Sunday, July 14, 2013

Drugged Today and U.S. Government Murderers

I got drugged again today, while I was at a restaurant.  This entire town is like living in one dumpster full of CIA psychic shit.  I cannot go anywhere, without it being explicitly consented to, in illegal and unwritten terms, that any employee of any establishment is authorized to drug me here in the town of Coquille.  The Chamber of Commerce people must be something else.  Basically, they get to run a military-CIA fort town, where any store and every store is a "general store" for the fort.

I went to this place called Fraziers today to get breakfast.  You know, it's been a long time since I went out and bought breakfast and read a book in a public place like I used to do, sort of in a social context but not having to be involved in conversation.  So I thought, why not, step outside of my house and have breakfast at a restaurant.

Now I know why my Aunt Charlotte hasn't come out of hiding in her apartment since 2005.  You know, it's just FBI fuck-offs working with CIA and U.S. Army chemical whacks.  There isn't anything wrong with my Aunt Charlotte either. She's as gifted as my Dad and my Uncle Howard, who the U.S. killed.  Why is it that the U.S. is murdering only people that have information that I could use against the U.S.?  HMMMMmmm.

They murdered my Uncle Jay when they knew I was planning to get his sworn statement about the FBI's undercover fuck John Kaempf, attorney of law for the Federal Bureau of Investigation AND the Catholic church.  He wrote a letter on part-Jewish owned Bullivant Bailey Houser, threatening my grandparents.  Anyone in their right mind knows I could use that information to my benefit, and I was planning to get his statement and then he was murdered, of a....sudden brain hemorrhage.  Bleeding bleeding bleeding all through the night, to the tune of NASA's Cyndi Lauper.

The United States also killed my Uncle Howard, right after I talked to him and I was one of the last persons he talked to before he was murdered by NASA.  He was only in touch with his wife Kathy, whoever she is, probably an infiltrator, and maybe his kids off and on, and after years, I had a short conversation with him and right after, he was targeted and then he was dead.

Judy Roark was next and I'm not saying she was a friend.  All I'm saying, is she had something to do with psychic intelligence and knew things that were highly classified and right after I intercepted something she mailed, she was dead.  She died right after, in a hospital, after being taken to a hospital.  The hospitals are looking like morgues after her and my Uncle Howard.  Do you want to visit a morgue and make arrangments for the event of your death?  Oh no thanks, that's unnecessary.  Just take me to the hospital. 

That's not to mention my Grandpa Garrett, who may have been the U.S. Marine Edward Howard (CIA) was alluding to when he said lives were in jeopardy in Persia and notify the U.S. Marines.  The U.S. Marine who was murdered the same time Edward Howard was killed was my Grandpa, and he was the one who gave me cards of Native American spirit women.

My Aunt Charlotte apparently sounds nuts, and covers her nose and eyes with glasses and some kind of hood.  But you know what? she was one of few that I felt "offended" by who actually did a good thing and I hadn't known it.  She refused to give me money to go to the Dominican Republic, knowing some of the people surrounding me were not good for me and were only government whackos trying to interpret me psychicly and use me.  I had felt bad, and sort of hurt, that she wouldn't support me and now that I've been able to look back, I can see how some of them saw me as part of  a game they could make money off of, if they predicted things about me.  She was also the one who said stay away from the Bellingham, WA ER, and told me who was trying to nail her down as a "paranoid schizophrenic" when she wasn't and when the only reason they were trying to do this to her, was to establish a familial pattern of "mental illness" by linking it to me.

All this to say I don't blame Charlotte for not going out more.  I went to Frazier's and they switched my bread around on me and did some other things with my order, and only after some mental health hospice care woman arrived to be seated and watching me.  I went there and purchased an entire loaf of bread to avoid getting something I didn't choose and asked them if they'd toast some of it while I read there.  Basically, the bottle of wine idea, rather than getting just one glass.  I was brought a serving of stale bread, which I ate, with jam and no butter and thought well, if that's what it is, I paid for it.  Then, when I asked them to toast more, and for raspberry jam after this hospice woman came in, I got a second serving that was totally different bread.  It was the same kind of bread and not stale at all.  It was the difference of having bread microwaved and then toasted vs fresh and toasted or bread taken off of someone else's plate that left it behind and re-toasting it vs fresh and toasted. 

Whether it was the bread or the jam, because I asked for more Dickensons Pure Raspberry jam, I don't know, but I felt something go to my head and my stomach started to hurt and then a total antihistamine effect like I had been given a dose of Claritin.

I had a glass of water I watched being poured from a water dispenser on a soda machine and I bought a bottled cranberry juice, and the I purchased an entire loaf of bread sealed and on display.  The only other thing was an assortment of jam.

There was nothing wrong with my eye or stomach the first serving and then second serving I noticed something was wrong and some kind of tingling sensation like chemicals going to my head, stomach pain, and instant cleared sinuses like I had inhaled vaporub.  The only difference was the hospice woman coming into the restaurant, different bread served, a couple at a table next to me and then 4 young men entering and then leaving the store after I got a second serving and was eating it. 

My eyes have been distorted since.  All day, and all night, with no change and only worsening.  That is what I got there, and I had the same antihistamine effect and droopy eye thing happen to me another time at another store but it didn't last all day.

Then I got home and took some pills of a naturopathic thing I try. I had taken only 3 this morning and I waited until I was back to take another 3 and it was a sudden drastic metal taste in my mouth and a weird nicotinic event to my brain and a flushing internal feeling like a buzz of some kind, but the most odd thing was an extremely strong taste of metal. The only thing I had prior to taking them was food and drink at Fraziers.

So then I thought, maybe it's copper or rust in my drinking water from the tap and I switched to bottled and it went away.  But then a half hour later when I took the same pills again with the same tap water to see if there was a metal taste, there wasn't.

I was basically drugged, somehow, at Fraziers and whether it was a switch in the bread or something else, I don't know and maybe that was the disclaimer for something else that was done, but it was colluded on. There is no way it was not part of collusion.  There is no explanation for all the reactions I had and then the strong metal taste.

I have never had that reaction with those pills before, with any water or drink, ever.  And my eye has been droopy and off all day and night with no change.

So I called and asked what happened with my bread and she told me they burnt some of it and used "other" bread to replace it.

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