Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Military Mafia Broke Into My House (FLXA, military bitch; YCC 019 mafia military)

I left my house to pick up a few things at the store and got back and my house was torn apart, my door that was locked was left wide open, and my Dad left the house only after I got back, and had puffed up eyes and his stomach was protruding twice as much as before, like it was swollen.  His stomach is not like that normally.

When I was walking home, a major bitch for the military passed me, mocking me to my face.  This woman is as bad as Jessica Lynch and I cursed her after I passed her, asking God to curse her, because I know there is nothing good about her.  It was intuition that told me she is a bitch, has always been a vengeful bitch trying to get an upper hand, and will never change.  She had dark brown hair and was white and drove a large truck that had plates with a military insignia on it, but I don't know which one.  The plates on it spelled out F LXA with a small space between the F and the LXA.

She's cursed.  She is someone that I am sure God will take care of in His own way, without anyone doing anything about it.  He knows her, and he knows how to carry out a curse that will best suit her crimes.

The other person who drove past who I didn't curse (she was the only one) was someone who I still know is hateful and full of malice towards me, and he was a big fat white man with a round face in an SUV, hoping to hide from me but still catch a glimpse of me at the same time, and his plates were YCC 019.  He was right behind the military bitch, a few cars back.  I know he is responsible for torturing people.

Another woman who has been involved in some way, has a black belt in karate and she knows some of the men in town.  She gave me her number but I got a bad and negative vibe from her and what she said her name was, was Shannon Smith.

I know someone went after my Dad while I was away from the house because I heard our dog.  It was someone that lives right next door.  Any potential torture, which was not evident, prior to my Dad getting to the house, was at a different location but that's not when it happened because he was only gone for a minute and looked okay when he got back.

As soon as I was out of sight of the driveway to our house, I heard our dog barking and more than he barks when it's just my Dad.  I can also distinguish our dog's bark from other neighbor's dogs.  This means someone who lives right next to our property ran over there.  There was no vehicle driving in, prior to my hearing our dog bark frantically.  So I am 100% positive it was someone who is right next door.  The man who moved in next to us is from New York.  I know he's from New York by his New York accent.  The other house beside him is occupied by Kate Middleton spies who work for the U.S. military.

I also know the new guy that just moved in a couple of days ago who is good friends with the cop Wallace.

Both of these houses I've mentioned are right in the back of the house.

It is the first time I heard the evidence of someone going onto our property and to the house that quickly after I left.  I shouted at my Dad that I was going to get some lettuce and I needed some.  I was being tortured at my house the last couple of days and also figured someone was trying to drive me out.  I was as far as the house on the corner, on Ivy, when I heard our dog barking that someone was there. 

I asked my Dad when I saw him, and saw that he was acting shaky, "Who was here?" and he said no one.  I said "Why are you telling me no one was here?" and he said because no one was there.  I said "Who was here?" and he "No one.  Nothing."  So then I said, "My door to my place is open and I know someone was here."  He said nothing to me.  So I didn't tell him I knew because I heard our dog and that is evidence to me someone had immediately gone to the house to beat up my Dad.

I got into the back of the truck and then he screamed at me, "Get out of there!" just furious, but I could tell by his eyes furious partly the way someone is furious after extreme torture.  It looked to me like he was not only beat up, but fried by the technology that causes the stomach to bulge out and eyes to be puffy.  It creates gross and abnormal distention of the stomach.  I know because it's been done to me.

The U.S. is totally downhill. Which is what one of did as they ran in on my Dad, they ran down one of our hills to get to him.  But it's pretty much over.   I don't know when it died, but my guess is that it died, for good, sometime around the year 2000 so the prophesies about "the end of the world" were really not completely off base.  It was the end of the United States.  It was definitely getting sick, but it hadn't really completely died until about then.  By that time, the U.S. as a nation of freedom and equal rights and human rights and everything it was based on, was over and the hostile takeover was putting on finishing touches. 

Also, a note...as I was walking towards my house again, and nearing it, this half black man was walking with a bright blue shirt on and a black and white dog and then this woman wearing red crossed by him and for whatever reason, they seemed to think it was funny, along with this other guy I've seen around often, driving from the direction of my parent's house, again, 1/2 black.  I got to the turn at Ivy and it was a large SUV with CA plates pulling out but that, I believe, was to distract from the fact a man from New York is the one who moved in next door, next to Kate Middleton's friends.

I wouldn't want to be the woman driving the truck with the F LXA plates because she is done for good.

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