Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Assassins Introduce Me to Conspirator's Sister: A Catholic Nun

I thought I should mention this.

The first time I recognized an assassination attempt against me was when I was run off of the road to crash, by Tony Roos and another person in a sedan that appeared to belong to the Adams or Peters family (dark 4 door sporty mid-sized sedan with brights or hi-beams).

This occurred after I placed a phone call from George and Janet Bechtold's house, after asking them if I could use their phone to let my family know where I was and that I would be on my way there in a while.  George, Janet, Robin, and possibly his siblings were home at the time (Eliza and Nathan).

When I left their house, I was approached from behind by assassins who not only ran me off of the road, but possibly ran into the stationwagon on the side because it was dented in and hadn't rolled or crashed into any other hard material.  The dents were to the side of the car, like the dent in the black sedan Monica Allen later decided to purchase after a second assassination attempt against me failed a few years later in 1995.

My Dad even asked me on the phone if there was any damage to the car and I said yes and he got upset and because of the damage, I wasn't allowed to drive anymore and had to ride the bus.  The damage, or denting to the side panel of the stationwagon was not possibly made by tree branches.  It was dented in on the side where I was shoved off the road by Tony Roos and the Adams or Peters person.  Technically, it was a hit-and-run and it was malicious because of the way it was done, from behind, with deliberate high beams turned on only after they got right behind me.

Here is what is bizarre...The Bechtolds bragged about what was done to me, to my face.

I hadn't told anyone who I saw.  I didn't tell Monica, or my parents, or write it down.  I said nothing except for later asking questions about a few people.  A few years later, when I hadn't said anything, and acted normal in high school around him, and never spoke up, I was invited to the Bechtold's house for dinner.  It was the last time they had me over for dinner.

On that occasion Janet said sweetly, too sweetly, how it was terrible that I was "homeless."  I was shocked because I wasn't "homeless" and thought she was acting like she wanted to say I was, and was happy about it but wanted to say it, just dying to say it, and yet to make herself sound interested and kind when she got her personal jab in.

Then they invited me over for dinner and George was there.  The entire time they studied me and acted totally guilty, weird, and suspicious and I played it off and acted normal.  Janet, I guess not satisfied yet with knowing whether or not I suspected their involvement, wanted to push things a little, and see what my reaction would be.

So guess what this woman did?  While I was still in the middle of my lawsuit against Mt. Angel Abbey and the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon, she knew this and said, "Did you know Abby Roos is a nun now?"

Not only was Abby Roos a nun, she was a traveling nun, who went to London, England.  Janet brought out these photos and said Abby was good friends with Eliza (Eliza Bechtold).  She said,
"Abby mailed us these photos" (I think, from England).  The photos were taken in England or reference was made to her traveling and living in England at some point.

I looked, and it was photos of Abby Roos in a nun habit or with her head covered and with other sisters from the Catholic church.  She had apparently decided to become a nun to cover for her murderer brother Tony.  One assassin in the family is maybe not considered if his sister is a Catholic "nun".

Yes, seriously.

And very seriously, Janet brought those photos out, and studied me, and I believe it was only to gauge what I thought and if I reacted and whether or not I remembered or knew anything about who tried to kill me when I was leaving their house.  Nathan Bechtold suddenly decided to become an Oregon state cop after this event as well.

A nun and a cop.  Wow.  And TWO lawyers in the family, working for the U.S. government and the Middleton family.  Both Robin and Eliza became lawyers.  She went to Palo Alto, CA where Don, one S.S.A. that took my report about FBI misconduct was from, and Robin went to Dallas, TX.

Katie, the bitch Middleton, is a criminal.  I told you so.  She even had some kind of a nun sitting on the other side of William for part of her wedding ceremony, with herself on the other side of him.  As if to say she was indebted to a nun.  Of course.  And SUCH a saucy secret Sausages.

Oh yeah.  And by the way, I'm "supposed to be" "mentally ill" because...hmmm..has anyone figured that one out yet?  Only entire families are liable for jail terms.

After the next assassination attempt, involving Mike Nichols, who the Bechtolds knew, Janet Bechtold didn't want Robin to visit me or be around me at all.  I wonder why not.

Kate Middleton's children are bastards of criminals.  Period.  She should be locked up, and drugged with Haldol, and raped after what she and her conspirators did to me and my son.  Not only are Tony Roos and Abby Roos connected to English Middletons and the U.S. Army, Janet Bechtold sat there at dinner and brought out these photos to test my reaction and find out if I had any reaction.  Not only that, they wanted me to drink with them first, and sought to lower my inhibitions first when they knew I did not drink except on very rare occasion.  They had a bottle of red wine.

She knew all along who was responsible.  "It's so terrible that you're homeless now Cameo" is what she said, about the same time, with a smile over it, which I could hear over the phone.

They lined up as many people as they could, that they knew, to go into professions to work for their mafia organization, and made sure I was blacklisted from that point on.  Their mafia organization always included government employees.

So imagine that.  Imagine people who tried to kill you, later bringing out photos to see if you'll react at all, of some of those related to assassins, and then realizing later they made further plans from there.  What to do with me now, and how much could they get away with.

This country has tortured, literally, me and my son.  Why would my pastor "Brett Meador" and his wife tell me to go visit Mt. Angel Abbey anyway?  Halea Meyers and her mother Catherine were connected to the same jail that Nathan Bechtold worked at, as a guard.  And I was stalked at my church by Halea after Mike Nichols tried to murder me.  Catherine Meyers worked as an employee at a State prison, like Nathan Bechtold.

It's not like the English royals have a nun present for their weddings and marriages.  It was more like a sick, sick, joke.  With the proverbial "angel" on one shoulder and the "devil" on the other, and in reality, both are from Hell.  These people from the "Winston" church, who correspond with people from California, the time I was there, made some big deal about "from heaven? or hell?"  and drew paintings of it.  All of this, over a bitch who has done nothing but ensure to others she will accept national secrets and transmit information and crack for them.

Heard of the Darlingtonia Californica?  It's a carnivorous plant of the genus Sarraceniaceae.  It's also refered to as the Pitchers plant and the Cobra Lily.

Not only was Robin Bechtold connected to trying to kill me, he later raped me after Josh Gatov.  I wasn't being forced out of my lawsuits until Janet and George felt me out first, over their involvement with Tony Roos and the Adams/Peters in trying to kill me, and then of course, it was Mike right after.  I was then tortured, by the U.S. military and NASA, only when they felt maybe some of their conspirators and employees were off of the radar and it couldn't be traced to their accomplices.

Return my son.

I want my name cleared, and these fucking disgraces to the U.S. and international 'justice system' in JAIL.

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