Friday, July 19, 2013

Torture Map On Human Body By U.S. Army-Canada

What I am figuring out is that the U.S. deliberately tortured me and cut into my body and left scars.  They did not do this just to traumatize me, or to punish a defecting spy, but to leave a "map" on my body, for future "brownie points" when some "government psychic prediction" they made came to pass.

The U.S. and Canada have controlled me, using torture and rape, for purposes of not only hate crime but to force predictions to occur when they would not have.

I've explained how my parents are government psychic "spies".  My parents say they believe in prophetic gifts, not psychic work, and I've explained before that when I mention this I mean the same thing--I'm generalizing.  Some of these people have been held hostage by the U.S. and MK Ultra partners since they were kids, and forced to perform.

I've described how my Mom and others of these, when doing their "work" for the U.S., to get credit for their predictions they have in their minds, of the future, since their minds cannot be read by all military or government intelligence and the intelligence groups seek to "justify" their crimes, have the psychics openly showing what will occur ahead of time by leaving place markers.

For example, a psychic believes "Joe" is going to set down his brush, walk to the kitchen and take a beer out of the fridge.  To show they think or predict or foresee this occurring, and to get "credit" for it, the psychic works ahead of "Joe" and goes to the counter where the red brush is and leaves a small piece of red paper about where he is predicted to leave his brush, then they go to the kitchen and pull a small part of the paper from the beer they predict he will take out to drink.  That's if they are in his location.  If not, if the psychic is in their own house, they might put a scrap of red paper on their own counter, to match where Joe will set down the red brush on his own counter, and go to their own fridge, and take out a bottle that looks like a beer and set it on the counter where he will place it after drinking it.

When the government psychic does this, they are displaying ahead of time, what they predict, to have it seen openly and get credit for it.

What the U.S. did to me was not only torture me out of hate crime and potentially to intimidate people who might talk from talking further, and not only did they deliberately disable my own psychic ability and gift by electrocuting me, which is something they would do to punish a "defector" connected to me, they tortured me leaving scars and "place markers" all over my body, turning my entire body into a literal "map" for their future predictions of where I would be injured in the future, and things that would happen to me.

They took my body and used it like I was nothing more than a piece of paper with "U.S. Government" stamped across it.

I have figured some of this out and that it's true by observing the place marker work and then in discovery of scars on my body and what other things occurred in close places.  Where I cut my thumb and sliced it open by accident with a cut off lid from a metal can, I have an equally deep 2 inch straight scar near the thumb of my other hand.  This is a scar that is deep enough it had to have bled badly and yet there is no record or documentation of my ever being in a hospital for it.  I did go to a hospital for the cut on my thumb which occurred later, which is in a straight line at an angle, like the place marker, but on the opposite thumb.

I have a similar scar from a cut above my eye which was made when I was young, which is the same as a scar I later got by hitting a ledge of a window, on my other eye.

I have an incision made into the top of a foot which is then matched with an incision on the other leg from a surgery. 

I have a burn scar on my rear end next to a burn scar I later got by accidentally sitting down on my hot curling iron when I was about 9 or 10 years old.

Basically, aside from visible marks from being electrocuted, and vicious slashings, and then other determined and premeditated cuts made all over my arms and upper thighs, the U.S. was carving into me and using me as their MK Ultra "map" to base their acheivements off of.

Some of the electrocution against me was done with my sitting in a chair and being electrocuted and cut while strapped down and my feet in a possibly wet or gel solution for further electrical conductivity.  Later, when I was given a pair of "jelly shoes" it was a sick joke because the U.S. knew what had been done to my feet when  I was younger for torture.

Other forms were done with my lying down on my side and some kind of cloth or instrument on my forehead.  Possibly as someone was having their head squeezed or pushed up against a door frame or metal frame of some kind, like one to hold the head during experiments, I had the same thing done.

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