Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adventist Hospital Not Complying With HIPPA or U.S. Postal Mail Fraud

I have asked the 7th Day Adventist for my complete medical records, several times, in writing, and they still have not given me my records.

I called them, after I sent two separate letters for HIPPA release of my records to me, one to Germantown, and one to Rockville, and with requests for all my medical records and my billing and I got only a billing statement for one, and records from Germantown, with no medical records at all about any MRIs they did or my surgery they did.

So I have a bill for MRIs but no records and nothing about my surgery. 

The only possibility is that someone destroyed my request that I sent to Rockville through the U.S. postal service.  I suppose that is a possibility rather than their non-compliance with HIPPA, however, I delivered both requests, by hand, with a receipt, to the U.S. postal service.  If one of them did not reach Rockville, MD, it was because someone who is employed by the U.S. government, deliberately removed it from the mail to prevent me from getting my records.

I sent one request in writing and it was ignored, by the Adventist hospital, and I sent it online.  I never heard back from anyone.  Then I sent another request, in writing, by mail, and sent two of them and one of them is not being treated as having been received so it means either someone put it in the trash or a mail carrier got rid of it after I handed it to the post office employee.

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