairds, nor to the other Garretts, nor to the U.S. and not to anyone but me.  I am the only one who has a legal right to my son and the U.S. never had jurisdiction to kidnap him and Canada assisted in the kidnapping.  Holding me hostage is not a legal "arrest".  You can put me in a "jail" and claim it's for "arrest" for some reason, and so what, when it was all a lie.  There was nothing to arrest me over and they knew it.  Canada held me hostage and violated international law and their own domestic law.

Both Canada and the U.S. are screwed.

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