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Dad Electrocuted & Rick Baken With FBI Says "I Know You Don't Know"

I don't know exactly what is happening, but even Rick Baken, from the FBI, said to me in 2010, "I know you don't know what is happening.  I know you don't know."

So then he wouldn't tell me.  Basically, this FBI agent who is my grandparent's neighbor, knew I and my son had been tortured and that I was being targeted for torture and all kinds of things and when I told him I didn't know why, this is what he said.  He made it clear that there WAS something behind it, and that he knew I would have no way of knowing what, but apparently, he had an idea.

I went to his house once when I was visiting my grandparents, and because I was still being tortured, I hoped he might divulge something, even if he was my enemy.  Instead, he said this to me, and then dropped some kind of bird feathers over the roof.  Like, full blown, long bird feathers.  Not like down from a bird in a tree nearby, like feathers he decided to toss over his roof.

That was when I had left and then looked back, and that's what I saw. 

Whatever Edward Howard had going, I don't know about all of it.  I know that in the last week or so my Dad Robert Garrett (even if Howard is the bio-father) has been electrocuted because his eyes are sunken in and it's what happened to my own eyes the night I was electrocuted enough I convulsed to one side of my body, lying on my one side and curled up from the shock.  It wasn't a small thing.  It was torture and electrical shock that caused my entire body to contract and contort instantly, and the only leftover effect was that my eyes were suddenly sunken into my skull like something had sucked them inwards from inside of my body.

I have been tired and not feeling well because it's been 2 years of torture and druggings in this state alone.  Every single day and/or night.  I am not drinking a lot either, I just buy it sometimes and several bottles I haven't even opened, just saving off to the side.  It doesn't have anything to do with liquor or alcohol.  I'm tired because this country has been trying to kill me and working at torture of me since 2005, and in Oregon, from the moment I refused to work for the U.S. military employee.

I don't even have retirement.  I had plans and made serious budgeting of how I was going to save money, and work hard, and invest, and provide for my own retirement. I made lists and plans from the time I was in high school, to before I had my neck broken when my car was hijacked, to afterwards.  I made plans, and I worked responsibly to secure my own future and to be financially independent.

This country has ruined my life.

What I get from the U.S. is "I know you don't know" and then later, a few years later, after 8 years of requesting FOIA from the FBI, they sent me only 1 page that admitted there was a government document about me that was "destroyed" (I don't believe it's destroyed) in 1977.  Not every U.S. "citizen" or kid, has government records made about them up until they're 3 years old, which the government feels is too significant to leave alone and feels they have to lie and say records were destroyed.  Then, my mother tells me CIA defector to Russia Edward Howard is my biological father.

And what am I supposed to do with that information now?  Now that this country has ruined everything about my life, all of my potential, and is ruining my son's life as well...out of hatred and hate crimes against us.

I am glad my Mom at least finally told me, or one of the twins did.  I am very glad because how else would I have known, yet all these people working against me always knew and used it against me.  On the other hand, I also feel I have a right to know who has been behind telling them to disown me, isolate me, to say they don't love me anymore, and to appear close (in at least some association) to a few who tortured me or tried to kill me.

I said to my Mom, one of them, once, "Why don't you just tell me?  Who else are going to tell?  You don't have any friends--I am probably the best friend you have" and then that spooked my mother and she shook her head adamantly and said no, this was not true.  Then my parents tell me if they move again, I'm not going with them.  I don't know if they say this because they think I won't want to be around them, or if they don't want to be around me or someone forces this, or if it's like apostle paul or peter listening to Jesus say, "No, you can't go where I'm going", when Jesus is actually referring to the fact he is going to die but they don't know it.

I really don't know.  I know they're being tortured and that some big teens and kids even have been allowed to do weird and bad things to them.  I was also told today they are selling their source of investment or income, their mobile home park.

I don't think they want to, and I said, "Why are you doing that?" and this is right after his one employee Bob Little, died from cancer and his funeral was held.  He probably had cancer for years and no one knew it but it was news to me.  I said "What are you going to do?" and he was saying just retire and do "volunteer" work and that doesn't sound like him at all.  However, he's being tortured.  I mean, what kind of "volunteer" work? working with the brats that this pastor forced him to work with, who sexually harass him, force him to give them rides, and beat him up?

Where is their other car, by the way?

Because all of a sudden, they went from having 3 cars to two.  My Mom has one, my Dad has one and then there was another and I'm told it's in the shop but they were keeping their cars all on this property.  All of a sudden, my Mom started getting messages and texts to her phone (I snuck a look one day) with someone asking to use the car.  Basically, it sounded like they thought they had rights to it or something and it was a woman who is friends with a big biker man named Darryl.  I wouldn't be surprised in the least if he was connected to Judge Dennis Hotchkiss through a motorcycle gang.  The disappearance of this car with it showing up only here and there, has been going on for almost 2 years.  I think Kathy Hathaway also had something to do with it.

I think if my Dad is saying he's selling things and then going to do "volunteer work" it's like he's telling me he's being forced to give everything away to some criminal group that most likely includes law enforcement, military, and others involved in extortion.  I sold my house and did volunteer work and then had nothing, but I was young and didn't realize how it would turn out, and thought I had all this time to work ahead of me.  I had been planning my future for a long time, and making detailed strategies and it wasn't a get-rich-fast plan.  It was a realistic idea of how much I might make per year, and be able to save, and invest.  I had my immediate plan, my 5 year plan, and where I would be financially in 10 years.  I was first saving for house, to buy my own house.  I had an estimate of at least 5 years before I could afford a down payment on one, and that was before Mike Nichols hijacked my car, broke my neck, and I ended up with enough for that much after my medical bills were paid.

Every normal and reasonable thing I've done with my life, has been obstructed, hard-core, by U.S. government employees.

For my Dad to now say he's just going to collect social security and do volunteer work sounds like a continuation of a plan to extort them for money.  All of their other things have been disappearing, including a bunch of my mother's make-up with some woman psychic from San Francisco, CA. 

Then recently I went with my Mom to Macy's and looked at make up and my mother looked very uncomfortable and this manager went by who she had some reason to hate, and he looked like some big tall Jewish guy, and then the only time I was away from my Mom, one of the clerks approached my Mom to talk to her, up close, when another was talking to me.  A couple of days later, my Mom had her toenail polish off and it looked like someone had been laying bricks over my Mom's toes.  They were all striated and red, and the tips of her toenails were pressed in and bright dark red, and it looked like someone had been standing on them a long time or some kind of heavy furniture was placed on them and pushed down. 

Then there are weird things with other family members as well, like my cousin Char, and I don't know what is going on with her, but after she got mad when I asked her to take her daughter off of my son's toy because it was upsetting him, she called up last Christmas to say her daughter had opened presents without them and then said, "It's okay, it has my name on it."  I'm sure that's what Mike Tancer said when he stole my sterling ring that said Sterling on the inside (his mother's maiden name).

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