Friday, July 26, 2013

More Evidence Of Incitement To Rape Me By UK

Another piece of evidence that shows I was the target for incitement of rape by the UK and CIA through a CIA-connected Canadian newspaper, which shows it was not about Carolyn from Baie Cameiu (Cameiu is "Cameo" in French) is that my Dad Robert Garrett left my Mom and me for a year until I was 1 year old, after I was born.

My mother is now recently telling me I was CIA defector Edward Howard's biological daughter, before I was a Garrett, but I also know Granny told me several times that my Dad Robert left my Mom for 1 full year after I was born.

This would explain why he is in none of the photos from that time.  Any photo of me from newborn age to age 2 is with my Mom only and doesn't show him at all.  From what Granny told, my Dad Robert (Bob) left my Mom for at least 1 year of my life, after I was born.  I was told he was still upset over the death of their first son Gannon, and that after I was born, he started drinking alcohol and left my mother and me for a year.

So the incitement to rape a woman from Baie Cameiu (which sounds close enough to "bye cameo"), in 1992, was about me. 

For whatever reason, this last year when I asked my Mom about this, about my Dad leaving for a year, she freaked out, denied it, and didn't want me to mention it.  I would say for the last 2 years or so she's been acting like it's important to deny.  I think the only point of denying this fact is to cloud up the serious matter of assassination attempts against me, incitement to rape me, and the fact that I am the one who is probably documented in some file somewhere, as having been raised without a father for the first year of my life.

It's possible that the reason my Dad (Robert) left my Mom for a year was because he was upset it was Edward Howard's kid, not his.  I don't know.  I know they were already married by 1973 and had had their first son who died and then I was born and my Dad (Bob) allegedly was depressed, began drinking liquor, and left me and my Mom for at least one year, and then he came back.  After he came back, Granny told me when they later got pregnant with my brother Levi, it helped a lot.

Supposedly, it sort of helped them with their grief having me, but it really made a difference when they had a son.

All of the photos of me as a newborn to age 1 are by myself, or in mother-child photographs with only my Mom.  My Dad isn't in any of them.  The first photo where I am with both my Mom Dicksie and my Dad Bob, I am about 1 1/2-2 years old, and it's a black and white photo of my being held by my Dad and we are all standing in front of a van. 

Why my mother wanted to cover this up all of a sudden, the last 2 years, I don't know except she did know I was digging up information about what had been done to me and I had mentioned the incitement to rape me in 1992 already.

The "young Tories" the newspaper referred to, to encourage them to rape or "deflower" Caroline Mulroney from Baie Cameiu, were Robin Becthold, Bryan Parker, and I think mostly Robin.  He was the one with red hair who was getting ideas from the CIA at that time.  I have already stated I am positive the name of Caroline Mulroney was a cover for referring to me.  I say this because the place of   Baie Cameiu was brought up several times, and at that time, I had a habit of drinking corn syrup from a Karo bottle for sugar (after running) and I was a runner (roney).  It was a publication that was out of Prince Edward Islands as well, when my favorite  books and movie were known to be from that location, "Anne of Green Gables" and it was the only movie I watched repeatedly.    We had had a dog in Moses Lake, WA right before moving to Sherwood, Oregon named Tory that had red hair and I knew Tory was a name for a "red coat".  The person who was repeatedly trying to have physical contact with me was Robin Bechtold, who had red hair, and no one else was.

Additionally, if my biological father was Edward Howard, Edward Howard's primary alias was Bryan, and Brian Mulroney was the name of Caroline's Dad.

My mother was so insistent on denying that my Dad left for a year, I thought it was really strange.  There is no reason Granny would have told me what she did, when I was between 11-13 years old (something like that), when she was in her right mind, and no reason to bring it up more than once if it is not true.  My parents do not drink alcohol at all.  My entire life, growing up, they never drank a drop.  I have only heard of my Dad "drinking" after I was born and then he quit.

Supposedly he was very upset and depressed when Gannon died and then they had me and he was still depressed or something he left for a year and was drinking and then he went back.  Even though I pointed out to my Mom the fact the photos of me as a baby are only with her, she was still trying to deny what Granny told me, which wasn't as big of a deal then I guess, or no one would have said anything to me.

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